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The online edition of 'PAATOM' Magazine founded by MN Vijayan -

In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, September 21, 2009


....... 3rd OCTOBER, 2009

Two years have passed after the demise of the poetic orator who inspired political aesthetics, set in motion for the return of the good earth. It was no given paradise, but the stream of irrigation that rushed forth from the rock smitten by the great thinker and cultural activist, Prof. M.N.Vijayan. It was a battle against political arrogance crowned with irredeemable ignorance. Our dear Vijayan mash rekindled an enlightenment movement. He stood among a crowd of pained souls and spoke in palliative prose that touched the cerebral trenches of agony. When he spoke among the crowd complex ideology was transcended into poetry. It was the greatest poetry ever spoken in Malayalam. The fluent poetics of political economy, drawn from the most original perspective of cultural materialism, initiated a meaningful enlightenment movement that challenged the modernised versions of political superstitions tactfully disseminated by financial colonialism.

In 2003 the poetic orator and cultural activist, Vijayan Mash opened a battle against the habit of treason and self betrayal, cultivated by the neo-colonial forces of monetary capitalism. He exposed the horror of betrayal implanted in the meticulous drama of decentralised planning which was a fallacy of people's carnival in which the people acted the roles of satyrs with horns and tails. An enlightened race, stripping off its history of human nobility fell deep into the trap laid by global marketism, enticed by the promises of devastating funding that insisted a self imposed intellectual and emotional genocide -- a collective suicide of existence stationed in political aesthetics and ethos. It was an uproarious festival of treachery, stage managed by the agents of financial colonialism who could successfully sell their ideas to the leftist comrades who misdiagnosed their selves and surrendered their political integrity for the mischievous pleasures proceeding forth from the trauma of political self betrayal.

Now six years after he launched the struggle, two years after his death, we understand that there is no post Vijayan era for Vijayan mash makes his ceaseless intervention felt in the present. He is the living force that envigorates history with awakened eyes of memory towards a vivid a futurist conception.

We feel his truthful presence in this period of great distress and violence as the life, of god's own country, dipped in blood, is thrown at our face by god's own goondas; goondas in the hide-outs of Mararikulam, disowned by the political dons of the right and the left. The ownership of our land has been peacefully transferred to god's own funding agencies. We don't feel shame in converting peoples own country into god's own country

What he foresaw years back has been proved true. Our green earth has been stolen from the space beneath the feet and the fertile brain of a beautiful heritage has been plucked out of the skull . The great reserves of water have been drained and polluted for the interest of pepsi and coca-cola that market drinking water, plundered from our throats in sealed bottles. Texts of self betrayal are planted in the vacant cerebral space. It is actual midnight at noon as we are dodged in the playful festivity of a global loan market that converts us into a beggar's land dressed in motley.

Now we know what they have done to Mararikulam under the guise of people's planning festival - a village insulted and injured, its body commodified and drowned in wild drama filled with repressed semiotics of drugs and murder. It is the death of a village maligned by the excursions and incursions of foreign funding and now we realize why Mash laid irrepressible stress and insistent priority for a battle against the peril of aggressive foreign funding that eats our existence alive.

The disastrous absurd of SNC Lavalin is yet another instance of the colonial monetary invasion. The invasion is captained by CIDA, that has been identified as the stealthy sub-ordinate of CIA. Lavalin under the guise of construction and hydro electric engineering is deployed by CIDA to make incursions into the third world space and subvert the structure of the third world economy, effecting fragmentation of the third world nation states. Lavalin, the arms trader and weapon manufacturer, projected as consultant to hydro electric engineering by the colonial forces, supply weapons to the terrorist outfits at the global level. But, for a bribe of hundred crores authored by CIDA, Lavalin could find space for its murderous weapon trade in the soil of Kerala which goes unnoticed by the media, as the fabulous event of looting three hundred crores from the public exchequer for the hydroelectric contract creates sumptuous distraction to the clandestine terror trade extended by Lavalin.

Mash spoke of the disaster set in motion in the context of decentralised planning, imposed by the colonial funding agencies. Funding agencies are qualified 'global players' that create free space for the civil society organisations that would exist un-intervened by the state. The state is excluded from the funded space that generates local self governments or self ruled villages actually governed by the terrorist funding power.

This is the way they execute the fragmentation of nation states. Power is transferred from the governmental organization to the non-governmental organizations and then from the non governmental organizations to the terrorist outfits nurtured by colonial funding. In India at least five thousand villages come under the category of self ruled villages. They are generated from the anti state content inherent in the decentralised planning. The reign of terror created by the global colonial funding is often sub-titled as Maoist governance!! Mash gave us a sharp notice about the abuse of Marxist titles - a foul game played by neo colonialism. But things may change and the people of the self ruled village would identify their class blood and genetic feeling of anti colonial repression in the right perspective. Funded colonialism is not a resolution, to ages long domestic colonial repression, they would see.

As our heads lie caught in the trap of decentralised planning M.P. Parameswaran, the agent of the colonial planning confesses that decentralised village planning is not an idea conceived by comrade E.M.S. or Gandhiji. Richard Franke, the USAID manipulator and his hired disciple Thomas Issac confess that decentralisation mooted with the objective of the third world nation-state fragmentation, is a clear USAID project.

M.N. Vijayan is vindicated.

Paatom is vindicated.

Now yet another instance of M.N. Vijayan effect:

At last the CPM has been constrained to ask its members to make a honest declaration of their asset movable and immovable although the CPM would never be able to to make a honest revelation of its assets as an organisation, for it has been transformed to a super corporate business house making money out of electorate man power. The superstition that CPM happens to be a working class movement is still nurtured to make profitable bargains exploiting the support of working class electorates, in the business economy of electoral politics.

Would T.M.Thomas issac,the finance minister, who filed a defamation suit against Vijayan Mash make a honest account of his family-assets in public? Funds have been smuggled in and very important data aligned to national security has been smuggled out in the projects manned by minister Issac. It is a judicial finding. The asset statement and declaration of minister Issac is a curious insult to the common sense of the democratic humanity, for the existence of minister Issac's wife has been suppressed in the declaration. As per the declaration, minister Issac is a house-less, wife-less poor man walking beneath BPL who doesn't own even an inch of land in Kerala or elsewhere. Anyway, nobody smuggles his wife and children to foreign countries just to give a false figure of the family income and family assets. Minister Issac's wife is a dignified NGO activist at the international level; she is a U.S. citizen, receiving funds from anonymous sources as per the the facts revealed in her personal profile available in the internet; she receives funds from USAID, Ford and many other funding agencies that motivate neo-colonial politics. And all these funds received by the U.S. wife of Indian origin make the family income of minister Issac unaccountable and unmaintainable by law. Political dishonesty is smuggled in and smuggled out. It is a fraudulent exercise that ridicules even the right to self contempt suffered by a nation drowned down to meaningless misery. Vijayan Mash opened our eyes to this dreadful state of political existence.

On 3rd October, 2007, at midday, Vijayan Mash climbed the steps of Thrishur Press Club unperturbed by the imminent aggression of death surrounding his bodily ills. He was battling against an army of diseases that tortured his bodily being, but he was leading a greater battle for the people, which issued him marvellous courage to ignore the challenge of death. He was a person incapable of personal enmity or spite. He came to the Press Club with an aching soul and aching body just to explain the judicial finding in the defamation case filed against him. He was exonerated by the judge and his commitment to the people's cause was respectfully appreciated by the court. No situation of personal malice. No attempt to strip off the honour of any person. In the last drip of his life breath Mash asserted: It is unfortunate that certain persons are found guilty of criminal betrayal. It is true that certain persons are exposed to the tip of the nail in aggressive political idiom, in Paatom. It is the idiom of great courage that doesn't fear the political scheming of monetary terrorism. It is the poetic idiom of genuine political will. It doesn't detest the guilty persons. But it detests guilt and persons wound in the affluent malignancy of guilt are reprimanded not because of personal ill will but because the interest of the common people is nobler and greater than the the fallacy of reputation of a person and his persuasion to betray the country.

He said: it is the interest of the nation that counts and not the interests of the person; the honour of the enmasse is greater than the congested pride of an individual. It is country that matters and not any individual.

And then he smiled. The sublime vision of a hearty laugh is transmitted from his intuitive self. It reflects the last glimpse of his spatial and temporal memory contested by death. He dies as he speaks poetry of agony, hope and truthfulness. He dies, but he never surrenders. A simple sip from a glass of water. His eyes half shut, he deserts his mortal being falling back to the mystic continent of immortality.

Home we brought our warrior dead. He has been transformed to history.

As he is laid to rest, the people raise hope upon the post-demise interventions from the master that would diffuse the sound, fury, terror and the infernal misery that envelope the being and consciousness. The cries of the innocent blood seek shelter in his soul.A multitude insulted and injured by the extra marital and pre marital smuggling of the females for the cause of cancerous growth they call development, extend their hearts towards freedom; liberation from financial serfdom. Trunks severed from heads dancing in dread, begging alms and funds in nightmarish fantasy vanish. A hearty laugh trapped from the blazing sun ,illuminates the bleeding brains.

Oh, Master,
Your fertile heart lies, burning, burning, burning in the humanist chemistry of compassion
Thy funeral body is a mansion of stars lit with the chorus of fire

And the fire still burns germinating symphony of liberation
Liberation from the epidemic of betrayal

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