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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Sunday, February 14, 2010




The political way of life monitored by CIA administration in India is marked by the festivals of carnage. The Indian administration spreads red carpet to the Head of CIA, one Mr. Panetti as he is the Prince of Wales reborn , who has taken over the colonial governance of India mystified with the metaphysics of terrorism. The CIA scholar in the Kerala cabinet,- extorted secret files from Patrick Moynihan -------probably with the compassionate assistance of his wife receiving maintenance from USAIDand confiscated records from the dungeons of a charitable U.S. university - to arrive at an astounding conclusion that once upon a time CIA intervened in Kerala politics in the form of liberation struggle. The scholar minister who preserves matrimonial bond with the USAID—Ford paid U.S female citizen ,approves of the fact that Ford at Delhi financed the notorious liberation struggle and he is compressed to admit the fact that his family( as per the matrimonial accord validated by the government official web-site-)----. receive(s)d funds from the same Ford and even from USAID, the open front of CIA. The minister claims that he made some great research in the matter of CIA intervention and inherited not anything from Moynihan but outwitted the diplomat of the master race cornering the patent in full to his credit
The CIA scholar minister may have a better access with CIA as he joins his spouse who enjoys finance from major CIA institutions, but in no way the CIA intervention episode already attested by the former CIA activator, Moynihan becomes a delivery of the minister’s research intelligence. The CIA doesn’t disown its intervention and animates its secret joy when a Moynihan discloses the fact to the world.. It is in the interest of the CIA that Moynihan unveils the story of the subtle political excess . There is nothing revealing in the discovery of the minister who parrots the information given by Moynihan years back ; for without any such anchoring confession from any responsible CIA associate, even in 1960s the common man in Kerala with a head not hired knew that that the intervention is not a concocted fable but a repulsive political truth. Later the CIA authorities attested the fact not as a crime but as an act of heroic espionage of the Sean Connery heritage, an episode that uncovers the U.S. pride that stinks.
The fact that the biological progenitor of the illegitimate child ---the liberation struggle --is the CIA ,is not disputed even by the liberation struggle guerilla Dr.Sukumar Azhikode .The CIA itself deployed its former key official to disclose the fact that the CIA authored the despicable political treachery. The father of the illegitimate child himself discloses with unredeemable authority, the act of his criminal indulgence for he feels it is the ripe time to admit it . When the father in hiding comes out and confesses the guilt of political adultery why should minister Issac. husband of Nata,a USAID macro finance beneficiary take such flights of pains to produce a midwifery evidence that inflates the paternity claim already established by Moynihan? Who paid the air traffic charges of Issac for such a waste exercise of a journey to fetch subordinate evidence to Moynihan’s assertion of facts and who hosted him in the U.S as per the legal bondages of FCRA? Was it Nata, his wife, the voice of USAID, who hosted him to collect evidence against USAID’S political master CIA? Oh, what a terrific joke is Issac’s game of research ,celebrated by the heavy weights of the CPM media clowns! And why the CIA cousins broke the seal of secrecy for the one and only Issac if not they found in him a trustworthy agent who would supplement the revelation mission entrusted with Patrick Moynihan?
Yes, it happens to be ripe as well as a rotten time when the CIA head Panetti , who, not in hiding , but in direct day light , projects his bodily presence and asserts his authority assigned to govern the Indian territory of security ; the Indian defence ministry finds no thread of cloth to cover its shame as its supposed self reliance is violated by Panetti with the blessings of official cowardice. In 1959 the Indian National Congress thought that a political intercourse with CIA is a matter of inadmissible shame, but in 2008 the Indian defence ministry shares dubious pleasure of joint defence surveillance with the head of the CIA in open day light. It is no more an illicit affair but legitimate husbandry of the Indian animal farm conceded by the Indian puppet ruler who notates the most dispassionate body language of a puppet , a congenital talent that even the most genuine puppet rulers of other colonized continents fail to imitate. . The average Indian brain identifies the CIA as the monstrosity of terrorism eating the heads of statesmen not subservient to U.S. hegemony and rule; and who authored the murder of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi and threatened to kill Sonia if she doesn’t unseat herself from the nominated prime ministerial chair is not a matter of guess work but a truthful wound of feeling engraved in the Indian political unconscious. The Indian National Congress is Clytemnestra reborn, sharing the blood and flesh of its murdered leaders from the murderer’s table –
Yes, in the present context , the CIA ,which beheaded the Indian ruling party and made it a vacant political fallacy witnessing the foreign funded industry of terrorism in the country, is no more a secret force in hiding. The intervention of the CIA head Panetti in the internal affairs of India has been officially acknowledged and directly established by the Indian rulers. The crime committed by the CIA in hiding in Kerala once upon a time ,is a lesser evil when compared to the quantum of massacres it administered in Vietnam, Indonesia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Chile, Columbia --- when compared to the rapid extension of horror germinating from the genocides launched by the criminal skull of the CIA over the entire surface of the globe; it is a lesser evil than the murder of Pablo Neruda, Allen De, Saddam , Indira, Rajiv and Dr. Najeebulla ; it is a lesser crime when compared to the dread ,blood and flesh of global terrorism financed and manipulated by the CIA and its funding organs in the name of Mao, Taliban, Bin Laden , caste , race, religion ecology and ethnic separatism. Look at Pakistan, look at Sri Lanka, Look at Myanmar, look at Bangladesh and have a final look at the punctured body of Indian polity to see what the global player of terrorism--- the CIA-- has done with the biological stuff of man rounded with a dream of liberation from serfdom .
What is the intention of the revelation made by Moynihan ably assisted by Issac minister? Even after the CIA is made the Lord Protector of India in broad daylight, it executes a hidden agenda murderous and criminal that splits the spinal integrity of India ; the concealed offence of the present day, enacted by the Indian security God CIA is the most unkindest snipe of all , the worst offence of treachery that ever struck the political and ethical sanity of India. The intervention in hiding that CIA manipulated in 1959 by means of financial witchcraft was bad but what it does with the financial devilry under the cover of security at present is the worst at its peak so that the manipulation of 1959 happens to be only a delicate offence. .It is only a piece of passive remembrance of a foreign guilt whereas the present day terrorism unleashed by the hidden tentacles of the CIA is not a passive statement but a disastrous dagger that digs the breast of India ,shoveling the terror of its being and nothingness.
Then Moynihan said it, just to distract our attention from the present day horror to a milder guilt of the past; which ceased to be a guilt as the criminal of 1959 is now the Lord Protector who could register his right to intervene with the most sensitive organs of Indian defence. The criminal who cultivates the psychic drama of horror assembled with the incessant series of murders in 2010 is accused of a theft in 1959 and just to consolidate the tale of the theft told by Moynihan, an idiot takes a journey to the thief’s palace, receives records of theft in a platter that testify to the magnanimity of the thief’ , gets back home and displays all sound and fury just to mark the victory of a ludicrous expedition.
Yes it is a tactical distraction-- to make a hue and cry over the theft of 1959,a device to camouflage the savage atrocities of terrorism committed by the thief at the present moment. It is interesting to note that the thief is no more a thief, a stealthy intervention as the thief did in 1959 is irrelevant now as the thief is invited to make a pompous entry into the visceral space of Indian defence . Now at a time when your doors are wide open for a person he need not make a stealthy entry into your house. He enters your house like a king , takes charge of your protection , disrupts your existence with hidden instruments of finance , breeds perennial terrorism beneath the feet you stand, and conspires the occult craft of massacre beneath the badge of protector .The vulture alights upon your crown, as to provide you shade with the wings of protection ,dips deep its beak into your blood, eats your memory and dismantles your sense and sensibility.
Hail.the victoy of Panetti,the golden dawn of the CIA governance;Hail Panetti! Hail Moynihan! Hail Issac minister!

Part Three

Issac minister managed the expedition to the CIA dungeons to excavate the tail of Moynihan at a time when CIA set plans to split India into pieces; at a time when responsible security officials disclosed the fact that David Coleman Headley accused in the terrorist event of 26/11 is a CIA man; Panetti’s man; The unpolluted intelligence of Indian polity comprehends the business of bloody betrayal submerged in the utterances of Panetti and his Indian companions ; Panetti who visited India to ensure protection to the Indian population from terrorists is the malicious capital that activates terrorism at the international level.
And is not underhand terrorism an act of intervention? A conspiracy to split the third world nations into fragments is the objective behind decentralized planning, confesses Issac minister and his master financier, Richard w. Franke in their book on decentralized planning implemented in Kerala. On the cover page of the same book, authored by Issac and Franke Issac minister is defined as the person who played the key role in the execution of decentralized planning which is designed by USAID for devolution or fragmentation of Indian economy that is the basic requirement for the fragmentation of the Indian state. The Indian judiciary has made a finding that the panchayat level development planning, officially executed by Issac minister received illegal foreign funding and in the annual report of the same planning programme it is admitted that the programme as it propagated ideas opposed to the concept of the sovereignty of nation created fear of anarchy in the mind of the people. The psycho-political tie between the horror of terrorism and fear of anarchy is inseparable and the report referred to above is living evidence to Issac minister’s political tie with terrorism, which is the most potential instance of CIA intervention. Now it becomes clear why Issac minister fore grounded the tale of 1959. above the imminent form of CIA intervention that is identified as terrorism
The extracts quoted below, explains how CIA, plays the game of terrorism in India in the faithful company of the Hindutva extremism and Islamic extremism feeding them with benign finance


CIA plans to split India by 2015'
By: Ketan Ranga

Date: 2009-01-22

Place: Mumbai

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Reveals a serving army officer, who is one of the 452 witnesses in the September 29 Malegaon blast case

In a shocking revelation, an army officer, one of the 452 witnesses in the September 29 Malegaon blast case, has revealed in his statement that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a grand design to split India into smaller independent countries by 2015.

According the statement, the officer had attended one of the meetings held by the Malegaon blast accused on April 12, 2008 at the Ram temple in Bhopal. The officer from the Army Education Corps said that he was shocked by the proceedings.

He added that an ex-Raw personnel, who was present in the meeting, divulged these sinister plans of splitting the nation, based on a similar operation in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

The witness added that the ex-Raw official also revealed that the CIA had managed to penetrate several departments in India. The officer cautioned the witness that the meeting was being observed by the Intelligence Bureau.
Sinister plans

The officer met Lt Col Shrikant Purohit in an official dinner at the Officers' Mess of AEC training college and centre in the second week of December 2007 at Deolali. He told Purohit about a plan to take premature retirement to develop his village, and establish an old age home.

On January 26, 2008, Purohit asked him to come to Faridabad and meet a few people for his project. There he was introduced to Sameer Kulkarni and the other accused in the Malegaon blast case. Then on April 12, 2008, Purohit called him for a meeting at Ram Mandir. He met all the Malegaon accused and another 20 people, along with the ex-Raw officer and the IB source.

The former RAW officer spoke about the USSR and Purohit spoke about his plans to bring Abhinav Bharat to the fore. Purohit also spoke about Hindu fundamentals and his contacts in Israel and Thailand.


Extraditing Headley will expose CIA'

By: Bipin Kumar Singh

Date: 2009-12-28

Place: Mumbai

Security experts say USA fears LeT operative's links with their intelligence may be exposed if he is handed over to India

Indian security experts say the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) refusal to extradite LeT operative David Coleman Headley confirms their long-held suspicion that the suspected 26/11 plotter is a former CIA agent.

The experts add that the Indian government's failure to provide the US sufficient proof of the alleged 26/11 handler's involvement in the attacks is also coming in the way of putting up strong case for Headley's extradition.

Prakash Singh, former BSF chief, said, "It is well-known that Headley was a CIA agent who later started working for the ISI and some militant outfits in Pakistan.
The US knows that Headley's CIA links will be exposed if he is handed over to India. This will damage its anti-terror image.

We have allowed the FBI to interrogate people in India and they should allow us to do the same on their soil. But who will tell politicians, who have made it a habit to cry out to the US for help?"

M K Dhar, a former joint director of the Intelligence Bureau, said, "We have failed to give the FBI sufficient proof about Headley's involvement in 26/11.

We have merely pointed out that he visited different places in India. However, we have not indicated how his visits were criminally motivated."
 A former state DGP said he agreed that the Americans were not extraditing Headley as they feared being exposed.
 "The US supports terror-promoting nations to further their selfish ends these nations go against them. This is what happened in Afghanistan as well."and then