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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, December 14, 2009

But What About Richard Franke?





Com. Achuthanandan an undefiled well of pervert administrative jokes ,stirs the media machines with another comedy of offences just to establish the impression that he is the tainted wether of the flock meetest for political death. Tainted not in the sense it is applied upon the power and glory of the police officer in controversy. The allegation against the obscene specimen of a police officer is that of tainting or corrupting every leaf of grass beneath the sun --- though the unkind truth is that the police officer polished even the tooth and nail of music for the benefit of purse. In the green channel black traffic, the CIA dons make use of the services of the ministers and administrative officials but the NGO breed that fills inconvenience of boisterous idealism in the throat of com. Achuthanandan overpowers even the green channel police men and ministerial criminals in the expertise of smuggling funds for routine terrorist industry. Tainted wether means castrated male animal and once your ideological will is castrated by the politburo the loud impulses gushing out from the archaic revolutionary memory fall invalid and you confess that the mission impossible entrusted to the particular officer of police is an action justified by law. For the sole purpose of eating your own words why should you spit it upon your face and make an ugly show of the rectification campaign befitting to a duncedom? You have every right to be the shame less instance of nonsensical retreats from your belligerent utterances. But unfortunately you are the chief minister of a race that hesitates to stoop to the level of your imbecility. Whether you be an obscurantist philosopher or idiot you have no right to claim that you are quite ignorant of the cruel acts of administration commencing beneath the nose of your governance because you are the chief minister of the state and not a waste box installed upon the ministerial slot. So speak not this way that I know and do not know why a corrupt officer is kept under my ineffectual angelic wings and I am miserably ignorant how and why the tainted personnel was issued a secret passport to the domain of serious terrorist interrogation.



The officer did the disaster management in a commendable style putting his head deep into the labyrinth of interrogation. The criminal revelations yielded in the interrogation were communicated to Soophy and Mdani with immediate effect and Soophy was made enlightened in the subject so that she could address the situation by resorting to preventive measures such as anticipatory bail thanks to the journey of the commissioned officer towards the banks of Kauvery. The mission impossible is accomplished. This is the use of an officer loyal to the code and conduct of official secret.

In the history of women ,the likes of Jhansi Rani and Indira Gandhi are believed to be empowered by the law of inheritance and not by their husbands or the World Bank. Now as the women empowerment has been made the global agenda of the World Bank, a drastic impact has been notified by the Kerala Police ---- ie Soophy miraculously empowered to humble Mdany in the act of terrorist conspiracy. The role of Soophy in the conspiracy of murderous blasts has been established by the Kerala Police and if ever the police doubts Mdany’s involvement in the crime he would be placed behind his wife as her recruit or humble follower. Now the people are addressed to enjoy the detestable joke dished out by the police that on interrogation no criminal issued even a shred of proof against Mdany whereas heavy stuff of proof has been extracted out of the scrub of the criminals against the housewife empowered by DavidHeadley, Richard Franke and Thomas Issac. The proof to the innocence of the poor dis empowered Mdany is the necessity of the leftist electoral politics. Mdany who exhorted his followers, in writing, for the annihilation of the race of Marxists climbed on to the leftist dais as he realized that intrusion and not direct invasion is the skillful device for the proposed annihilation. The populist joker cum tyrant of the CPM embraced him in public and shared dais with him and now the Kerala police finds it an awesome business to arrest Mdany and and whisk him off to the jail separating him from the irony of a self-disastrous embrace demonstrated by Pinarayi. Since it is difficult to frame charge sheet and arrest the man in the given political circumstances the poor woman is charge sheeted. This the way the women empowerment runs but the common sense speaks against the tyranny of jokes AND EVERY SHADE OF COMMON SENSE ASSERTS THE FACT THAT THE WOMAN WAS ONLY A SHIELD AND MIDDLE PERSON TO TRANSACT MESSAGES TO AND FROM MDANY WHO IS AN UNDERGROUND MURDER PLANTER,STUFFED WITH NASTY ORATORY INTELLIGENCE ------------S. SUDHISH

Monday, September 21, 2009


....... 3rd OCTOBER, 2009

Two years have passed after the demise of the poetic orator who inspired political aesthetics, set in motion for the return of the good earth. It was no given paradise, but the stream of irrigation that rushed forth from the rock smitten by the great thinker and cultural activist, Prof. M.N.Vijayan. It was a battle against political arrogance crowned with irredeemable ignorance. Our dear Vijayan mash rekindled an enlightenment movement. He stood among a crowd of pained souls and spoke in palliative prose that touched the cerebral trenches of agony. When he spoke among the crowd complex ideology was transcended into poetry. It was the greatest poetry ever spoken in Malayalam. The fluent poetics of political economy, drawn from the most original perspective of cultural materialism, initiated a meaningful enlightenment movement that challenged the modernised versions of political superstitions tactfully disseminated by financial colonialism.

In 2003 the poetic orator and cultural activist, Vijayan Mash opened a battle against the habit of treason and self betrayal, cultivated by the neo-colonial forces of monetary capitalism. He exposed the horror of betrayal implanted in the meticulous drama of decentralised planning which was a fallacy of people's carnival in which the people acted the roles of satyrs with horns and tails. An enlightened race, stripping off its history of human nobility fell deep into the trap laid by global marketism, enticed by the promises of devastating funding that insisted a self imposed intellectual and emotional genocide -- a collective suicide of existence stationed in political aesthetics and ethos. It was an uproarious festival of treachery, stage managed by the agents of financial colonialism who could successfully sell their ideas to the leftist comrades who misdiagnosed their selves and surrendered their political integrity for the mischievous pleasures proceeding forth from the trauma of political self betrayal.

Now six years after he launched the struggle, two years after his death, we understand that there is no post Vijayan era for Vijayan mash makes his ceaseless intervention felt in the present. He is the living force that envigorates history with awakened eyes of memory towards a vivid a futurist conception.

We feel his truthful presence in this period of great distress and violence as the life, of god's own country, dipped in blood, is thrown at our face by god's own goondas; goondas in the hide-outs of Mararikulam, disowned by the political dons of the right and the left. The ownership of our land has been peacefully transferred to god's own funding agencies. We don't feel shame in converting peoples own country into god's own country

What he foresaw years back has been proved true. Our green earth has been stolen from the space beneath the feet and the fertile brain of a beautiful heritage has been plucked out of the skull . The great reserves of water have been drained and polluted for the interest of pepsi and coca-cola that market drinking water, plundered from our throats in sealed bottles. Texts of self betrayal are planted in the vacant cerebral space. It is actual midnight at noon as we are dodged in the playful festivity of a global loan market that converts us into a beggar's land dressed in motley.

Now we know what they have done to Mararikulam under the guise of people's planning festival - a village insulted and injured, its body commodified and drowned in wild drama filled with repressed semiotics of drugs and murder. It is the death of a village maligned by the excursions and incursions of foreign funding and now we realize why Mash laid irrepressible stress and insistent priority for a battle against the peril of aggressive foreign funding that eats our existence alive.

The disastrous absurd of SNC Lavalin is yet another instance of the colonial monetary invasion. The invasion is captained by CIDA, that has been identified as the stealthy sub-ordinate of CIA. Lavalin under the guise of construction and hydro electric engineering is deployed by CIDA to make incursions into the third world space and subvert the structure of the third world economy, effecting fragmentation of the third world nation states. Lavalin, the arms trader and weapon manufacturer, projected as consultant to hydro electric engineering by the colonial forces, supply weapons to the terrorist outfits at the global level. But, for a bribe of hundred crores authored by CIDA, Lavalin could find space for its murderous weapon trade in the soil of Kerala which goes unnoticed by the media, as the fabulous event of looting three hundred crores from the public exchequer for the hydroelectric contract creates sumptuous distraction to the clandestine terror trade extended by Lavalin.

Mash spoke of the disaster set in motion in the context of decentralised planning, imposed by the colonial funding agencies. Funding agencies are qualified 'global players' that create free space for the civil society organisations that would exist un-intervened by the state. The state is excluded from the funded space that generates local self governments or self ruled villages actually governed by the terrorist funding power.

This is the way they execute the fragmentation of nation states. Power is transferred from the governmental organization to the non-governmental organizations and then from the non governmental organizations to the terrorist outfits nurtured by colonial funding. In India at least five thousand villages come under the category of self ruled villages. They are generated from the anti state content inherent in the decentralised planning. The reign of terror created by the global colonial funding is often sub-titled as Maoist governance!! Mash gave us a sharp notice about the abuse of Marxist titles - a foul game played by neo colonialism. But things may change and the people of the self ruled village would identify their class blood and genetic feeling of anti colonial repression in the right perspective. Funded colonialism is not a resolution, to ages long domestic colonial repression, they would see.

As our heads lie caught in the trap of decentralised planning M.P. Parameswaran, the agent of the colonial planning confesses that decentralised village planning is not an idea conceived by comrade E.M.S. or Gandhiji. Richard Franke, the USAID manipulator and his hired disciple Thomas Issac confess that decentralisation mooted with the objective of the third world nation-state fragmentation, is a clear USAID project.

M.N. Vijayan is vindicated.

Paatom is vindicated.

Now yet another instance of M.N. Vijayan effect:

At last the CPM has been constrained to ask its members to make a honest declaration of their asset movable and immovable although the CPM would never be able to to make a honest revelation of its assets as an organisation, for it has been transformed to a super corporate business house making money out of electorate man power. The superstition that CPM happens to be a working class movement is still nurtured to make profitable bargains exploiting the support of working class electorates, in the business economy of electoral politics.

Would T.M.Thomas issac,the finance minister, who filed a defamation suit against Vijayan Mash make a honest account of his family-assets in public? Funds have been smuggled in and very important data aligned to national security has been smuggled out in the projects manned by minister Issac. It is a judicial finding. The asset statement and declaration of minister Issac is a curious insult to the common sense of the democratic humanity, for the existence of minister Issac's wife has been suppressed in the declaration. As per the declaration, minister Issac is a house-less, wife-less poor man walking beneath BPL who doesn't own even an inch of land in Kerala or elsewhere. Anyway, nobody smuggles his wife and children to foreign countries just to give a false figure of the family income and family assets. Minister Issac's wife is a dignified NGO activist at the international level; she is a U.S. citizen, receiving funds from anonymous sources as per the the facts revealed in her personal profile available in the internet; she receives funds from USAID, Ford and many other funding agencies that motivate neo-colonial politics. And all these funds received by the U.S. wife of Indian origin make the family income of minister Issac unaccountable and unmaintainable by law. Political dishonesty is smuggled in and smuggled out. It is a fraudulent exercise that ridicules even the right to self contempt suffered by a nation drowned down to meaningless misery. Vijayan Mash opened our eyes to this dreadful state of political existence.

On 3rd October, 2007, at midday, Vijayan Mash climbed the steps of Thrishur Press Club unperturbed by the imminent aggression of death surrounding his bodily ills. He was battling against an army of diseases that tortured his bodily being, but he was leading a greater battle for the people, which issued him marvellous courage to ignore the challenge of death. He was a person incapable of personal enmity or spite. He came to the Press Club with an aching soul and aching body just to explain the judicial finding in the defamation case filed against him. He was exonerated by the judge and his commitment to the people's cause was respectfully appreciated by the court. No situation of personal malice. No attempt to strip off the honour of any person. In the last drip of his life breath Mash asserted: It is unfortunate that certain persons are found guilty of criminal betrayal. It is true that certain persons are exposed to the tip of the nail in aggressive political idiom, in Paatom. It is the idiom of great courage that doesn't fear the political scheming of monetary terrorism. It is the poetic idiom of genuine political will. It doesn't detest the guilty persons. But it detests guilt and persons wound in the affluent malignancy of guilt are reprimanded not because of personal ill will but because the interest of the common people is nobler and greater than the the fallacy of reputation of a person and his persuasion to betray the country.

He said: it is the interest of the nation that counts and not the interests of the person; the honour of the enmasse is greater than the congested pride of an individual. It is country that matters and not any individual.

And then he smiled. The sublime vision of a hearty laugh is transmitted from his intuitive self. It reflects the last glimpse of his spatial and temporal memory contested by death. He dies as he speaks poetry of agony, hope and truthfulness. He dies, but he never surrenders. A simple sip from a glass of water. His eyes half shut, he deserts his mortal being falling back to the mystic continent of immortality.

Home we brought our warrior dead. He has been transformed to history.

As he is laid to rest, the people raise hope upon the post-demise interventions from the master that would diffuse the sound, fury, terror and the infernal misery that envelope the being and consciousness. The cries of the innocent blood seek shelter in his soul.A multitude insulted and injured by the extra marital and pre marital smuggling of the females for the cause of cancerous growth they call development, extend their hearts towards freedom; liberation from financial serfdom. Trunks severed from heads dancing in dread, begging alms and funds in nightmarish fantasy vanish. A hearty laugh trapped from the blazing sun ,illuminates the bleeding brains.

Oh, Master,
Your fertile heart lies, burning, burning, burning in the humanist chemistry of compassion
Thy funeral body is a mansion of stars lit with the chorus of fire

And the fire still burns germinating symphony of liberation
Liberation from the epidemic of betrayal

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

compromise is betrayal

Trans. Chithra bha

Now we are facing a judiciary case. The issue that we raised cannot either be
initiated or resolved with the dictates of law or it cannot be compromised in the presence of a judicial system. This is an issue of grave concern aligned to the discontent and alertness of people. So a compromise or back tracking is betrayal.
Often the population in the NGO organizations do not know the masked intentions beneath the explicit social goodness activities in which they are involved . Patom
fought hard to reveal the malice embedded in the NGO activities concealed under the charity mask and to create qualms in their minds and started questioning the NGO literature instead of accepting it with opened mouth, . These are not fortunes, all are actions.
They blamed the language of Patom. We tried to say all good things in coarse language. Those who spoke awful things in pleasing language might not like it. It’s worth using aggressive language as demanded by the gravity of the theme and it cornered massive attention it deserved . Patom always tried to present facts with authenticity and convincing proof . But we would like to say that those who criticized the offense of language didn’t use (have never used) language generated from their blood but language borrowed or translated . Patom is raising the questions about the projects that are implemented here, by the foreign donor agencies in language foreign to us.. Which country`s, which agencies’ and which bank`s language is used for those works? Is it language genuine? Is it language earnest as the offensive tongue of Patom?So when we are probing for the core reason behind this, we recognize that the familiar words we used is not ours, but foreign and it is planted upon our vacant brains.
There was a period like this. Somebody came here, planted seedlings and offered subsidies for that. This process started in the middle of 1990`s and got into the significant organization after some internal struggles. Once two wicked officials came to the platform of the organization and offered all expenses for their conferences. But the secretary of that period rejected the proposal and they vacated the space frustrated. But they came back later, made a conquest, sponsored the expenses. In addition, with or without knowing the objectives beneath the monetary generosity , all such activities are glorified in expensive idioms.. And now we are in the stage of padlock, unable to set us free.
It is so simple to know, who wants to teach the people who are illiterate? Who has suffused the people again and again using soap? Who has cleaned the hands which are tidy over again with liquid soap? What is the dirt in us? Our life has entirely changed as our political spaces are incarcerated and devastated as well. Patom tried to say that is happening here.
So we are cheated by the actions dignified in appearance that can annoy our life. This global capitalism knows what to use in Iraq, It is missile. And in India and Kerala? They know it is not missile but global funding. We are addressed to identify the cunning intelligence of capitalism. It is a crime to make out this villainy, says somebody under the shade of our party . We are doing it for those who do not believe it as a crime. So we are not supposed to look after or humiliate one`s pride when we speak offensive truth in truthful language . If truth hurts the reputation or pride of a person it is the fault of truth-Thou shall not speak truth –is the term of compromise. But it is a question that digs deep in to the meaning of existence.If not for truth why we,why Patom should live? Betrayal of truth, that we call compromise is death;then we live the death of our true selves. But we opt not for treacherous death .We never die, as we speak truth with sufficing punch of sarcasm.. We lift the pride of the race as we speak horrid truth although it disturbs the supposed honour of one or two persons or a bunch of ignorance. So ,as said, the issue cannot be solved by a compromise before the court of law .
We were supposed to stay the publication of Patom in the context of election as Berlin Kunjananthan Nair says, as it is not the time for confronting confusions.. The publication of Patom is terminated for a short period for various reasons .It doesn’t suggest any compromise; but there is no use of lighting a fire repeatedly; if once we lit it ,it would burn. This is not a compromise, but an assertion. Now we have declared about what we could do and it is the time for you to do the right thing on the right occasion

So the distress that had been created by Patom in our politics is an essential one. It is because we are sleeping upon the sacrifice andstruggles of lots of people. It is because we have been losing our memory. There is no relevance for memory in postmodernism. But in history memory has its own position. Keralites have reached such an enlightened situation through incessant struggles stained with blood and tears , within one or more centuries. It was the chain of ceaseless struggles against the brutality of caste, religion and imperialism. It might be the struggle against the invasion of God as well. Sree Narayana Guru has fought against the invasion of God that colonized the freedom of intelligent eyes. It might be for the right to walk. We also have been losing the right to walk. There are higher roads for upper class rich people and old roads for poor to creep. That is happening very specific in Kerala. This is the reversal of the movements of Aiyyankali and Ayyappan mash that reformed our history; such reversal processes gain momentum in the sphere of ideology but all such ideological aberrations are grounded in the political economy of capitalism

This is a kind of regression. Its reason might be desire for better living condition and wealth .The people who have better living condition might not have feeling of the unity emerging from the intensity of hunger. Therefore, we are distant from the age of those who for the cause of hunger got together for change. Apart from that, we went back to the miserable lives of dogs that sleep in sound ignorance and dies in sleep. So we enjoyed all kinds of intrusion over our head, body and system. Hence foreign agencies offer prices for finding the origin of communists here. There is a global funding agency imposing payments upon your brain to activate a thesis about the genesis of communism .We are hired to act against our enlightened sense of history. It is our duty to be awakened and strike against the disgrace that we are facing now. And if somebody has been hurt by it ,of course we are pleased that we struck the target

Friday, August 28, 2009


The notorious CIA goon who promised a revolution of the seaside village of Mararikulam has fulfilled his mission with foreign pig feeds received from his purse master .The copyright of this lecherous conversion is still reserved by Franke and his funded slave- the worm that penetrated the cerebral fibre and ministerial abdomen of the CPM..The miracle performed under the headlines of MARARIKULAM PROJECT hits the breast of memory like a solid mass of dread .Poor villagers left the life shore of fishing and embraced eviction from their soil of existence. The land was captured not with weapons but with monetary power. For thirty dices of silver received from CIA, the rogue showed them a distant shade of the promised land worse than mirage and mire.
Hail the Mararikulam projecct , for the holy innocent village has been converted to a seminal spot in the criminal geography.Nocturnal murders,night-tide prostitution resorts for the affluent natives ; dissemination centre of foreign diseases and drugs.Nasty smell of spurious cocktail malignant with blood corpuscles .Haven of the quotation goondas. Months back a girl was seen murdered in a car; The land possessed by the dead one was chased by the contesting land mafia dons . Someone wins the game. Some one very important murdered again.

Now the law and order minister is in trouble; The allegation that the minister protects criminals is true with respect to a person who received foreign fund for his project violating FCRA, but no media person speaks of the solid criminal person protected by the minister within the ministry. The media persons make a hue and cry upon some vague emissions of crime with suspicious links towards the law and order minister. But no thrust of potential indignation against the ministerial criminal of finance involved in the planning programme that undermined FCRA. The ministerial criminal is the man behind the financial criminalisation of the seashore village which was hailed as the great Mararikulam Project by the agents of financial terrorism.Mararikulam is the victim soil of financial criminalisation manipulated by the thief and cheat.The friend and fiend of Franke is the criminal.But he is the leader of Franke's shadow ministry which governs the territory of Kerala. The villain has almost finished the job of Achuthanandan and Pinarayi putting them in hot water battle. Number two in the present cabinet and the next probable chief of the party is the law and order minister. After finishing the business of Achuthanandan and Pinarayi, the CIA goon is training guns against the number two in the ministry .Now hail the Mararikulam project and wait for the coronation of the CIA goon, for a pukka CIA physique with no substance inside the head is often made the chosen ruler of the CIA for the third world stupidity. An ideal ,his master's voice, extinct in the gramophone records has been re deciphered by the CIA. The mantle falls upon the four legged memory of serfdom attuned to the murderous fantasies of his master..Hail the Mararikulam project!! Praise the Lord! Praise Lord Franke!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

You Hypocrite Lecteur!!!


NGO-isation of Achuthanandan

As Com. Achuthanandan falls and shatters to dumb pieces, the elated NGO beneficiaries and mercenaries applaud his self defeated rebellion against deep rooted corruption that devoured the political meaning of the CPM. Now the poor old comrade is phalanxed by NGO mercenaries their lineage lying in the clandestine monetary magnanimity of Richard Frankie and CIA . Whether Com. Achuthanandan prefers it or not, the NGO pigs and thugs would tear out ideology to pieces as The New Testament tells you. They would constitute advice to him and cut a miserable figure out of his self defeating struggle. These men owing allegiance to the foreign funds and its dogs entered Achuthanandan camp with the blessings of Prakash Karat. Prakash Karat, the liquidator secretary of the CPM. The advisory council of the old comrade may poison his ideological semantics to absolute death if they get a convenient opening. Now they have started appealing to Com. Achuthanandan to enlarge his campaign breaking the frontiers of anti-corruption struggle treading his path towards the beloved themes of the NGOs.

A fraudulent NGO angel who receives bribes from Richard Franke for castrating left ideological politics now enacts the role of a martyr with a bleeding transfer from his native playground to the head quarters of the ngos where the u.s. wife of a person claiming defamation for the benefit of purse has constructed a marvelous nest for cia manned ngos of different shades. Media celebrates it as the crucifixion of the messiah of NGOs, identified as a VS man, a curious joke stained with unfathomable political cruelty. The NGO mercenary who enjoyed the convenience of his home ground to play all the mischief against CPM while genuine comrades with in and out the party were persecuted by Prakash Karat and the friends of cia, now plays the role of the guardian angel of VS with an intention to finish him off. Yet another instance of skillful intrusion, by which the thugs and pigs of cia operate disaster within the party.

It Is Ideological Amnesia, Com. Achuthanandan !

Com. Achuthanandan, remember once you were not a popular leader of ideological politics but a person identified as an ally of communal leaders and liquor barons. The majority of persons now backing you within and out the party were your enemies whom you wanted to terminate from the terrain of the party mercilessly. Remember that at present, com. Appukkuttan Vallikkunnu and even V.B.Cherian occasionally support you not because you were a faction head in the party nor because you were a valiant warrior leading an uncompromising battle against corruption. The people of Kerala found merit in your political presence as you installed yourself as the visible captain of an ideological fight against the intruding army of financial colonialism which poisoned the vein and brain of the party with spurious monetary subscriptions. The paid agents of Franke, Savy, Pharris, Santiago, Sree Sree, CIDA, USAID and Ford invaded the discourse platform of the party in blinding daylight and the politburo of the party became a mutilated tool in the hands of the funding agents of neo-colonialism.

Forget not the ideological battle triggered by prof. M. N. Vijayan in the pages of Paatom which regenerated a space for you in the political psyche of Kerala and you have no right to back out from the battle-space of ideology which altered your insensible factionalist image of the past. You captained the ideological battle and at each critical point, you surrendered the ideological position and personalized the issues with wishful forgetfulness of ideology. It is willful amnesia of ideology. Definitely the neo liberal clowns enjoyed the series of your miserable surrender with delightful calculation that it would demoralize and freeze the political will of the people who raised a fertile mutiny against party bosses who betrayed the passion and dream of leftist ideology that rushes forth in the stream of the humanist blood.

No, comrade, even if the person who enacts the role of the captain play a game of self defeat, and lowers the battle to the level of a pitiable travesty, the ideological movement triggered from the enlightened cerebral power house of Paatom would never be demoralized for it is an undying flame lighted from the soul of Prof. M.N.Vijayan. It is true that people find a prospective leader in you; they do not suspect trivial image building tactics in your exhortations towards an ideological battle, for you are supposed to be a man with guts of political honesty. Once or twice the captain may fall. But when it becomes an incessant history of mystified falls people would not wait for further moments of abject surrender, for it is the political will that resurrects from the ashes of a great political memory.

Remember, Lavalin is not an issue confined to the narrow straits of administrative corruption. For CAG, CBI and the judiciary it is only a question of administrative corruption. But for the communists it is a political issue, a glaring instance of the agents of financial colonialism extorting the sovereignty of Indian economy. For a bribe of hundred crores the UDF ministry trades the independence and integrity of our economy. They are for it, they were for it and they would ever be for it. But the LDF is not supposed to make its government, the beneficiary of the bribe paid by CIDA, for the daylight looting of the integrity of our economy. No, comrade, you have no right to suppress the colonial politics of the imperialist weapon trader Lavalin; you have not been issued the people’s mandate to suppress the fact that CIDA is a blood sucking colonial leech with sharp anti-communist horns and teeth; you have no right to reduce the issue to the level of a personal feud as Karat desires; You have no right to cut the content of the issue to the shape of the heroic saga of your solitary anti-corruption battle. As CPM shoulders the responsibility of executing the nasty colonial deal there is no meaning in gunning for the blood of Pinrayi, though he may be the principal actor and personal beneficiary of the criminal deed. It is an instance of in depth political crime for which the heads and not bottom of the intruding mercenaries may be blasted.

Why Thomas Issac Remains Un expelled from The Cabinet?

Why, comrade, you explode every moment with aggressive sensibility of justice, against the one and only Pinarayi? His crime as proposed, is not yet brought before the court and tested. But the involvement of the finance minister of your cabinet T.M. Thomas Issac in a very serious crime has been established by the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Ernakulam. Your F.M., Issac was the joint director of a development planning programme, for which crores were received from Netherlands violating Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. It is a grave financial crime marked with explicit anti national statements that have been noted by the judicial court. Though the ngo that executed this crime under the leadership of Issac has filed an appeal, the Issac project has not been yet exonerated by the appeal court and the disgusting shame of the criminal deed falls upon your cabinet.

No such judicial finding on crime has been established even against Maadhni or Pharris whom you hate with ardent indignation for substantial reasons. You do not have the guts to expel the joint director of the financial crime, from your cabinet and so the project leader of the anti-national financial crime issues a slap on your face at the central committee meeting and places a fantastic demand to throw you out from the post of the chief minister and purge the cabinet.

Comrade Prakash himself identifies Netherlands as the premiere funding institution deployed by the colonizing forces to undermine the economy of India. But he doesn’t open his mouth infected with Leninist discipline, to register a remark against the criminal joint director who executed the deal with Netherlands, violating the law of national financial security. The guilt of Pinarayi has not yet been established by the court of law. But the guilt of the joint director of the development planning has been established by the court of law. Com. Achuthanandan and Com. Prakash deeply involved in a test of stupidity and competitive antagonism are frozen with terror as they suspect the shadow of a CIA wolf in the pregnant belly of a creature fed with the dollars of colonialism. They fall steep into a hell of deplorable silence wrapped in blackmail threats germinating from the criminal limbs and jaws of obscene politics.


CPM, supposed to be a working class party ceases to exist. It has been transformed to the largest business house in Kerala involved in rubber industry, fantasy-tourism industry, financial industry, hospital and star hotel industry and the visual and print media industry. The capitalist business house painted with Marxism-Leninism has converted Marxism-Leninism itself to a commodity and subverted the theory of surplus value subscribing added value of donations and commissions to the surplus value. The development planning deal . DPEP deal, SNC Lavalin-CIDA deal and many such contracts were executed by the business house to inflate its foreign capital based on added surplus value system.

The rate of capital growth of this business house is amazing as it insists the low level party cadre for breathless exercise of extracting money from the public to the grass root level while the top level leaders sell the ideological tradition of the party for high value receipts from sources native and foreign at various levels, yet the major source being colonial funding agencies and multinational dons. Under the cover of political work the business house reaps money by all means and the explosive growth of its capital has created a new species of monetary capitalism which defines distinct images of ideology such as democracy, socialism, Marxism etc. as tools for minting money. This can be termed PARTICIPATORY CAPITALISM since in the process of amassing wealth and capital the participation of the people at various levels are tactfully exploited by its bosses. The business house perhaps holds the largest number of employees in the world, designated as party members but the beneficiaries of this participatory capitalist institution are a small section comprising of top level leaders at the millionaire cadre.

As the business manager of its Kerala unit, Pinarayi Vijayan has excellent track record. With in the short tenure of his secretary ship he redefined the utility of Marxism, converted Marxism into a hegemonic tool to extort and extract money. A person, if he is to remain in the governing director board of the party, should have substantial private capital suppressed under binami institutions. A person, even if he be Marx reborn, will be cast off the director board if he is found not a millionaire with suppressed finance. At the same time the participatory corporate business firm, a valid client in the national stock market never denounces Marxism-Leninism as it realizes that the sacrificial memory of communism and the red flag are still useful in extracting money from beggarly mass. The business house sells jobs at the cooperative sector, collect capitation fees from students and take huge profit from its business concerns and gives training to its employees on how to misappropriate money for private interests. A youth who proves misappropriation talent at the adolescence would soon be promoted to higher post without dispute as per the Leninist organizational principles.

‘Money’ is the catch word.-Money-is the watch word. The word Money rings in the ears, lungs, throats and blood of the party employees; each metabolical thread in their senses trembles with dread as they hear the loud utterance exploding out from the roaring mouth of the business manager--BRING ME MONEY. You are born to fulfil his fascist dream of money. This is the way the communist dream flourishes! Money is power. Money is the incorrigible arrogance of the traitor who trades the soul of history.

As per the existing law of land, an Indian citizen is liable for criminal prosecution on the charges laid down by a police constable. It is common man’s law and as a common man you have no escape from the trial whether you be innocent or not if the constable is determined. You are a nun or a priest attached to a church and the church cannot say that a criminal prosecution may be sought against its members only with the consent of the church.

The CPM supposed to be a party with a communist origin is vehemently opposed to the discriminatory practices in the bourgeois constitution and bourgeois democracy. The bourgeois court and constitution sanction certain privileges to certain sections in the society subverting the political perspective of equality. The CPM which still makes a claim that it has a history of the communist movement behind its origin is not supposed to extract such discriminatory privileges sanctioned by the bourgeois system. But in the case of Pinarayi Vijayan the CPM has decided to shed its last pint and print of money from its inexhaustible heaps of capital to establish the special privilege allotted to a minister of the present or the past – an unjustified privilege allotted by bourgeois democracy.

As per the bourgeois constitution, a minister whether he be a clown or criminal cannot be prosecuted on the basis of a police report. A ministry composed of clowns and criminals is given power to protect a minister of today or yesterday from criminal prosecution. In the case of Pinarayi, CAG, CBI and His Excellency the Governor, all constitutional authorities proposed a case against Pinarayi, but the local vigilance and police, the persecutors of common citizens were silenced. The ministry of course, exonerated its financial lord and the master of muscle power. The party took an oath in public to serve the bourgeois constitution that permits special citizen status to an extra or ex. minister, fighting till the last drop of political sanity is extinct in the land. As per the perspective of communism all are equal. But as per the conceptions of bourgeois democracy some are more equal! And Pinarayi who is the finance manager of one of the greatest capitalist institutions in India is more equal than the most equal ones! More equal – is a phrase conceived by Milton in a historical phase of limited democracy which Orwell twisted for its irony.

Lenin said that a communist breathes life living among people as fish sucks breath living in water. People is the water that breeds oxygen for the communists. But a capitalist whale doesn’t survive with people’s support, but with the artificial voluminous oxygen cans of money power and bourgeois ministerial machinery.

Money floats across the continents pledging expenses for legal assistance to the capitalist whale. They dig money from the crematorial vestiges of martyrs and declare that the martyrs rally behind the capitalist whale. The martyrs cannot protest for they are dead. The dead won’t speak. It is a convenient situation. The voluntary sacrifice of money towards the legal assistance fund is attested by the relatives of the martyrs. Martyrdom is commodified and utilized as a great publicity sentiment to attract funds for the judicial victory for the capitalist whale. Voluntary contributions flow beneath the bridge along with the blood of the martyrs. Profanation of martyrdom. Profanation of memory and history. Nobody asks what justifies the collection of such a huge amount of millions for a case which has not yet entered even the suspense of trial. It is a show of strength. Show of immaculate money power. Logic of necessity is irrelevant. It is yet another carnival of impudent money power. You cover the criminal untruth with the lid of gold: says Upanishad. But people uncover the lid with their sixth sense and see the truth of political economy. The dread and blood of betrayal.


How dare you reduce Lavalin issue to a poor fable of personal feud and factionalism, oh, comrade? You make an articulate struggle to establish the story of factionalism and personal feud in Kerala party suppressing the truth of inner political economy that dismantles party’s ideological stability. It is true that time again some persons would surface in the structure of the party effecting irreparable damages to the system. As per the Marxist perspective of history, persons and personal feuds do not determine the design of history. Persons are only agents of the systems of economy and ideological designs and to consider history of the party as the history of personal feuds is a bourgeois strategy which your media in- laws greatly adore and exaggerate with hysteric exultations.

You cease to be a Marxist, as and when you suppress the true historical pressures of capitalist political economy that pushes down the integrity of the party economy and ideology. Inner party economy is the force that disciplines the life of the party ideology. The agents of global imperialism make clandestine incursions into the seminal stations of the party system and subjugate the party economy with heavy funding stresses. A colony of the beneficiaries of funding, formed within the party takes over the control of the party and purchases the rank and file of the party converting the party organization into a tool deployed to implement the colonial agenda .The agents of imperialism expends utmost attention in degrading the ensuing inner party conflict into personal quarrel for power and glory. The sense of ideological disaster that enlivens the wrath of the public is skillfully diffused as the agents of imperialism establishes absolute control over the battling camps contesting for and against neocolonialism. The net result is a devastating personalization of the truthful ideological conflict which drowns minds down to the hell of ideological amnesia.

Personalisation of such a grave political crisis is the wretched necessity of a supposed communist leader who dons the colours of anti- imperialist rhetorics just to betray the history of the movement. Congratulations, comrade Prakash you with the thunderous net work of your media in-laws could create an impression that there is no ideological content in the crisis in Kerala; it is only an act of mischief aggravated by two disobedient boys in the leadership, contesting for a higher grade in the strata of power. But the impression thus created would soon be thrown to dust and its authors stoned and driven out of people’s memory.

Come straight to Lvalin issue. The administrative crime and corruption aligned to the issue cannot be disputed with a mega carnival show. The personal share of Pinarayi in the grave offence cannot be diluted with the technical aid of a committee decision . Even then involvement of Pinarayi in the deal is not the central political issue.

Comrade, if you are still a person known by the name Prakash karat itself, you may perhaps remember what you wrote on imperialist funding strategy and the necessity of tightening the conditions of the Foreign Contribution Regulation act in your thesis on voluntary organizations in 1984.

You demanded a stringent surveillance against the flow of torrential foreign contributions due to specific political reasons. It is politics.Vociferous protest against the clandestine operations of financial colonialism through funding agencies. Examine the Cancer Centre deal signed between the LDF government and the Lavlin which is mockery and absurd subversion of the foreign contribution regulation.It is a crime sermonised by the government itself.

Who is the donor in the cancer institute deal?It is not specified for it is a clandestine deal in which the governmental institution itself is abused for the colonial manipulations of finance.

As per the deal the notorious contractor Lavalin is supposed to arrange crores for the Cancer Centre.On what ground the contractor arrange crores towards our exchequer?Is it not the colonial bribe paid to certain persons misusing the name of the government. a bribe paid to betray one's own country.from the contractor. For offering such a huge amount to the government what is the rational provocation? What is the cause of action? Is Lvalin the father-in-law of the LDF government to pay such a huge amount with no other appealing reason? Is it not obscene money promised by the contractor as returns for a deal that is the robbery of the state exchequer? No wonder the amount has been diffused and dissipated and vanished in the void. Recover the bribe offered, says Achutanandan. Recover the bribe offered as returns to an unfair deal, says Umman Chandy. Ridiculous. Shameful. Government itself reduced to the level of a commission agent. Cheating the peole in connivance with the contractor who is a predominant arms dealer deployed by U.S. imperialism.

And what is SNC Lavalin? Are you not sure that it has nothing to do with hydro-electric engineering?An agent discovered by the congress dons in Delhi to loot the country. How does the company become acceptable to the CPM? What miracle, sir, other than the sumptuous bribe offered as reward for the extortion of the state exchequer prompted CPM to commit this political crime? An abject surrender to the agent of the colonial forces by a forged species of communists.

And what is the chief business of SNC Lavalin? Hydro electric engineering? No. Agent of the imperialist funding agency, CIDA? Yes. SNC Lavalin maintains an arms manufacturing division SNC TECH supplying arms to the NATO--- murderous arms dealer, global player assuming disastrous roles in the massacres of the leftist Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq . SNC Tech-- the contractor of death, contractor of war, contractor of terrorism. How would you dispute these facts, comrade, if there is an inch of honesty in the living cells of the communist rhetorics by which you cut a political figure out of your hidden self? Are you politically sold out to such a degenerate level as to dispute the fact that SNC Tech, under the cover of hydroelectric engineering, trades weapons to the terrorists of all shades in India and in Srilanka?

Your cental committe member T.M. Thomas Issac has unveiled a shocking piece of information, that is not on records of contract, that Canadian International Development Agency--CIDA-- is the donor agency in the Cancer Center deal. On what basis and as per which authentic Leninist organizational principle, Issac the extra statutory beneficiary of the imperialist funding agency made such a revelation, sir?

You said it Prakash. Read what you have written about CIDA in your political thesis on Voluntary Organizations published in 1984. You have identified CIDA in clear light as one of the chief funding machinery of imperialism antagonistic to the left, that penetrates the the state to split its integrity. You said it Prakash. You repeatedly asserted it in 1988, in your revised text on NGOs that all such funding agencies as CIDA, USAID and Ford Foundaton are the covert charity organs funding the interest of CIA.

Then you know that Pinarayi signed the deal as directed by CIDA. It is on records. How would you justify the intervention of CIDA in Kerala's hydro electric energy sector after making a potential revelation that CIDA serves anti national, anti left interests nurtured by the CIA? Would you please withdraw your colourful argument that CIDA is one of the chief funding organs of imperialism executing covert operations in the interest of CIA? You may please join the army of such covert operations that would suit to the political destiny etched in your muddled head. Stop or at least place in suspension your aggressive utterances against imperialism at the time when you sign a contract with CIDA to betray your party and the people receiving a sumptuous bribe that would satiate your political lust.

The theme that you repeatedly asserted in your theses on NGOs has been raped in public when you justified the deal with CIDA , identified by yourself as the vicious funding tool of imperialism. Repeal your assertions with retrospective effect and redeem your blood and soul with the seal of sacred imperialism on your forehead.

Bend your spine, kneel down and prostrate before the funding deity,--


And you are the publisher of Richard W. Franke who plays the same politics of CIDA and Lavalin making stealthy intrusions into the inner party economy of the CPM splitting it into quarelling fragments. When Paatom exposed Franke's clandestine operations within the party Prakash came out with a reflex rejoinder prohibiting all discussions about Franke, hai....a salient dictum of fascist organizational principles deployed to suppress the politics revolving round Franke. Oh, comrade, the roaring shot that blasts the clandestine operations of CIDA, USAID and Ford Foundation found in your NGO theses lost its nascent flavour as you made yourself a puppet spokesman of Franke, and the selfmocking position you took in the Lavalin issue exposes your financial bondages with the funding ambassadors of imperialism whom you defy in paper and print. You do business with the goons of imperialism and propagate their literature under the cover of leftist ideology.

And you know Franke is the global marketer of the microcredit finance of USAID. Franke shall not deny this fact and you shall not deny the fact that USAID is the front organization of CIA for you have already established the fact in your theses. And Franke himself confesses that he came to India under the cover of research, receiving finance from The National Sience Foundation of U.S. Oh, comrade Prakash you have deep piercing eyes of an investigator but you willfully shut your eyes just to ignore the fact that a heap of documents are open to laymen that substantiate the truth that The National ScienceFoundation is an organisation colluding with CIA in a large expanse of projects. No person who respects common sense would dispute the fact that a funding from The National Science Foundation towards foreign expedition, serves the interest of CIA.

And Franke, your guardian angel claims that he is a Harvard Phd. of 1972, and he went to Indonesia while at Harvard. You never are blind in sight, and so a good number of articles come across your head exposing the role of Harvard in breeding anti-communist intellectuals supporting the massacre of communists in Indonesia. You definitely have not escaped reading BUILDING AN ELITE IN INDONESIA written by David Ransom - the text that strips down the concealed agenda of the Harvard anthropologist. You, Prakash, you repeatedly asserted that Ford Foundation is a CIA funding organ; Franke received substantial funding from Ford Foundation while living in Indonesia, states INSIGHT-the house magazine of the Montclaire State University where the mystery man Franke is supposed to do teaching.

You make repeated assertions that Ford is a notorious CIA miscreant organ. But your friend and anti imperialist blood of a professor, Prabhat Patnaik has acknowledged in public his ties with Digital South Asia Library, run by Ford Foundation.There remains a substantial allegation that IDEA the organizaion of CPM economists, C.P.Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh and co. is funded by Ford which still stands unrefuted.

Then opn the pages of Franke-Issac co authorship. Is it with the consent of the party organization that Issac co-authored the text on decentralised planning which has ben identified as USAID project by Issac and Franke in their text itself? Another co author of Issac, Patrick Heller has confessed in his C.V. that the report of his research is often submitted to Ford, the financier.

And come down to applaud the glorious efforts of Issac's wife, a U.S.citizen and the head of ICRW from 1999 to 2008 in. Washington D.C. Mrs. Issac, living in U.S. could in no circumstances deny that ICRW is funded by USAID and Ford . At the personal level the Kerala minister's wife receives money from USAID, Ford and even from anonymous sources. Now, friend, comrade, FCRA is totally invalid in the case of the minister's family since the minister's wife is capable of receiving funds from the organs of CIA or CIA itself as she is supposed to serve the political interest of U.S. and not India. You most insincerely demand tightening the measures of FCRA. No use, comrade for the Kerala finance minister has worked out a brilliant episode - how to circumvent FCRA - how to fill family treasury with foreign as wellas anonymous funds.

And you demanded it, Prakash , the tightening of the measures of FCRA to check the malignant growth of foreign funding. There is a clear court verdict sir, that the FCRA was violated in a development planning project in which Issac was the head and breast and officially the joint director.

You in your theses on NGOs identify Netherlands government as the major donor agency serving the imperialist intentions by means of irrational funding.The project in which Issac acted as the joint director received funds from the same Netherlands government you ear marked as one of the chief culprits in your text. And the court said that it is criminal violation of FCRA.



And this is gospel according to St.Borges: Jesus said: I brought Lazarus back from the dead. I cured lepers back to health. But in your case, you pseudo idealist, who betrays each child of your tongue at the very moment of its birth, you are incurable for you are not a leper in body; you are a leper in soul.