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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dog in the channel !

Minister Kodiyeri Bala krishnan was put in deep trouble for the act of  his wife visiting kadampuzha temple;He is an unfortunate guy often taunted for the alleged acts of mischief committed by his sons. Minister Kuruvila was asked to resign his long cherished dream of ministerial job for the acts of his children. . Minister Tharoor Sasi resigned his post and turned  martyr for a blessed  beautiful  soul, who was not even confirmed as his  would be, the case being  an instance of financial generosity . 

|| Nata in Facebook ||
But take the case of minister Issac. His wife is not an Indian citizen.but a USAID  activist sitting  upon the high pedestal  of a US, HIV/ AIDS/ pro- prostitution  campaign. She runs a US. funded NGO in Andhra pradesh which may be suspected as a cover for  the terrorist funding; She received 550 lacs US dollars from anonymous sources, Ford Foundation,,USAID etc....which  constitute a part of minister Issac's family income. Minister Issac, though he admits that his wife and children live in US, does not reveal the actual source of family income,  excludes  millions of US dollars  shored  by his US wife,bonded to accomplished CIA fronts .He gives a false  family assets and income statement ,before the public and before the election commission. This is a criminal offence which assumes grave dimensions as the family income and asset are foreign bound and are suppressed by the minister intentionally. The judicial court finding that rupees sixteen crores worth dollars were smuggled to Kerala for a project steered by minister Issac worsens the criminal situation. It stinks, and the enlightened political tradition of Kerala sinks in  its ugliness 

Issac minister published a book, two months back. In the book he confessed his bondage to another foreigner apart from his foreign funded wife. Just to establish his absolute  servitude to the pseudo frame of a name,  Richard Franke ,a US spy and pay master, he dedicated his book  at the feet of the foreigner.. In the book he scoffed at the truth that the so called Franke had his site linked with USAID.  A link in the net does not mean political or financial business or espionage mission with USAID ,Issac said. In the book Issac argued that His Holiness Richard Franke serves no political assignment with USAID-----(a lie ,of course uttered to defend the US national on espionage mission.) conceding the fact that USAID is a dangerous imperialist, anti communist institution . So a leftist intellectual  mask in the volume and size of the so called Franke cannot have any trade with USAID as USAID is a notorious CIA weapon .USAID in its site admits that it  gives disguised funds  under the cover of development   the final intention being elimination of communist states and communist ideology. Prakash Karat in his book on voluntary funding agencies ,identifies USAID as  a US organ with a CIA agenda. 

Even the  communist press baron N.Ram's Front Line   reports that  RAW suspects USAID as a CIA organ. Issac  by way of denying Franke's substantial ties with USAID , admits the fact that service with USAID is a perilous, indecent , filthy affair and so his Franke god doesn't keep any stealthy assignment with USAID.

Now please see  the extracts  given below  from  Chennai metro supplement of THE HINDU dated 22 April 2002:

    1. Many of these statistics were thrown up at the three-day National seminar on "Domestic violence in India: Exploring strategies,promoting dialogue" organised by the International Center for Research on Women at the IMAGE auditorium in Chennai from April 17. The conference disseminated the research conducted by the ICRW— a Washington-based private, non-profit organisation working for women 's development — in partnership with in-country researchers, with support from USAID. 

    2. The seminar was significant in that it examined the linkages between notions of masculinity and domestic violence and the potential of creating a dialogue with men on the issue. Nata Duvvury, Director, Social Conflict and Transformation, ICRW, and Asghar Ali Engineer, Member of the National Advisory Council, ICRW, gave the introductory remarks. James Bever, Deputy Director of the USAID, said that critical work was being undertaken in India in the area of violence and hoped that a concrete agenda of action would be developed by organisations

While Issac launches a vain effort to exonerate Franke of his stealthy deals with USAID, he intentionally suppress the fact that his foreign wife Nata Duvvury had been serving ICRW  from 1999 to 2007. The fact that ICRW is an INGO sponsored and supported by USAID.  has been effectively placed in the report quoted above. The report also refers to   the patronising presence of the  Deputy Director of USAID in the conference authored by minister Issac's wife.Though Issac  plays ridiculous tricks to save the financier god Franke from the infamy of USAID, he fails to provide such a service to his wife., who fetches USAID-FORD+anonymous dollars to  feed his children. There is no point in Issac making a false argument that Franke maintains no truck with USAID while  Issac's wife on records, who gave birth to his children serves USAID ,officially for a decade

Now minister Issac's channel makes a fabulous revelation that the USAID lady has been divorced. There is nothing strange in such a revelation, since matrimony as well as divorce  happens to be a farce when it is an affair between males and females involved in espionage.For instance, in the defamation petition against Paatom, filed by Issac, he states that Franke , his donor god is married to Barbara Chasin , but Thampi Kakkanadan who claims to be a loyal friend of the same Franke raises doubts about the truth of the statement with regard to Franke's matrimony. In the case of Franke, matrimony is a farce or a mystery .Now Nata-Issac matrimony has become a mystery and  it is deliberately mystified by the channel -

The channel clown who delivers the news about the divorce doesn't give the date on which the matrimonial contract ceased to exist.  It is  assumed from the fraudulent voice of the channel  that the matrimony was in peril  even some ten years back but the divorce was realised some three years back.  But the servile  tongue that  records nonsense  propagating the farce of a divorce ignores the fact  ,that as per the official website of the  state government of Kerala ,on the day Issac was sworn in as minister ,Nata finds place on records as Issac's wife.  The official website of the Kerala Government,which displays the profiles  of members in the council of ministers ,UPDATED ON 11th  MAY 2010 , also states  that Nata Duvvury  maintains the husbandry of minister Issac and a divorce three years back or ten years back transacted by the channel is an illicit product of a criminal conspiracy that destabilises matrimony on official records with escapist fables of intermittent divorces. The farcical utterances of divorce run parallel to the the reinforced records of matrimony and Issac plays blind to the updated governmental records of matrimony and the utterances of divorce history  demonstrated in the channel, for he prefers this blessed dubiousness as the inevitable medium of his political survival. He pretends that he ignores the contradiction. A cheat,who befools the public with  the farce of his matrimony and divorce.

Nobody asked him whether he  has been married to one Nata Duvvury but he relieved such an information on government records ,and  issued it  public relevance at the expense of the government. Then as he finds that his matrimonial alliance  provides  solid proof to his illicit foreign source of income and his clandestine  CIA links, his  channel---the master's voice-- disowns his wife with retrospective effect.He plays fraud upon the public abusing the government machinery and his party channel. The matrimony of the scoundrel whose final resort is politics, is established by his government and disputed by his political channel.The whole media world witness this absurd show and the bountiful silence that proceeds gives proof to the the impotence of  present day political morality  . The nasty drama of matrimony and divorce cast  upon the the living face of the public is an affront to Kerala's political  memory and tradition.

Paatom exposed Issac's affair with CIA in the beginning of the year 2003. The fable of divorce was generated, only after Paatom made assertive observations upon Issac's clandestine contacts with CIA organisations and 2003.  .A divorce from his wife does in no way exonerate him from his political  and financial crimes. He who disowns and divorces his wife today, for the profit of his politics may disown and divorce Richard Franke,tomorrow for a score in the political stock market. But such divorces shall not extricate him from the labyrinth of criminal betrayal

Frontline ,a periodical run by N.Ram a robust global communist, in its issue dated July 2, 2004,introduces Rabindra Singh who defected  from RAW to CIA . While working in RAW. he obtained certain classified documents of US ,just to impress  his superiors.  Later it was detected that he  obtained the supposed  classified documents with the help of his relative working in USAID.  Issac's case is similar . As facts about his CIA connections are revealed, he makes a blunt attempt to impress his comrades that he is a communist and not a CIA asset deposited in the party.For that purpose he writes a book about the CIA intervention in the 1959 liberation struggle. Rabindra Singh claimed that he obtained classified US documents by risky researches.. Issac claims that he has obtained certain unseen documents from  US by   sweat and search..Rabindra Singh had his relative in USAID who helped him in his mystery document collection. Issac had his wife working in USAID project( and Franke the CIA man )to fetch him the unseen documents

Issac who worked from1996 to 2000 as joint director in the USAID-PLDP project  now disowns his business with PLDP. He disowns USAID while he registers the ridiculous argument that Franke doesn't have business with USAID .USAID is bad;So he liberates Franke from the USAID assignments.   PLDP is bad . So he liberates himself from PLDP job. Now he disowns his wife  because she is bad. She rceives feeds from USAID organisations  She has been divorced from his life . It is a heart  biting  grief.and there is nothing political in it!!!!

HMV gramaphone record is a nostalgic memory. In memory ,there emerges the image of the dog singing in the middle of the rotating plate.. He is his master's voice--HMV......  Dog in the channel is his master's voice. What we hear from the mouth of the channel is the dubious voice of  the dog's master, Issac. He complains that he has been divorced some ten years back or three years back..If it is so, a  pertinent question arises why he registered his wife Nata Duvvury's name in the official website of the government and still maintains it (even on this day 2nd June 2010 )unaltered even after repeated  updating.For persons involved in espionage, matrimony  plus divorce is a game of mischief. But when it enters the records of an enlightened political tradition it inflicts infamy upon the society .A brain infected with CIA virus establishes its crippled sensibility by such  pervert practices.

 In  2003 at the time when Paatom exposed Issac's CIA connections, Issac was cornered in the assembly by a UDF MLA., for harbouring an unknown foreigner in  in Issac's camp. Issac was asked to reveal the identity of the person but he slipped off from the demand. Later in a press conference Issac was asked to reveal the foreigner's identity. He replied t,hat in the next assembly session he would reveal the identity.. But in the next assembly session the promise was not realised.During this period Richard Franke frequented Kerala as planning consultant, researcher and patron of Mararikulam project. 

The Front Line  report  on Rabindra Singh, dated 2nd July 2004, states that Rabindra Sigh while under observation , had a meeting with a US national at a  resort in Kerala. Franke had US,  Bangla desh connections;Rabindra Singh also had perilous Pak-terrorist connections

On July 15, 2003  Issac in a press conference announced that his master Richard Franke and his wife(?)Barbara would file a defamation case against Paatom demanding rupees one crore to mend their impaired reputation. 
            On the day  Issac played the press conference, his master Richard Franke was stationed in Bangladesh. After the US national met Rabindra Singh ,at the resort in Kerala,  under the surveillance of RAW, Franke never crossed the frontiers of Kerala or make his physical presence felt .in our living space

And he did not file the defamation case.


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