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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chains And Distances

In pursuit of distances
Realising the beats
He ventured a dream
Tagged in honey dwellings
Chores of a dwarf, flying
Kites were entombed in misery

There are many faces
Unknown to daylight
But whispering in the bedtimes
Unknown to the insane memories

His layers are lost
Not in love, but in a dreary past
Reminding a child within no womb
Kindness of pale yellow faces

Families are there
They are surrounded, Ashes are mounted
Celebration of death in bloodless vein
Even so, a watered soil in self

In split windows of tense future
They saw him positioned in reflex
Animated and baked in real
distances, devoid of a final

Gokul B.Alex

Monday, May 24, 2010

Neelandan gimmicks , and the lavlin commando ...

Things take a deceptive turn as Neelandan,a pro Maoist NGO god,  silences his guns of Maoist inclination after he receives   a mild attack from the clan of Lavlin marxists. The Lavlin marxist leader justified the people's  assault, leaning back upon his clumsy arrogance nurtutred by the quantitative strength of the tribe of  Lavlin goondas fed by foreign funds.  With a single blow the Lavlin goondas crush the the throat of the Maoist priest,  omnipotent coward and darling of  the media.If the Lavlin goonda band and its commander are capable of annihilating the CIA armed Maoists with a simple assault studded with a blow of filthy arrogance ,why cant they go forth to the north east corridor, and wipe out the Maoist band who pollutes the name of Mao , who  massacre marxists in Bengal? Go, Lavlin marxist, and perform your heroics and comics in the north-east corridor,  as you take pride in physical combat stage managed in kerala. Prove your mettle in the north east den which is the befitting space for a physical combat.

Oh, Lavlin marxist contractor, ,go to the northeast and there you would find that the CIA army of Maoists use arms supplied by the same Lavlin you embraced.; there they kill marxist  comrades with  rifles supplied by the global dealer of terrorism and weapon trader SNC Lavlin who promised an amount of hundred crores as bribe to betray the communist movement and the country. Oh, Lavalin marxist , you are a tool  at the hands of CIDAand Lavlin, who create potential space of terrorism in India with a view to split India into pieces by 2015.

Why this mimicry of a teeth less battle between  two sub humanist cowards who incite  cannibal instinct in the name of Mao(cia)and Marx(lavlin). You are birds of the the same flock though not the breed of the same stock.You share feed from the same vessel of CIA. Neelandan was the secretary of a hospital which received funds from a man made of a name ,Richard Franke, an absolute CIA spy.The same Neelandan often travels by air, his flights  believed to be financed by invisible divine forces.

Oh. Lavlin marxist, you know and do not know that your finance minister Issac, who steered a project which smuggled sixteen crores to kerala for the purpose of spreading fear of anarchy among people( the purpose has been confessed in black and white in the report of Issac's project)has dedicated all his belongings to Franke. Franke is sponsored byUSAID, Ford and NSF which are the front organisations of CIA-- Issac's wife also dedicated her service to an organisation run by USAID and received  funds from USAID, Ford (and even funds anonymous). N.Ram,is member of a distinct marxist breed affiliated to Switzerland who runs  Hindu . a news paper. Hindu has , by its report, established the affair between  the organisation of Issac minister's wife and USAID in definite terms. So Issac, Neelandan and Issac's wife serve their master Franke for a definite purpose--, to cultivate fear of anarchy ,to terrorise Indian mass.Neelandan is supposed to fill terrorist anarchy in the space left out by Issac and his wife ,who dedicated their selves to the mysterious providence termed Franke andUSAID

Oh Lavlin marxist, we pity you for you have made yourself a ridiculous piece of political illiteracy. Even your national secretary , a sign of premature political craft has stated that Canadian International Development Agency -CIDA-with whom you signed the Lavlin deal is a funding instrument of CIA. Funds are stealthily        channeled for terrorist activities under the cover of development, and CIDA , at the international level .,is such an agency that sells dread and drinks murders under the cover of development.SNC Lavlin is a trader and manufacturer of weapons at the international level arming the terrorists, as terrorism is the massive destructive device of the day, manned and manipulated by U.S. imperialism. So the Maoists who massacre Bengal marxists as well as the anti -Maoist counter army that murders the tribal, may hold in hands the weapons supplied by Lavlin. There they may kill tribal with Lavalin bullets.There they may kill marxists with Lavlin bullets. At both ends the same trader wins the battle. Marxistsand tribal are drawn to rival camps as blood doesn't identify blood.  Remember Lavlin marxist, your comrades in Bengal are shot with guns traded by Lavlin and as you open your mouth to establish  your arrogance your words smell blood of your Bengal comrades eaten by the guns of Lavlin.

You are the  master craftsman of of ignorance.  You signed a contract for the favour of CIDA and Lavlin . A favour of hundred crores received for trading right to loot public money by foreign scoundrels. It was a death contract.You were embarrassed by the flood of currency. A Chembankunju reborn,mad and maddened by the exploits of currency.You were trapped. You were trapped in financial deals and business projects and then blackmailed  by the managers of the currency trap.You started building a business empire laying bricks upon the condensed blood of the martyrs and continued to call it a marxist party.

Oh Lavlin raja, Lord protector of pokkiri raja, the silver screen millionaire, the depth of guilt that lies embedded in the death contract shatters your spinal pillar and you cannot straighten your frame with the the pokkiri language of intimidation. Intimidation and assertive abuses may scare Neelandans and  cowards sucking hospital assistance.from foreign funds. But you cannot assault truth bound convictions, by such pokkiri threats. When Pokkiri  Raja raises his tail Paatom reads his intentions.Even if the Lavlin commando is rescued from Lavlin trap by the grace of Padmarajan, G. Karthikeyan or Sonia , he cannot escape the anti-communist political treachery embedded in the Lavlin deal.

Time hearkens and from the depths of tombs  the martyred lives roar: ''YOU TRAITOR!!!'' It falls upon your existence like a thunderous fire. Repent, man! Confess how you were maddened with the miracle of currency. Revoke commonsense dead and buried, to identify the forces who cut you down to the size of a Lavlin slave. Confess.

Liberate the  self, from the serfdom of currency. Remember the died ones, the dying ones. Remember the  living martyrs.
One word more .The Jama-e-at Mukri, clad in marxist dress code, writing a column in Jama-e-at- daily challenged Paatom to recharge Franke affair . We recharged the affair with invincible evidence. The report of our meeting and pamphlet appeared i n ithe Jama-e-at- daily in which the Mukri writes the column. No answer. The Franke camp is dumb and dead . Red Salute!


All is not green here !

The Valley that never was silent

This year is marked by United Nations as the year for Biodiversity conservation. And it is the right time to retrospect into the undercurrents of the Silent Valley movement which is one of the most-heard efforts that took place in India to conserve the diverse natural resources. 

The site of struggle
Silent Valley was never silent. The 830 hectare long tropical rain forest carries the legendary myths of Mahabharata in its streams. The legend goes like this. Known otherwise as ‘Sairandhri’, Silent Valley was the area visited by the Pandavas in exile. It was a solace for their woeful heart. They bathed in the river that bubbled through this lush green forest. In memory of their mother’s absence, they named this river as ‘Kuntipuzha’. ‘Kunti’ was their mother and ‘Puzha’ is the Malayalam word for river. This valley is located in the area of Nilgiri hills in Palakkad District in Kerala.

Robert Bright, a British botanist was behind this landmark exploration that unveiled the Silent Valley. Once in the not-so-distant past he ventured into the area. He discovered an uninhabited, barely penetrable forest, where after nightfall there was silence- unlike other forests, the Cicadas comforting call could not be heard here after dusk. Thus Sairandhri, the unpronounceable was rechristened as Silent Valley. 

Thereafter British government proposed building a dam on the Kunti River and to create a reservoir in the Silent valley. The dam which would be 130 Metres high would be built between two hillocks in a natural gorge through which the river runs. That however was dropped by the British. In Independent India the Kerala Electricity Board (KSEB) had started work on it in 1973, but shortage of funds delayed things till 1976. The time when the government decided to resume the hydro electric project coincided with the period when international NGOs began concentrating on the developmental discourses in third world nation states.  

Manufacturing a Movement
In the work ‘Third Force: the rise of transnational civil society, Ann Florini proclaims that civil society opposition to big dam building in India was mounted during the 1970s and 1980s. She writes: “The campaign against the Silent Valley hydroelectric project in Kerala, one of the first to eventually draw support from the international NGOs, was a harbinger of trends to come. Grass root mobilization against the project emerged in 1976 when a group of local teachers began assisting villagers who feared the loss of their livelihoods from the destruction of forest resources. At the same time, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature began to highlight internationally the project’s negative environmental consequences on the pristine Silent Valley Forests and the endangered lion-tailed monkey. The Silent Valley campaign grew in size and strength over the subsequent decade. Domestic and foreign critics and opponents wrote letters, staged protests, lobbied officials and filed court cases to halt the project. During the same time, environmental issues increased in prominence domestically in India and internationally in the aftermath of the United Nations Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972. As a result of the sustained opposition, the silent valley project was halted in 1984.” The government eventually abandoned the project in 1983 and declared Silent Valley as a national park in 1984.

UN Chronicle mentions the same conference as the first earth summit: “Held in Stockholm, Sweden from 5 to 16 June 1972, the UN Scientific Conference, also known as the First Earth Summit, adopted a declaration that set out principles for the preservation and enhancement of the human environment, and an action plan containing recommendations for international environmental action.”

This new paradigm thus became a devise for international NGOs to intrude into the non-political society (Otherwise known as civil society) in India. In their discourses, environment was conceived as something to be conserved and development was a sustainable practice. This notion confronted the Industrial planning envisaged by Socialist and decolonized states around the world. 

Revisiting the Environmental Paradigm
Environment is not a monolithic entity to be conserved. It is a dynamic form comprising of natural habitat, human habitat, inhabitation formed by the interaction of man and nature and finally the ideology. Natural habitat cannot be left untouched by human beings in their life process. It will be modified and becomes human habitat. The further social development by human society in a given human habitat will become an inhabitation. 
Decolonized governments in India and elsewhere were formed by capitalists and hence followed the Industrialization without heeding to the genuine concerns of displaced local people. This apolitical space was utilized by NGOs to promote the ideology of eco-conservation. In disguise this was an attempt to sabotage the Industrial initiatives in third world.

Why NGOs want to stall big dams? It is precisely because they are funded by donor agencies promoting the interests of US Imperialism. A market economy like US can thrive only when production of goods elsewhere is stopped or frozen. For seamless production across a nation, a reliable energy source is indispensable. And water is the most eco-friendly source of large energy potential with least amount of pollution and least chances of environmental and man made disasters. 

NGO ideology is against big dams because only such meta-narratives can induce a national production harnessing electricity. Water achieves its sublime utilization potential when it is converted to electricity, which is nothing but a matter to energy conversion. A big dam is not only a generator of energy but an integrator for a nation of diverse cultures. It can integrate various productive sectors through irrigation and electricity. We know that Aswan dam in Egypt became the site of a national identity. Thus big dams are the inhabitation that humans can create in a country or state having rivers and large coastlines. Thus big dams suits India, especially Kerala where we are bestowed with aplenty of rivers. 

Similarly, biodiversity is not a quality of nature devoid of human intervention. By human labour, nature becomes more diverse and agriculture is the most advanced form of biodiversity where a second productive nature is created on the fertile earth using maximum potential of soil and ground water. Keeping natural habitat untouched by indigenous population is always in the interest of the foreign market. 

NGOs shed tears for the trees cut, ignoring the plight of millions of Indians with dry throat and empty stomach. Dollars were funnelled to their intestines. The NGOs ravaging against the use of Kunti River for irrigation are muted when it comes to the consumption of bottled water in a land of 44 rivers.  Reading through the subsequent periods, we can see that the NGO ideology was a prelude to the civil society organizations that promoted Religious extremism, Dalitism, Feminism, Gay-lesbian rights and Naxalism. These ideologies were taken as the surrogates to intrude into nation states with the agenda of the imperium to fragment the nation states. 

Thus Silent Valley is an evergreen victim to the Imperial agenda to freeze the industrial and agricultural initiatives with a national perspective. And Environmental NGOs have replaced the national perspective with the localization agenda which is the product of globalization itself. This ideology continue to ripe more sites of fissure in Indian state through purchasing more and more marginalized lives using foreign funds and donor agencies.

Gokul B.Alex

Saturday, May 22, 2010


in the barn of flesh
     betwixt the butcher's knife and death

a quotation goonda chants----1
holy scriptures:
 of consensus.

the murderer--
and the rogue
supplied murdered lives,

share the feast of peace;

draws forks and knives
hoarded round
buckled bellies

eats  harvest shared.

a quotation goonda chants
holy scriptures

 in the breast of the city
 in the fantasy park--2
packed with frames of insanity,
ghosts beheaded ,shout slogans.;

  severed heads swim
  down blue blood streams.

in a topless jeep
in the breast of the city
three head less trunks--3
dumb and deaf

a red red red flag
droops upside down;
a marching song
shot at at sight
 maddened mast

from the impaired sight
of the towered clock
dried  memories

needled brain of time,
sinks in the mud of night.

in the midst of
crowded woes and cries
burst from guiltless
womb and blood,

 downpours dread.

 torrential rain of dread.

a quotation goonda chants
holy scriptures...........

from the lavlin lamps---4
betrayed blood

a quotation goonda
the feet
lavlin thief

the downpour hits
water theme park-----5
flooded with wreaths:
scrambled intestines
mouth-torn slogans..

beheaded trunks
clutch   upon
  uprooted  horns of time; 

in the   estuary
of mind
 bleating waves
and  steaming earth
play hide and seek.

.in the mist
memory and madness,

in the  thick wilds of  sacrificial  preys
thunders of smitten dreams

from the lavlin lamps
skulls.of human breasts
split ,crushed  and damned

raise roaring cries:

from the lavlin lamps
fear and blood.

at the presidential dais
the faceless ghost
sits , moans
exhorts: attack!

red volunteers dressed
in fork and knife
hunt distant throats
 fantasy of liberation.

a quotation goonda
chants holy scriptures

from lavlin lamps
fear and blood.

at the break- fast mansion
eat with kings;

organ trader and liquor don
red blood flag
in  spurious thirst ;

spit upon
vestiges of
eaten flag;

 the thief and goonda
kneel and lick
what is left..

quotation goonda
chants holy rites

 at malabar cancer centre-
a bleeding embryo
dreams healing touch.
 and deal of death.

traitor crowds of fatal  germs,
fatten round the deal of death.

an espionage jet plane,
packed with aids and cancer
in decentralised planning
lands upon
 the finance space

in the  deep wild blue of  vision,

in the nucleus of eyes
   ceding sound and light,

 as time rains, in tender notes
as  sparkling-needles of heart
boil in  fragrant sunlight

a good neighbour and teacher
.climbs  alone
the heights of death.

 in the mountain planes
of deep blue spells
inclined to death,

in the post death abysses
of  mystic sea
               he is baptized .

from the twigs of cerebral tree
birds go drowned in the light of dusk
in the redeemed moonlight
of ecstatic death,

a prophetic voice,
  lifts leaves of dreams:

''the traitor who eats
history ,memories and
dreams of the dear red flag
 repeat threats of killing.

as fear is the last device of the enemy   
the dreadful visuals
of mouths
drinking blood
shall be repeated.

embrace  fear
that you be killed
with generous arms;

if you dare speak what is to be spoken
or if you dare not speak what is to be spoken
death is certain.

for the second death
numb and dumb
is disgusting

  flood the boundless idiom of courage!

a tongue bold ,that calls spade a spade
that calls spy a spy,
that calls thief a thief,
--a tongue!

a tongue,
a spell of courage,
a flame of soul
that fights and fills the horror play.

explode !
as witness to words;

as lamp of brain
melting bright,
in the middle of
 the horror drama

.since words are the blood
of   the just, crucified.
 raise mast of words
over  living breasts.''

through bounding
  ocean waves of light
herds of clouds
and magic drums

walks amidst the seeds of dreams ,

 his flight descends
 the angst of heart;

as word drooping
hurt at cross ,,
as bleeding tongue
laid on  leaves of grass

in  the hell of souls

he wets
fertile bones
with  drops of love
that fills the eyes;
he wets
  fertile minds
with sacrificial blood
that  stirs the earth.

the quotation goonda
still chants the holy rites

End Notes: the poem is written in the context of the national conference of a major communist party of India years back
1. Quotation Goonda:  Not an individual but a community of so called intellectuals dressed in communist  phraseology recruited by the CIA Trojan horses in the communist party; they are assigned to cast aspersions upon antiCIA writers and speakers.

2. Fantasy Park. a devise by which the CIA men converted communist party into a business house of tourism industry

3. Leaders who addressed the people in the street during the conference .Response of the people was cool and disheartening  .

4.Lavlin lamps:"The notorious contract in which the  state  secretary of a communist party was cheated by the CIA beasts in the party. The secretary signed a contract with CIDA  a CIA organ;SNC Lavlin  arms manufacturer and trader of NATO countries was also involved in the contract which was a day time extortion of the public treasury. The secretary, .illiterate of the politics  of CIDA and Lavlin  that are the breeding organs of terrorism at the international level,.signed the contract; the CIA beasts manipulated the the pro CIA deal

5 .water theme park : another instance of commodification of the communist party

+Vijayan Mash

A Journey through Cascade

A beginning
Of cautions, alarms
And armed words

A voice 
In search of silence
Trembling in heart
Went down the memory lane

Comrades, flags and leafs
It saw amidst chaos
ripened in endless varieties

Stinking courts
Stale end media
And truth in between

Perhaps a sign of sigh
may have erupted
before the standing souls

face to face
A stigma
so loud and chanting

Daring the streets
I viewed
Avid lines, in common

Resolving the proxies
I ventured a call
to fight the odds

Save my eyes
Riddles are sleepless
I can continue to burn the ends

Skies are full gloom
I cherish their stillness
In my wet throat journey

To be sure of nearness
And naked lies, I must be patient
And pedal for future, prying in darkness 

Gokul B.Alex
'Clarity is Rhythm'

Friday, May 21, 2010

സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യത്തിന്‍റെ ദുഃഖം

രണ്ടു പരുന്തുകള്‍
ചുറ്റും കടന്നലിന്റെ ഇരമ്പല്‍
ചോരയെ സ്പര്‍ശിച്ച രാത്രികള്‍
അവര്‍ തേടുന്ന മാംസം
എന്‍റെ തലച്ചോറാണ്

അവര്‍ ഉണക്കുന്ന മുഖംമൂടികള്‍
എന്‍റെ മജ്ജയാണ്
അവര്‍ കൂട്ടുന്ന കൂടിനു വേണം
എന്‍റെ നാവിന്‍ ചുരുളുകള്‍

മരം കായുന്ന വെയിലില്‍
ഞാന്‍ കണ്ട കാഴ്ച
ഉരുകുന്ന നാവില്‍
തിളയ്ക്കുന്ന ഭാഷയില്‍
ഞാന്‍ കണ്ട കവിത
അതെല്ലാം ഒന്നാണ്

ചുവന്ന ചെളിവെള്ളം
വെളുപ്പിച്ച കാലുകള്‍
ഒരു ഹൃസ്വ യാത്രയില്‍
മുഴക്കുന്ന മഴക്കുഴികള്‍
അതിന്‍ ആഴത്തില്‍ 

കടംതന്ന കാലം
അത് നടന്നു തീര്‍കുന്ന
ഇനിയും മടിക്കുന്ന
മൃത്യു കാലത്തില്‍
ആര്‍ക്കും വേണ്ടാത്ത
കണ്ണ്പോലകള്‍ ചിമ്മി
വാക്കുകള്‍ മന്ത്രിച്ചു
" ദുഃഖം സ്വതന്ത്രമായി"

ഗോകുല്‍ ബി. അലക്സ്‌

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

കിനാവിന്‍റെ കാത്തിരിപ്പുകള്‍

ഒരു വെളിച്ചം
കിഴക്ക് തലവെച്ചൊരു നിദ്ര
അവിടൊരു യാത്ര

ഓര്‍മകളില്‍ സമരങ്ങളുണ്ട്
വിയര്‍പ്പിന്‍റെ ഗന്ധം
സ്വപ്നത്തില്‍ ഇറ്റിറ്റു വീണു

ചായ്പ്പിലെ കാഴ്ചകള്‍
ചക്രങ്ങളില്‍ സഞ്ചരിച്ചു
അമ്മയുടെ പിറകില്‍
പല കണ്ണാടികള്‍ കണ്ടു

വിറയ്ക്കുന്ന കൈകളും
ഉടലും ചൂരുള്ള നിശ്വാസവും
പച്ചില തലപ്പത്തെ നീറുകളും

മറക്കാത്ത വെടിവില്‍
കുറിക്കാം നിനവിന്‍റെ നൂറു കവിതകള്‍

ഗോകുല്‍ ബി. അലക്സ്‌

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Veneer of kisses

Veneer of kisses
Leaves behind a love
That larks forever
Temperate Sins
Touches a skin
In times of shiver

Sly mouths
They share my illness
Though in desperate smiles

Uncommon syllables
Spell in shambles
And riveted my eyes

Toner jades
Ahead of the festives
Far eyed nimbs in time

Unable to undo
A skill so deep
I dig nude and weep

Gokul B. Alex
'clarity is rhythm'

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Locating an Artistic Space

The Architecture of Illusions

Artists are perceived to be either decorators or destroyers of the hibernated atmosphere of the political economy of the ruling class. And their space is often on the peripheries of the various political ecosystems. And they get the centre stage of political ecosystems during the revolutionary moments of history. They invite the wrath of some one and at the same time sell themselves to the purses of others. This has been the scenario of artists for the past many decades. Art and artists have become the reflections of the convolutions in the contemporary human inhabitation. Inhabitation should be seen as the product of interactions between human society and nature. It is different from the human habitat comprising of natural settings. 

These two concepts are presented in detail in 'Paatom'  Annual Edition in remembrance of Prof: M.N.Vijayan. The labour process involved in these two ecosystems are different. In a habitat, labour is engaged with a pre-existing class consciousness and rule of law. But the labour tries to create its own space-time conjecture and then it becomes dialectically engaged with a skin of inhabitation. It is this space-time dynamics that delineates the habitat with the evolving consciousness of inhabitations. 

Artist seeks a space for his expression when a creation comes out from the habitat of personal experiences. In the realms of language, we see the interplay of habitat and inhabitation. New meanings try to overlap with the existing semantics here. Language develops as a product of a social communication of meanings. Yet it does not have the semiotic potential as found in ideology. An artist embraces a language medium to convey the consciousness (from habitat ) to the realm of ideology (inhabitation). The interaction between the consciousness and the language creates additional meanings here.

When Indian artist M.F. Hussain tries to side himself with the powerful symbols of Hindu deities by using his strokes on the naked goddess, it comes out of his necessity to carve a space in the inhabitation of a hegemonic structure evolving in India. His frail conscience tries to empower itself by resorting to the erotic energy of Indian myths. This might have been prompted by the urge to ally with the religious ethos that predates the modernity which is now getting rejuvenated by the hegemony of crony capitalism. In between habitat and inhabitation, there is a layer of processual nature. Here discourse materials are formed and evolved. 

When M.F. Hussain translates his subservience to the dominant mythologies of Indian Hinduism, it is his libido which acts as the processual layer. And the art work becomes the product in the cultural psyche. In this process he alienated himself from the ideological framework of Indian Islam. Instead of understanding the artist's psyche behind this allegory, Hindu fanatics tried to exorcise M.F. Hussain. And now he retreats into his native islamhood by opting a Quatar citizenship, escaping the Indian national identity itself. So artist's freedom of expression is not an autonomous territory. It is the reflection of his urge to create his own space in the commons. The issue evolves into an ideological one when the expression demands its space in the inhabitation.

This also reflects the necessity for an artist to have a willful space-time conjecture in the inhabitation. They expect this freedom as they try to extrapolate the limited will they have in their own habitat. But as soon as they move out of the margins of habitat, they feel the disturbances and the  dynamics of alienation. This places artists like M.F. Hussain in a volatile position, in between the habitat and the inhabitation. In times of cultural retreat like ours, artist is forced to work on the habitat using the pre-existing symbols and myths arising out of religion which are static in nature. Capitalism intentionally energises the religious habitat as it spreads an atmosphere of irrationality which can make the consumer a subservient slave in the clutches of market.

But this sort of alienation and confusion does not arise in the mind of cine artists like Kushboo or Suhasini Manirathnam who directly ally with the architecture of illusions. In the name of freedom of expression, they carve a direct space in the cultural hegemony of imperialism by evoking the destructive elements of sexual anarchy. This is in direct conjunction with the wilful subjugation to the interests of market capitalism. The international sex industry want to export sex as a commodity in India and elsewhere. 

And what happens here is the gradual decay of the family habitat in India and the resultant sexual anarchy. Thereafter sex will be a disposable commodity and the institutions like marriage which adds a structure to the family will be demolished. And India will get a prudent position in the map of sex tourism and it can flourish like Indonesia or Thailand.

These two are not extremes. But they represent two Psyche, the former ailed by the religious myths of pre-existing hegemonic habitat and the latter corrupted by the Imperial interests and the market capitalism. When one embraces exile out of reliance on pre-modern habitat, other flourishes and proliferate with the supports of market imbued inhabitation.

Gokul B.Alex
'Clarity is Rhythm'


I took a stroll outside my life
Planted my trees
Worth watching from sides
Care for me now!
It's a time to spent on ice

Talk to strangers often
Treat your make ups
Never boast, even with ounces of water
Punching lines, but never stopping for one
Prepared mirrors, and time is again

Again a villa of songs
May I wish for thee
Lucent lives, spaced in my arms
Eyes for the weakness
Count for the symbols
And dreams are awakened

Gokul B.Alex
'Clarity is Rhythm'

One Earth

One earth
Breathes its distance
Only one earth
Measures its miseries
Uncounted Schisms
Wavering chains
Brought wrath to its limits

Burning beneath
But hollow streams
Enough to water my quest
My arms were at her heart
And I stole her patience
Her cry became my destiny
But hollow streams
I jumped her skins
Deep, deep, layers beneath

A swollen sky
And tearing irons
At large a light, knee down
I stood like an owl
Went night like a loser
Heart is still an ocean
Dents are still wide open
But hollow streams
And I mistook her silence
One earth and many eyes
Came close to a circle
End that resembled a torus
In search of manifolds

Gokul B.Alex
clarity is rhythm