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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



                            The US administration spreads its wings of protection overHimalayas  and promises a death by political impotence to  India- that has been converted to a tract of   fabulous greed. fragmented by financial terrorism  . The government of Pakistan is charged with farcical authorship of terrorism  and the US masters ask why  India is still hesitant to generate an aggressive war against Pakistan.War is the infamous necessity of capitalism , a festival of massacre and a ritual ,celebrated by the Indo- Pak political heritage of unified stupidity .Now the US military reasoning stations  locate , the  beard and  trunk of Bin Laden, sheltered beneath the skull of ISI  which has been and which ever would be a   satellite of the CIA, and it is a dreadful joke pernicious to  to the human sense and sensibility that the ISI ,a brain migrated by the seminal blood of CIA has turned Oedipal murderer of  its father sheltering the fancy animal  sermonized as-Bin Laden

 The past colonial deity of Britain,  and the post colonial deity of US ,cast aspersions  upon the government of Pakistan., a mutilated body of  governance  tormented with the blasts of civil terrorism. The   anti terrorist campaign is a farce demonstrated by  the villains who breed trained terrorism  and terrorism is the mortal substitute  for  a third world war  that sustains  the horror drama of development staged by  financial capitalism.    Global terrorism is a bastard inseminated  by the lecherous finance of the multinational corporate capitalism . In the third world war ,the   baby  of war is not born but boiled with in the womb of the  peripheral Latin Afro Asian  nation states , tearing the  visceral  tissues and arteries of the mother into  horrifying slices of  flesh and death .The paternal scoundrel of the post modern  genocide is a coward who pours torrential funds for sustainable development and sustainable terrorism that sustains  environment unhurt and humans  butchered in huge quantum.  Yes, terrorism and development are twins  bred out of the  same paternal blood, a mysterious providence of debauchery and abortion of production
The US  informant Headley or Franke ---(or any such servile dog of  the US or MNCs   who convenes press conference for the Frankes  hiding in the terrorist military camp in Bangla Desh ) testifies to the poverty of law and order. in our country. Dons untouchable.!!Reign of  arrogance. that cripples the dusted historical memory of justice or an estate nick-named judiciary
                         We are  nervously accustomed to the facts and filth of the IPL gambling which concludes with an auspicious event of of an ex . ministerial wedding.and then the Les Miserable Pakistani players are shot down to the trenches of national disgrace followed by their Indian common wealth game masters bathed in ruthless infamy that fills  Kalmadi's belly ;  India  live in a legendary  moment of political immorality substantiated with G2Spectre-(um)  Adarsh estate, Issac -(Kairali)- Martin lottery nexus  and Lavalin episodes  coloured with murder , theft and extortion. We   have  a  complacent history of a slow paced corruption  with  occasional blasts of a four or sixer like Bofors then the only hideout for the shots that enraged the boundaries were the one and only Swiss Bank. . But now we live  in the   continuum  of sixers - blasted day and night-Lavalin, IPL, CWG, 2GSpectrum, Martin- Kairali  nexus and it  stands accomplished as the order of the  brave new world. .  The ministerial kith and kin installed in foreign land resorts--  alleged to be divorced for the convenient  defense of massive internationalization of stolen finance--- constitute safe havens invalidating the myth of Swissyphus.
                        A  .  bridge dismantled in the common wealth village and a bomb blasted at the nerve centre of the common wealth (that is an absurd mythification of  the colonial collective and racial memory).We are mixing memory and mimicry to create   psycho-terrorism of the unreal ,applauded by Baudrillad as the only reality.And it is MAYA said the ancients ; the present day existence is a collective and racial response to the Unreal that conceals the one and only reality that is the voluptuous monetary temptation by which we live a dog's life just to insult the sanity and sanctity of  humanity
                           What is the clandestine link between the bridge that is broken down by venereal corruption of finance  and the bomb   that blasted  by the commonwealth village---- both rocking the same venue of obnoxious  festivity.Yes  finance  is the correlative of terrorism and development- The point has been  established with vehement atrocity by none other than the ex. Maoist  who willingly made himself a fantastic convert  to micro finance. See the prologue to Gokul's essay on Maoism in the back pages of this  blog: FROM MAOISM TO MICRO FINANCE  --Yes a reincarnation of  of the beloved Francis  of Assissi-a  digital  transformation from a dacoit to a saint - from Maoism  to micro finance!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

ANTI CHRIST—Historical Speculations

Anti Christ: A Visual Mediation of Primitive Minds


 Lars Von Trier  registers the agony of marital sex , the integrity  of which been subjected to murderous  assaults by the sexuality theses of global capitalism.  In the holy name  of multiple diversity of  sex, capitalism has launched a furious propaganda against male -female sex, particularly against monogamy , which has been reduced to a fragment of racial memory excavated from the woods of the collective unconscious. Of course in the present historical context .monogamous sex happens  to be  a curious fossil  of primitivism   for the post modern  exercises of market ideology celebrates the inevitability and necessity  of the schemes of non productive biology cited in  Lesbianism gayism , transgenderism,bisexualism and all such perversions that would  dismantle the sexual harmony of marital sex whereas biological fertility  can be proceeded only through a marital family design.
                      The film is a voyage back to the pre-Christian ages.and the emotive  dynamo of the  visuals is invigorated by the fusion of surrealist frames of hidden reality and the open pictorial discourses of  surfacing realism It is a journey back to the conjugal prototypes of Adam and Eve   and  the irony of a  fall, cast them off to  the forest reminiscent of Eden.

The metaphor of fall
The theme of fall in the old testament   corresponds to  the conjugal desire. Here also  conjugal desire happens to be a punishable offence  but in a situation antithetical  to the testament. The god in the testament prohibits the experience and knowledge of sex;  the vey act of sex itself is estimated as  commitment of sin. The fall of the humans in the paradise is consequential to  the novel experience of mating.

 In the film, the fall of the child, unattended, drowned to the terror of death. is the cause that incites the panic of sin. The death of the child  is a historical  event, as in the post modern period , pre marital sex,  extra marital sex and homosexuality are  preferred to  monogamous marital aesthetics of sex.  In such a situation  paternal  identity as well as   maternal identity of the child is diffused and it marks the historical death of  the child’s familial identity. Child of course is the seminal problem of  sexual extravaganza that has been glorified by the capitalist sex theorists. Female playwright Carryll Churchil  and the likes feel that child is an unbearable  liability in the present context of the feminist  speculations of freedom. To do away with the child. is a philosophical issue, and the abortion- killing is an escapist device. We live in a world of condom vending machines ; we are afraid of child birth .How to exclude child from the terrain of the sexual extravaganza of premarital ., extra marital  conjugations is a major problem .Homo sexuality is preferred to hetero sexuality as homosexuality liberates humanity from the liability of the child  that constitutes the fundamental inevitability of family. The post modern sexuality denounces biological fertility and seeks conjugal pleasure bonded to sterility. The death of the child by fall , marks a negative shift in the civilization. It marks the death of human  biology.

      The question  why conjugal pleasure  is prohibited by the archaic  power structure supposed to be supernatural,  demands historical investigation. The testaments were written   not in the period of savagery but  at a time of transition from barbarism to civilization, the period which marks the genesis of serfdom. Female as well as male slaves were then castrated with a view to extract maximum labour  and subjugation. The ruling tribes that mutilated the genital organs of the slaves sought moral justification .for their treacherous act and the primitive priesthood justified castration by the word of god raising admonition  even against the proto typical mating. The slaves, male and female were  castrated for the same reason for which bulls are castrated even in the present century. Sterility sterilization and celibacy were honoured in  the civilization as per the laws of necessity that sustained the interest of the ruling class. The   circumcision of the males and females performed by certain religious sects are rituals emerging from the early castrations inflicted upon the tribes of slaves

Castration Anxiety
Mutilation  of the genital organs  of the male and female   transmutes the  structure of  feeling in  the film diction  toward a deep historic horror that digs deep into cerebral recesses of genetic memory.  The violence of  the nightmarish castration is not an excess of surrealistic grammar but a strand of bleeding ultra reality plucked out  of the post-modern   marketised existence  that annihilates the fertile biology of the humans and its aesthetics realized with the child. Castration anxiety was a reality that haunted   the serfdom of archaic times but it is revived in the present by the forces  of market economy. Castration is performed as an act of self penance, feeling  guilt  over the death of the child abandoned at the time of mating. Castration is penance as well as a journey back to the terror of primitivism.

Castration anxiety is the dominant structure of feeling in the film and the foregrounding of castration anxiety is probably an inevitable happening that unfurls from the unconscious  of the artist. This foregrounding is spontaneous and not a conspired artifice.

           Freud while defining castration  fear confines it  to the dungeon of infancy, and fancies oedipal situation in the genesis of fear in the male child  He argues that the female child  suffers the feeling of castration due to the lack of penis which is supposed to be the  vital organ of sexuality. His observations are fantastic jokes as he ignores history of sex as well as history of terror emerging from  the castration experiences etched in  genetic memory. The humans living with butchered genitals is not a gory fantasy but  a reality that haunts existence of the present and would haunt the memory of  the humans ever.
                  Why castration fear is fore grounded as the seminal  disturbance of the present age? Even T.S. Eliot and a bunch of modernists complained of a devastating  monotone  of sterility  but for false reasons such as the death of spirituality. Spirituality is the antithesis of sexuality and the  malignancy of spiritualism in no way injures positive sexuality. But the death of child by condom , abortion or castration is the necessity of capitalist market economy, which advances entreaties for the liquidation of the institution of family.
     A barren conjugal pleasure  devoid  of the terror of child birth is the necessity of the consumerist imagination; a person who enjoys conjugal pleasure with no weight of a family or child is free to enjoy the consumerist pleasure to  the bottom level for he or she is not bound to find food, cloth and shelter for a child or family. That is why the cultural affairs minister of Kerala proposed legislation for homo- sexuals who would never produce a biological child that would disturb the freedom of consumerist sterility. In the present age of women empowerment, if one turns a lesbian , or moves by the path of premarital  or extra marital exorbitant sex it would undo the  emotional design of the family and consequently the commodification of the female body that would boost the potentials of the market at different levels becomes an easy affair. The cause of the eunachs, transgenders and homosexuals ,  fly high all over the world demonstrating the justice of castrated human existence. The child neglected and ignored against  the festival of conjugation  falls and dies imposing ulcerous wounds of castration upon the physique and psyche of the parents. Mother hood and father hood are dismantled in the wild; They are never more father and mother as the child ceases to exist The death of the child is a historical inevitability and the father and the mother realizes the fact that they cannot escape the destiny of castration. It is scripted upon their skull by the machines of marketism -- S.Sudhish

Financier is the Hero!


In the context of financial capitalism, finance , in  aggressive moods and designs  conspire direct conquest of the heroic space in the Malayalam film industry. Finance, of course, is the hidden motif in the business  of  heroism, cultivated by the commercial track of the cinema but in the golden times of the middle class oriented cinema , hero was primarily a philistine musical performer with  muscled  brain fighting against the illicit money  mountains and all the social evils delivered from the  caverns of capitalist  filth   . At the beginning of the twenty first century, the quotation goonda and murderer,  an ugly creature and a side tracked inevitability  in the conventional film script, is transformed to a dignified  metaphor of heroic pathos aligned to the ennobled monetary terrorism. Saathan displayed by the youngster hero , Prihviraj,( in an excellent filmic excursion on terrorism and pathos— the cathartic pity and terror---) marks the birth of a quotation goonda climbing the  pedestal of the tragic hero- deity.. The terror scripted in the fabulous filmic jargon, is sustained by the powerful motif of finance,  which formulates the destiny of the narrative-drama. Finance and terror aligned to  finance accumulation, displace the conventional muscled throats of music from the berth of heroic  consummation

                Sree Krishnan,  the financier of Kuchelan ,darling of the females , the flute player and musical artist. .the warrior majesty who smashes  a legion with the sway of  single revolving finger, is a condensed archetypal image.   The Malayalm film industry(nor the  malayalm lyricist  herd with its high priestess,  the ultra feminist Sugatha kumari)  never could extricate itself from the roots of this heroic physical and metaphysical labyrinth; In the dusty  fable of Nandanam (of Balamani demonstrated by Navya nair) which sells the Malayalee  Cinderella( endearing to the infant  worshippers of  Khasak),the sentimental  directorial malice makes the presence of the financier felt in the indirect terrain of miracle.  It is miracle displayed by the hidden financier god, The modern film maker who interprets  the financier myth is  enmeshed in the instinct of racial sentimental threads  which binds him tight to a  breath  of suffocating unfreedom.

     Now  in  the post modern premises, as the financier and the financing  institutions  write the deep destiny of the fourth world paradises   the financier of Kuchelan is never more a hidden miracle but a super intellectual  hero as he makes his appearance as naked financier of the married girl down the door in Ore Kadal.He takes his worshipper female down to the agonizing fantasies of insanity  invalidating her young male partner who is an innocent victim of the adorable womanizer and financier.Ore Kadal is the supreme  cinematic expression of  the emotional subjugation of a race manipulated by the financier myth. Humanity  swims back to the racial memory of the emancipation of the poor Kuchelans., as it listens to the thunderous voice of the emancipation of women, concocted  by the world bank.  Syamaprasad accepts the theme of emancipation  of women  ignoring the existence of the male partner who also demands justified micro-financial emancipation ;but  the theme propagated by financial capitalism is the emancipation of women, ( not of kuchelans but of gopikas only). what ever be the fate of  the young husband. The  genius director is overawed with the tragic fate of   the financier womanizer embroidered with the vestiges of existential anguish. As the woman climbs the steps towards the upper storey she is emancipated from the time and space of her husband who vanishes  into nothingness. So emancipation of women by means of micro financial contribution is the political agenda in which the existence  or fate of the vanishing husband is a zero affair;it doesn’t come within the emancipation theme which is a coveted  feminist right  and a boon in the fantastic decentralization exercise  played upon a depleted economy

                             The dear accomplice of the financier is the hired goonda the racial archetype of which is the heroic Chevakar, who would cut the throat of another hired sub-human for the benefit of ankappanam or   the wages  of  murder. What ever be the historical and cultural premises of the ankam ---sword duel- the philosophy of the quotation goonda and chevakar geminates from the  absurd  of- murder( for  financial  reward)—and suicider human bomb  is the extreme of the horrible absurdity  glorified  to the level of noble sacrifice . In the cinematic disposition where the quotation goonda is the hero –( remember the exemplary filmic language of  Violence-) finance smeared with blood is the  tacit supreme motif.
                            In the contest between the actor and script writer, the script writer emerges   victorious only because a noble financier patronises   him.—Udayan is the Hero--; the script writer cum director  here is a diplomatic tool deployed by the financier. In the battle between actors and superstar financiers, between Thilakan and the financier cum superstar  the superstar financier is supported by film chamber and technicians.. The actor is reduced to a caricature and thrown out of the field. It is the  financial conquest of  cinema and  financial imperialism dictates the terms of the heroic space and time ; the artist,. the miserable kuchelan is banished and vanishing  whereas his fiancé or soul mate is finally emancipated by the financier.

                              Get on to the Loud Speaker : the organ trader, the organ donor and the financier are unified into a single sentimental composition . The film that treats the organ donor as a flexible virtuous idiot , romanticizes the financial donor to the level of a glorious tragic hero. In Ore Kadal the middle aged financier subjugates the young husband ; In Loud Speaker the old aged financier subjugates the young illiterate idiot so as to make himself a hero  adorned with romantic charm. The illiterate donor belongs to the species of Ayyappan, embedded in the folk epilogue:ayyappanenthina pennu. Pasu pore….?(A wife is of no use to Ayyappan as he is  pleased with getting a cow  as his life partner); and the rustic idiot does not identify the ethical value of a human organ

                        A direct contest between the artist director and the financier is demonstrated with  remarkable stupidity in Azhakiya Ravanan. The director artist sells his girl for the profit of a project and the caricaturized financier  wins the girl; the woman is emancipated from the space of romance to the financier’s nuptial bed allied to the terrorist money won from the Mumbai underworld. The  image of financier in  Azhakiya ravanan is blunt but he is the natal sibling of the  super intellectual financier in Ore Kadal ; The director of  Azhakiya Rvanan is humble enough to feel shame in projecting the financier as hero , who lacks a feudal back ground . But the super intellectual hero of  Ore Kadal borrowed from the waste bin of Bengali literature is baked in boiling arrogance , a nauseating contempt supplemented by his feminist  sex-mate who fiddles the jargon of stale sentimentalism.

                           The illiterate financier-Palisa Govindan turns a romantic hero in a Jayaram comedy.. The blade of finance that cuts the neck is transformed to soothing romance. Yet  financier Govindan is a new generation myth   that feeds upon the memory of the ludicrous villainy of the Saint Kochu vava. The major point  of contradiction here is the illiteracy of the financier hero but Syama Prasad makes his financier hero an abominable creature as he decorates the crown of the financier with laurels of intellectual recognition
                       Mizhi Randilum is yet another demonstration of financial heroics in which a financier male and genial joker  outshines a humanist doctor  and protects a sinking family of  damsel twins- another instance of women empowerment agenda set in motion by the financier lads and lords

               Now come to the film Madambi a film  managed or manipulated by a shameless butcher of the entire history of art. It is a propagandist film in which the heroine is a lamb  deployed by a new generation bank  and the hero is the convert of a traditional  scoundrel who now does the business of financing just to redeem the entire humanity from the multitude of sins that burn the entire surface of  terrestrial existence. Now as we live in an age of 2g  spectrum. Ipl,. Commonwealth., Lavlin,SantiagoMartin –Kairali nexus episodes we do comprehend the hidden versatility of financial heroism. Yes , we dig up the fable of midnight murder set at Palaery for congested political motives. but  erase from  memory, the midnight murder of Muthoot Paul the financier prince; midnight murder or day time lottery or burglary, the financier hero registers contribution of crores per day in the accounts of  advertisements. It is the tract of reality where we plant the financier hero with a spurious mission- to betray the necessity of truth 
Ratan Tata and not Manmohan raja is the hero
Pharris Abuabaker  and not Pinarayi is the hero
Santiago Martin and not Issac is the hero


Thursday, August 12, 2010

To the viewer from Ithaca

A viewer from Ithaca,US.   makes scrutiny of  Paatom with  astute enthusiasm ; whoever it be, we  address  the Ithacan citizen ,as neighbour to Richard  Franke . who now lives in Ithaca with or without Barbara if she had been or not been his wife.Let Ithaca be another Nadur  with no Penelope or Telemachus, a lascivious hideout where the  black hole spy  deletes  his anthropological  past as the poisonous reptile sheds its appearance  summarised in his skin.

O,  gentle Ithacan, tell the fraudulent  spy ,that we the people of Kerala . are assured of the fact that anthropological research has( from the good old days of cold war) been a cover for CIA espionage and  in1986 the Indian government  would never permit  even the shade of a US anthropologist  to set legs upon the soil of India, for the semantic  genealogy of anthropological research is embedded in  in espionage. . The National Science Foundation, the notorious CIA funding instrument allied to international terrorism at large,. deployed the CIA select, Franke ,in India ,not under the cover of anthropological research though his disciple, Issac claims that his master did anthropological research in India.The  ministerial liar and the husband of the USAID feminist , Issac justifies forgery of names , places and institutions as the divine right  thrust upon  anthropological researcher. It is a divine  right ascribed to thieves and spies and not the rational necessity of research bonafide. But ,for espionage covered under malafide research, forgery is a genetic necessity  and Franke  forged names  not out of necessity but  on compulsions of  the fanatic lust of his nasty espionage biology
In 2010,   Issac writes a book and dedicates it to Franke;  Remember in 2003 July ,Franke   while staying in  Bangladesh- the land of terrorist training camps , the breeding ground of present day Maoist military chauvinism-- issued a statement declaring  legal war against Paatom demading one crore  rupees for repairing the damages of reputation he shared with Barbara Chasin, (who made a guest appearance as his wife).  Then on ,for the last six years , the   plaintiff who suffered rape of reputation, is absconding. By this time, the wounds of defamation would have grown wild to the  shape of bleeding carbuncles supplementing a forged appearance that may terrorise any court of law .It is the sad fate of a CIA agent who now migrates to the hills and vales of Ithaca.The governors of CIA  do nothing to heal the grievance of defamation for they  find no scope for defamation in a forged existence .He becomes invisible  and and his  disciple ,Issac who disbursed the statement of violated reputation in the media conference,  and spoke in his master's voice, abusing the memory of the faithful gramophone dog, forgets everything about Franke's declaration of legal battle he declared in public. While dedicating his conundrum of lies-- a book  on media- to Franke,  he would have remembered Franke's tryst with rupees on crore worth defamation that he  declared ,as the envoy of Franke.Why Issac buried the the valiant episode of declaration of defamation and compensation, promulgated by Franke  and his mistress?
Oh, the gentle Ithacan, tell your neighbour and fraud, that he has no right  to  issue a statement of intimidation to the citizens of another nation, and retreat from his declaration of intimidation, and bury  his words in forgetfulness.
Now ,as Prakash  Karat,.the  hypocrite and comedian ,a campus recruit from J.N.U to the communist tribe, convenes a conference to discuss the comedy of errors  committed by the flock he herds , he suppresses the major episode of self betrayal caused by the entry of colonial wealth  into the cerebral matrix of the party ideology. How  the party has been transmuted into a serfdom of financial colonialism may be demonstrated by the Kerala episode in which Franke, Nata and Issac minister  manage treacherous roles.Franke, Barbara and Nata are US citizens and they are justified in marking clandestine operations against CPM and our nation because it is their national agenda, US agenda. But Issac minister who claims to be an Indian citizen(and a CPM leader in the eyes of people!!!) can never be justified in his spurious operations targeted to dismantle the existence of India.  Prakash remembers not the name of  Franke who made substantial bribes to the Left Word Books, to propagate USAID literature on fragmentation of nation states under the mask of decentralisation while heads are put down in shame over the debacle of ideology at Vijayawada.Prakash and Issac fancy that the treacherous betrayal  manipulated by Franke's serf , Issac ,would never surface within the party or in the  immediate prints of history. No Mir Jaffer escapes the truthful eyes of history ; the mask and media protection by which the the  traitor still maintains  his political clout unexposed, would soon be demolished  by the winds of time, and the people would feel the agony of the  true self of the nation--- betrayed down to the fanatic semantics of fragmentation, for the profit of dollars.

|| s.sudhish ||

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lonely Lights

I am not bothered about the waterfalls
I might have missed the faces
They have measured my fathoms 
Clouds are often misquoted by us
Where are the curtains
I want them to hide my runs
Still awful are my heights
I keep climbing the fallen trees

Gone are the stillness
what we see are no more oceans
Irregular illness, I salute your sadness
For they meet my seasons 

I will call letters in charms
It withers often in pipes
fuming eyes, they cling to the hopes
And many more inmates in darkness

I resist the suggestions
Wake up my wounds
You need to remember the wings
They are ever tied to the sins

Trivial problems
They charge my veins
Pointed fingers are never in miss
Change your course, if I confess 

Gokul B.Alex

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morphing matrimony , divorce and identity

             The dog in the channel barked in his master's voice , casting shame upon the noble creature planted in the archaic gramophone records.The creature in the sub animal folio of evolution takes pride in the pedigree of the Trojan horse .Yes, Trojan horse is a genuine martyr. He is a frame in disguise. smuggled in to the quarters of funded festival, playing  murder of truth  at the risk of his life .. He obtains a post in the Marxist daily on its way to ideological decline The Trojan mass of a cheat is anyhow inferior to the dog who comprehends no language other than his master speaks.   The dog  while being  loyal to his master is direct and honest and he  lives not in disguise  to stab on the back .of his foe or brother   in contrast to the  wooden frame of betrayal. , the   Trojan horse. The post modern wooden beast while serving the Marxist daily , quits the post in pride to join the channel which offers him better wages for  sumptuous betrayal . Then the notaries and votaries of CIA in the Marxist  gambling house identify the    traitor talent of the wooden beast, and offer him   a luxurious post,  for bettering his track record of betrayal. He registers his obnoxious clairvoyance under the patronage of the minister married to CIA and USAID, and mimicks the impotent   expressions of  arrogance   drawn from the fierce cerebral sterility of his master  and minister of infinite  moral nothingness

             The bespectacled malevolence dressed in suit and coat appears in the channel to molest truth in defence of the CIA  minister, an accomplished financial criminal.  He claims the task of  overhauling the media institution.!!Paatom exposed the story of the finance minister's matrimonial contract with the USAID lady  who receives croes from anonymous  sources , Ford , USAID etc. The overhauler-creature in the channel fails to defend the honourable matrimonial  partner of the minister as her alliance with USAID  is irrevocable and so he procreates an incident of divorce in the monograph of the criminal minister. But as he overhauls the matrimonial graph of  his master, he fails to produce authentic evidence. The official website of  Kerala government  gives  evidence  to the subsistence of the matrimony still unhurt ;and the channel surveyor  fails to overhaul official website which spits upon the ugly face that manipulates  the farce of a divorce probably in stealthy connivance with the couple.

             The persons involved in espionage, proceeding forth a life in disguise ,may enact the drama of divorce and matrimony for opportunistic gains. They live in falsified identity with respect to paternity and matrimony. The minister who announces the defamation occurred to Richard  Franke (the CIA reptile that lays eggs to  feed the  poisonous CIA  spy Rabindra singh who meets him in the Kerala resort,  -- adduced from the Frontline story ), announces that his feeder of grants,Franke is married to lady Barbara  Chasin. Then a person who claims to be a loyal follower and friend of Franke even from  his  embryonic  days, suspects the matrimony that has been attested by the Kerala minister. The minister highly anxious of the unviolated chastity  of Franke's matrimony does not feel his master's fame insulted as another loyal dependant of Franke destabilises the matrimonial accord scripted by  his ministerial eyes.The minister swears that his grantmaster is married to a particular lady and when another person not less authentic upon the anthropomorphising   adventures of the CIA persons, questions the veracity of the matrimony that has been  reported by the ministerial tongue ,Franke  as well as minister Issac falls dumb. No question of defamation  against a statement  that  reduces the ministerial researcher and  scholar, as dis informer of the  matrimonial affair of the U.S. national..  Franke   does not dispute his matrimony sanctified by the  minister nor he does dispute the informer who destabilises his nuptial affair  .This is the way the CIA community  performs the act of morphing matrimony; A  shady chapter in the programme of anthropomorphising.It is not the conventional process of giving human shapes to to the nonhuman pets. Here. the nonhuman ones are given  human appearance by a mishap of biological birth but they love a life in disguise and renounce the concept of the original.(red salute to comrade Baudrillad and co. who defy the very concept of the original) Impersonation is  instinctual urge  and psycho perversion  that takes  a spy back  to his subhuman tropic.Matrimony is a human affair. By morphing matrimony into divorce or destabilising  the matrimony with fantasy of divorce, a creature dressed in human flesh expresses a desire to live in the  subhuman under world which is the natal habitat of the CIA community.

             So there is nothing unfair if Franke  doesn't feel insulted when he is made the husband of Barbara. The matrimony is authored by Issac minister in the Kerala cabinet.Nor he does feel  defamed when his loyal friend disputes the matrimony authored by Issac.He is married and not married  to Barbara Chasin!.It is the the death of the author ,(of matrimony) minister Issac.With a fresh reading of the CIA reptile's hidden mission, the meaning is deferred. This is the way they deconstruct marriage. This is the way they morph their identity for espionage activities.
             Issac's latest production in printing, a self effacing , self abusing document , a book,an imposition of shame maligned with contradictions and lies is dedicated to Franke, but there he ignores the existence of Barbara  whose reputation also was in peril as per the press petition filed by Issac.Issac forgets the idea of  Franke--Barbara matrimony he revealed to  the press and avoids reference to the matrimony in his book as it is disputed by Franke's bosom friend. So the matrimonial identity of the US national proposed by the Indian minister is  a coward's lie that mystifies the identity of the man on espionage mission.

             Yes, Franke is married and not married  to Barbara and they lived together in Nadur in central Kerala which is a nonexistent place . Issac argues that the cover of anthropological research is a legitimate excuse by which  a US spy suspect is authorised to create nonexistent places for him to conduct  his clandestine  activities in Kerala  morphing its geospatial names of reference. And the curious result of the anthropological research is that not a  single letter in the print out  of the research product, carries even a distant Kinship to field anthropology. 
            There is no wonder in  Issac stretching headlong by the reptile master's trail in the matter of matrimony.To confuse  the identity of the self, is part of the espionage technology.Matrimony is an identity signature. Issac and Franke expose it and erase  it and pose themselves as married ,living together or divorced. Franke is married and not married. Issac is married ,divorced and not divorced.
.           As the tribal head of the USAID in Kerala, Franke is supposed to play foul tricks  even in his personal matter of matrimony for he was deputed by the US to falsify objective reality.
             But in the political industry of India there occurs no such illicit precedent of a minister issuing a matrimonial certificate to a US national,  that is ably challenged by another Indian citizen.The government or passport verification authorities do not question the persons involved in the dispute over the matrimonial identity of the US national. The foreigner in the biographical note of his book states that, he lived in a nonexistent place in kerala. Though he pretends to be an anthropologist . he never cares to claim that he  did anthropological   research in the non existent Kerala village. He states in clear terms that he did a study of the impact of land reforms  in the village he names Nadur and such a study has nothing to do with structural anthropology or field anthropology. 

            Yet the Kerala minister  justifies  falsification of the the name of the place where the US spy  executed his Kerala  mission foregrounding a ridiculous excuse of anthropological research. And the person still remains a member in the cabinet and not an inmate in the central jail.
             Paatom agitated the  national security issues linked to the  minister's matrimony with a USAID  lady  who is a US national who  shores crores of dollars and maintains immovable and movable assets in US  which make a substantial bolus of the minister's family income and asset. The minister is committed to the foreign contribution regulation act of India  whereas it is irrelevant in the case of the minister's US wife. The US  wife in effect shields the minister in a better way than the Swiss bank; The wife receives anonymous funds and  runs an NGO in Hyderabad ,the nursery of CIA terrorism improvised under the banner of Mao.

           As Paatom exposed the anti -national factor in Issac's marriage with the USAID lady , the overhauler and manipulator of media truth in the CPM channel came out with the fable of divorce .As per the version of the CPM channel ,minister Issac is a divorcee and maintains no wife and children in  US. But, the fable of divorce  decorated with   pseudo sentimental tentacles is  not yet reported to the government of Kerala or its legislature secretary. The official websites of the government,legislature and the Chief Minister declare in unified voice . even on this day----17th June 2010 ,that, Issac  still maintains a wife and two children born out of his blood in US and as per the official records the wife is none other than the USAID lady. No incident of divorce occurred as per government record. So minister Issac has a dubious record of matrimony; he is divorced as per the  CPM channel and not divorced as per the  official government records .  

             Yes, in the political  history of India never such an ugly  incident   occurred.An issue of cheating the public, speaking in two voices .Twin headed monstrosity stripped in naked sunlight .The channel of the governing party declares  its minister a divorcee just to protect him from his nefarious  political links, ; The chief minister, the general secretary of the CPM and the government officers who still hold the matrimony alive on records   moan in silence  as creatures dressed in motley, as clowns incapable of  condemning the   obscenity that rotates the  controversy. Issac minister, who swells under the protection of the media institution holds key to the illicit foreign financial transactions in Kerala.. He is empowered with  a blackmailing needle authenticated by CIA with which he sews up the mouth of the public persons who fell victim to to the smuggled foreign money transactions. Politicians of all hues and buttons have been trapped in the immoral traffic of illegitimate foreign financial grants  and no politician or public person opens his mouth to condemn the stench of this obscenity that stifles the very breath of the law and order governance in the country.             
            The CIA minister is immune to the law and order of the land.The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Ernakulam made a significant finding that an amount of rupees 16 crores has been smuggled to India violating Foreign Contribution Regulation Act ,for a decentralisation oriented project that was drafted  directed and implemented  by Issac. The contract for smuggling sixteen crores  came into being as CDS, Issac's parent institution entered into an agreement  with Tinburgen foundation a nonexistent foundation( as the nonexistent Nadur, Franke's place of residence in Kerala.) The story of Tinburgen founadation appears in an authentic book written by M.P.Parameswaran depicting the genesis of the project for which  rupees sixteen crores were smuggled violating FCRA. Parameswaran in his book asserts the paternal role of  Issac in the smuggled project. M.P. Parameswaran worked as the director of the project and there is solid evidence (given by CDS) to the fact that Issac played the role of the joint director of the project (inseminated  by smuggled foreign thesis and smuggled foreign money,) at least for four years . The CDS authorities put forth all unclean pressures to obtain FCRAclearance for the project and fell flat at the feet of Dr. Manmohan Singh who  then governed the finance of the country. The good name  of Dr . K.N.Raj was dragged in to this spurious business but despite  high level recommendations Issac  could not obtain FCRA  clearance, and he, in violation of the FCRA smuggled in the foreign fund .After the first course of  the fund  exhausted, the foreign source under the cover of  Netherlands government, allotted 30 crores  more for the extension of the project but the central government interfered and banned further continuation of the project. Paatom in its affidavit filed with the judicial court exposed the fact , with evidence, that the money smuggled in for the project was abused to generate fear of anarchy and terror among  people as the proclaimed object of the project  was  elimination and exclusion of the state from local governance ( A USAID objective confessed by M.P. Paarameswaran )  The judicial officer in the judgment observed that Issac's organisation ,Parishat, which implemented the project made no attempt to counter the accusation of  the anti-national  monetary motivations in the project.

            One wonders how a person  who enacts the paternal role of a project with anti-national margins  run by foreign fund smuggled in violation FCRA,  is installed as minister in a state cabinet ; He sets illogical defence for a foreigner's stealthy business in Kerala  in a place under a non existent village name, Nadur. His parent organisation signs a contract with a non existent foundation , Tinburgen Foundation which is yet another mystery like Nadur, and he fails to explain how such a fictitious foundation crept into the genesis text of the project which he formulated (though inseminated by foreign masters.). He stated his Franke was married to Barbara, which  happens to be a false statement. His channel agent declares that  he has been divorced of his US wife ,but the state government records  stand unaffected by the story of the divorce, still entertaining the valid matrimonial  incident .He does not make a honest statement of his asset and income hoarded with his US  family and at the face of that inconvenient point  he appears before the public as an aggrieved divorcee . He disowns the paternity of the foreign project inseminated by USAID, as violation of  FCRA and the anti- natonal context of its procreation  are established in the court of law. He disowns his US wife by words uttered in the channel as the US wife is irretrievable from the labyrinth of USAID and CIA.  
             He sits upon the head of Prakash Karat and dictates.We feel sympathy for the poor man  Prakash. Let us hope that he is not a forged husband like Franke;letus hope he is not a forged divorcee like Issac; let us hope he is not a forged name like Nadur or Tinburgen foundation.

But  not to be a forged communist ,is not a  matter of hope or wishful thinking.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

maoism and microfinance--convergence-- prelude to gokul's article

Microfinance  is  the death noose  knit by the imperial   god for the wretched of the earth 

Maoism to Microfinance – Something to read for India's Maoists

by Abhay on August 20, 2009
While our very own RBI Governor D. Subbarao is making hearts flutter with his public display of admiration for Chairman Mao - Read Chairman Mao and Governor Subbarao not too far away in Bangladesh a few decades ago some angry young men started a Maoist frontal organisation called ASA only to see it transform into Bangladesh’s most dynamic and efficient microfinance institution.This is the story of ASA.
While India’s Maoists intesify their Peoples War in the heart of India they could learn a lesson or two from their Bangladeshi counterparts on how to bring about social change.
Asa: Maoism to microfinance: a journey of hope
One night in March 1978, seven fervent young men brimming with radical ideology swore an oath in a village west of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.
Kneeling, each touched the soil with one hand, holding the other to their breast. They pledged to educate groups of villagers in the hope that they would take power and turn Bangladesh into a Maoist-style state run by the rural poor.
That ceremony marked the birth of the Association for Social Advancement, better known by its acronym ASA, which means hope in Bengali.
ASAchairman Maoism to Microfinance   Something to read for India's
 MaoistsMd. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury – Former Maoist Leader and ASA Founder
It was an unlikely beginning for an organisation that was eventually to mutate into one of the world’s most successful microfinance institutions, acclaimed for cost-efficiency and a capacity for rapid growth.
The initial change came at the start of the 1980s. ASA’s founders decided that they should educate the rural poor and provide them with services.
At that time they distrusted lenders such as microcredit pioneer Grameen Bank run by Muhammad Yunus, who won the Nobel peace prize in 2006, because they thought such organisations were feeding off the rural poor. But they changed their minds after villagers repeatedly asked for small loans, such as those Mr Yunus had been providing since 1976, to help them buy cows or invest in other farm activities.
ASA’s president, Shafiqual Haque Choudhury, masterminded a swift transition, says Stuart Rutherford, an expert on microcredit and the author of a recently published book about ASA. “In 1989 Mr Choudhury flipped his organisation from a service-providing organisation with mostly male members to a microcredit organisation with women members, like Grameen,” says Mr Rutherford, himself a former ASA board member.
But Mr Choudhury says his approach was not like that of Grameen or other microlenders.
“We invented a new way of doing microfinance,” he says. “Ours is a highly decentralised system which is lean and low-cost.”
Vijay Mahajan, chief executive of Basix, an Indian rural finance institution, says ASA is a “no-frills version of Grameen which looked at the Grameen model, improved on it significantly in terms of cost efficiency and scaled it up.”
Professor Jonathan Morduch of New York University says: “No other microfinance organisation has so deeply tackled cost reduction.” Mr Choudhury wrote a manual for his branch managers to guide them in almost every detail of their work.
“Branch managers can make most decisions on loans themselves,” he says. “Decision-making takes less time.”
The manual even specifies the lay-out and furnishings of branch offices. Each office is allowed just one table with one ceiling fan hung centrally above it – no unimportant detail in Bangladesh’s humid climate.
ASA also simplified the paperwork. “We don’t keep or gather unnecessary information,” Mr Choudhury says. But he stresses that ASA screens loan applicants carefully to make sure they do not borrow from several microcredit institutions, a practice that has caused problems in the past.
Unlike Grameen during its early years, ASA never asked each group of borrowers collectively to guarantee the loans made to each individual member.
Grameen itself has dropped the system, which sometimes led to animosity among villagers and tended to penalise good clients for defaults by others.
ASA also has a flatter hierarchy than most other microlenders. “ASA has always had just two levels: the branch and the head office, without regional offices requiring more buildings, furniture and staff,” Mr Rutherford explains.
ASA also made it compulsory for borrowers to deposit savings so they would have something to fall back on and there would be fewer defaults.
This made ASA less vulnerable to the natural disasters to which Bangladesh is prone.
After unusually severe floods in 1998, Grameen repayments declined and it had to borrow more than $60m.
It was a Financial Times article written by this journalist while based in Dhaka that helped to alert the wider donor community to Grameen’s difficulties.
Grameen from 2001 made a number of significant changes, including encouraging savings more actively. Today deposits at the bank exceed the value of loans outstanding and Grameen is self-sustaining.
“ASA figured out how to do things on a commercial basis and they avoided making the same claim as Grameen that microcredit was ridding the world of poverty,” Prof Morduch says. “The hype has not been useful.”
Mr Mahajan of Basix agrees. “Microcredit has value but it’s been over-hyped. Grameen was criticised for overstating its self-sufficiency when in fact it absorbed a lot of donor money. Now it has learned from the criticism and from newcomers.”
ASA of Bangladesh stopped accepting donor funding in 2001 and it now serves more than 6m borrowers from more than 3,000 branches around the country.
ASA International also works in a number of other Asian countries and in Africa.
Last year it secured $125m in capital commitments from institutional and private investors, including major funds in the US and Europe – the largest-ever collective equity capital commitment to microfinance.

Maoism In India: Making Of A Myth

Wounded Tiger, Hidden Falcon

Marxism was never embraced like this. The media barons who are arch rivals of communism, like Malayala Manorama and Indian Express are moving earth and heaven pleading to Indian state to have a chat with the Maoists. Their broadsheets are laying down hundred many reasons for the Maoist insurgency and the heinous crimes which they practice ruthlessly. Where Marx was aspersed, Mao becomes the chant! What a twist! Many civil society intellectuals are joining this bandwagon, raising their voices for the historic causes of Maoism. The same folks are found fighting the mainstream left parties at every possible opportunity. This visible contradiction exposes the apolitical platform leveraged by Maoist outfit
In this backdrop, we see Maoism looming large as a powerful phenomenon in the contemporary socio-political arena. Following their international trails, we can see that they have many links with International splinter groups of Maoism world wide and Revolutionary International Movement (RIM), Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) of Canada and it takes us to their connections with LTTE and Islamist terrorists operating in South Asia and South East Asia. 

There are reports that they even have links with Hindutva fringe groups of RSS clan in India. This relation is unaffected by their love-hate relationship with BJP and VHP. A Maoist caught in Mumbai conceded that he was funded by Medha Patkar and Shiva Sena. Suspected Naxalite Arun Ferreira in his narco-analysis test has alleged that many political parties, including Shiv Sena and its chief Bal Thackeray, have been funding Maoist activities in Mumbai.

The narco-analysis report, a copy of which is available with PTI, quoted Ferreira as saying, “Bal Thackeray and his party Shiv Sena and the BJP student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had given us funds regularly for Maoists activities in Mumbai.” This shocking revelation came when Ferreira, a city resident, was asked about the funding of the activities of the banned outfit CPI (Maoist) in the country’s financial capital.
[Source :]  

This combination seems impossible from a plain political perspective. And it leads us to think about the breeding grounding of these diverse forms of polity. Thus Maoist movement is transforming itself into a potent mixture for fringe groups of all kind. This is the new form of polity devised by Imperialism. Rather than striking an enemy from outside, create Trojan horses inside and make them proliferate using money, persuasion, ideology and what not. This was successful as against USSR. And the same Imperial polity is gaining ground in communist nations and developing countries world wide.

Seeing the Maoist love relationships with the Civil Society intellectuals like Arundhati Roy, BRP Bhaskar and Swami Agnivesh, we can see that Maoism is becoming the full fledged army for executing the praxis of NGOisation of Indian polity. NGOisation of Indian polity has been expanding in Indian soil since 1970’s. Indian Maoism has become the cutting edge tool in their hand. Maoist agenda of capturing the Indian state from the comprador bourgeoisie goes hand in hand with the Imperial agenda of fragmenting Indian nation state. The same agenda of fragmentation was preached in veils by various flavours of Identity politics like Dalit, Feminist kinds. By invoking the divisive identities of caste, tribe, religion and gender, Imperialism aims to fragment the national identity. This ideology has roots in the ethnographic works of Franz Fanon and Jacques Derrida. 

Mao never formed a doctrine of Maoism. All that he had done was to form a theoretical praxis in context of revolutionizing the Chinese Economy of 1920’s. It was before the decolonization spree in Asia and Latin America. Thus the nature of nation state under Mao’s period was poles apart from that of today. Theory of Protracted Peoples War as developed by Mao was to be applied in semi-feudal, semi-colonial countries. Such a denomination does not suit the Indian Political Economy ruled by big bourgeoisie in lieu with the semi-feudal caste ridden social fabric. 

Mao exhorted his comrades to work with people like a fish swimming in water. It was never a device to terrorise the people. According to the Institute of conflict management, Indian Maoists are partially funding their terrorist activities with profits from illicit opium, poppy and cannabis crops. It is reported that they have unlicensed opium fields in Jharkhand and Bihar. According to the 2008 Mohanty commission of inquiry, the CPI-Maoist and its front groups were behind extensive cannabis cultivation in Orissa. One group, People’s War, which later merged with the CPI-Maoist, was allegedly in charge of between 7,500 and 10,000 acres of sown with cannabis. This makes them apparent heir to the nick name ‘Red Taliban’. 

There are also reports that some Magsaysay award winners funnel their money to help the Maoist movement in India. Interestingly, Magsaysay award is funded by Ford Foundation and Rockfeller Brothers Fund. As exposed by the leftist academic James Petras in 1970’s, Ford foundation has deep rooted ties with CIA. Thus the vicious circle framed by the Imperialist agenda find it comfortable to use the veneer of Maoism to reach the masses.

As explained by Comrade Baburam Bhattarai from Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) [UCPN(M)] below, Maoist tactics of overthrowing the state ruled by a class through the use of barrel of a gun stems from the socio-political nature of the state. 

“In the specific conditions of Nepal, though we are in the stage of transition from feudalism to capitalism, in our case the feudal system had been basically led by an autocratic monarchy for thousands of years. In most third world countries autocratic monarchy has already been abolished, and in those countries though the basic foundation of society is still semi-feudal, semi-colonial, the political superstructure was led by bourgeois democrats. But in our case even the political superstructure was dominated by the autocratic feudal monarchy, the national bourgeoisie was very weak and they could not carry forward the bourgeois democratic revolution. It was the proletarian party which had to take the lead to abolish the autocratic monarchy and introduce a bourgeois democracy, which could be again transformed through struggle into New Democracy, a proletarian democratic system”
[Source :—fusing-peoples-war-and-insurrection/#more-4581]

In India such a historic necessity of violent means to overthrow the state does not arise when we have the democratic framework and a secular socialist constitution in hand. Neither the Maoists nor their think tanks are naïve enough to practice something which they do not believe. And there are reports that Maoists are aiming to capture the Indian state by 2035. This being their stated goal one may assume that they are the breeds who are fighting for the cause of tribal people by their own means. We are mistaken. They have targeted mines owned by National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC). Today, 40% of the top 50 mineral-rich districts in India are affected by Naxalite violence, with repeated attacks on any symbol of authority, both private and public, including mining sites. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are the worst-affected states. But interestingly none of the private miners have come against the Maoists so far. The same corporate big wigs raise the alarm at the slightest initiation of strike by trade unions. When India is bleeding on its mineral rich states none of the corporate are seemingly worried about the deterioration of ‘investment climate’. 

Brinda Karat, the Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) has alleged that Maoists have struck a deal with the MNC’s in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh to hand over 10,000 acres of land in throw away prices. This does not surprise many vigilant observers as Indian Maoists are said to have more than 1500 crore at their disposal. Thus Maoists are creating a worm hole within the Indian state suitable for the MNC’s and imperialism. They use ultra modern cartographic devices to map the mineral resources in these lands. There are even reports that Maoists posses more advanced Geographic Positioning System ( GPS ) devices which can make the Indian army envious.
[Source: ]

On the bleak side of this issue, we see the mainstream politicians divided and undecided on how to tackle this gravest threat to the internal security of India. Some like P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh are advocating the twin uses of army and development as a way-out from this imbroglio. Others like left parties and BJP are for facing the Maoists politically and ideologically without elaborating the means. Nevertheless their continuing debacles in elections and among the masses are stopping them from going further than rhetoric. 

This sort of plight tells us a sorry tale. On one side we have a very potent mixture of Maoist terrorists and their imperial intelligentsia and on the other side we have a feeble state which has become a mere facilitator for US-European Union imperium. In between we have poor tribal people and fateful CRPF, BSF jawans sandwiched to the death-trap.  The insurgency is going to accentuate with the growing clout of Jihadists in South Asia. The tie up between these terrorist groups is intensifying in the aftermath of US sponsored war on terror. And there are reports that Maoists are backing the regrouping of LTTE cadres in south India and Malaysia. 

The relationship between Imperialism and terrorism is indeed dialectical as proved by this vicious circle. With the growing clout of imperialism in state and civil society, the terrorist outfits will proliferate into the dissident masses. Only if the nation states like India and others in South Asia take initiatives to halt the penetration of Imperialism into their state machinery and curb the money flow into the hands of terrorist outfits, there can be a peaceful climate to survive. With a government which is subservient to the imperial intentions, that is unlikely to happen in the near future. Yet there can be twists in every tale, as history is not always a tale told by an idiot!

Gokul B.Alex

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dog in the channel !

Minister Kodiyeri Bala krishnan was put in deep trouble for the act of  his wife visiting kadampuzha temple;He is an unfortunate guy often taunted for the alleged acts of mischief committed by his sons. Minister Kuruvila was asked to resign his long cherished dream of ministerial job for the acts of his children. . Minister Tharoor Sasi resigned his post and turned  martyr for a blessed  beautiful  soul, who was not even confirmed as his  would be, the case being  an instance of financial generosity . 

|| Nata in Facebook ||
But take the case of minister Issac. His wife is not an Indian citizen.but a USAID  activist sitting  upon the high pedestal  of a US, HIV/ AIDS/ pro- prostitution  campaign. She runs a US. funded NGO in Andhra pradesh which may be suspected as a cover for  the terrorist funding; She received 550 lacs US dollars from anonymous sources, Ford Foundation,,USAID etc....which  constitute a part of minister Issac's family income. Minister Issac, though he admits that his wife and children live in US, does not reveal the actual source of family income,  excludes  millions of US dollars  shored  by his US wife,bonded to accomplished CIA fronts .He gives a false  family assets and income statement ,before the public and before the election commission. This is a criminal offence which assumes grave dimensions as the family income and asset are foreign bound and are suppressed by the minister intentionally. The judicial court finding that rupees sixteen crores worth dollars were smuggled to Kerala for a project steered by minister Issac worsens the criminal situation. It stinks, and the enlightened political tradition of Kerala sinks in  its ugliness 

Issac minister published a book, two months back. In the book he confessed his bondage to another foreigner apart from his foreign funded wife. Just to establish his absolute  servitude to the pseudo frame of a name,  Richard Franke ,a US spy and pay master, he dedicated his book  at the feet of the foreigner.. In the book he scoffed at the truth that the so called Franke had his site linked with USAID.  A link in the net does not mean political or financial business or espionage mission with USAID ,Issac said. In the book Issac argued that His Holiness Richard Franke serves no political assignment with USAID-----(a lie ,of course uttered to defend the US national on espionage mission.) conceding the fact that USAID is a dangerous imperialist, anti communist institution . So a leftist intellectual  mask in the volume and size of the so called Franke cannot have any trade with USAID as USAID is a notorious CIA weapon .USAID in its site admits that it  gives disguised funds  under the cover of development   the final intention being elimination of communist states and communist ideology. Prakash Karat in his book on voluntary funding agencies ,identifies USAID as  a US organ with a CIA agenda. 

Even the  communist press baron N.Ram's Front Line   reports that  RAW suspects USAID as a CIA organ. Issac  by way of denying Franke's substantial ties with USAID , admits the fact that service with USAID is a perilous, indecent , filthy affair and so his Franke god doesn't keep any stealthy assignment with USAID.

Now please see  the extracts  given below  from  Chennai metro supplement of THE HINDU dated 22 April 2002:

    1. Many of these statistics were thrown up at the three-day National seminar on "Domestic violence in India: Exploring strategies,promoting dialogue" organised by the International Center for Research on Women at the IMAGE auditorium in Chennai from April 17. The conference disseminated the research conducted by the ICRW— a Washington-based private, non-profit organisation working for women 's development — in partnership with in-country researchers, with support from USAID. 

    2. The seminar was significant in that it examined the linkages between notions of masculinity and domestic violence and the potential of creating a dialogue with men on the issue. Nata Duvvury, Director, Social Conflict and Transformation, ICRW, and Asghar Ali Engineer, Member of the National Advisory Council, ICRW, gave the introductory remarks. James Bever, Deputy Director of the USAID, said that critical work was being undertaken in India in the area of violence and hoped that a concrete agenda of action would be developed by organisations

While Issac launches a vain effort to exonerate Franke of his stealthy deals with USAID, he intentionally suppress the fact that his foreign wife Nata Duvvury had been serving ICRW  from 1999 to 2007. The fact that ICRW is an INGO sponsored and supported by USAID.  has been effectively placed in the report quoted above. The report also refers to   the patronising presence of the  Deputy Director of USAID in the conference authored by minister Issac's wife.Though Issac  plays ridiculous tricks to save the financier god Franke from the infamy of USAID, he fails to provide such a service to his wife., who fetches USAID-FORD+anonymous dollars to  feed his children. There is no point in Issac making a false argument that Franke maintains no truck with USAID while  Issac's wife on records, who gave birth to his children serves USAID ,officially for a decade

Now minister Issac's channel makes a fabulous revelation that the USAID lady has been divorced. There is nothing strange in such a revelation, since matrimony as well as divorce  happens to be a farce when it is an affair between males and females involved in espionage.For instance, in the defamation petition against Paatom, filed by Issac, he states that Franke , his donor god is married to Barbara Chasin , but Thampi Kakkanadan who claims to be a loyal friend of the same Franke raises doubts about the truth of the statement with regard to Franke's matrimony. In the case of Franke, matrimony is a farce or a mystery .Now Nata-Issac matrimony has become a mystery and  it is deliberately mystified by the channel -

The channel clown who delivers the news about the divorce doesn't give the date on which the matrimonial contract ceased to exist.  It is  assumed from the fraudulent voice of the channel  that the matrimony was in peril  even some ten years back but the divorce was realised some three years back.  But the servile  tongue that  records nonsense  propagating the farce of a divorce ignores the fact  ,that as per the official website of the  state government of Kerala ,on the day Issac was sworn in as minister ,Nata finds place on records as Issac's wife.  The official website of the Kerala Government,which displays the profiles  of members in the council of ministers ,UPDATED ON 11th  MAY 2010 , also states  that Nata Duvvury  maintains the husbandry of minister Issac and a divorce three years back or ten years back transacted by the channel is an illicit product of a criminal conspiracy that destabilises matrimony on official records with escapist fables of intermittent divorces. The farcical utterances of divorce run parallel to the the reinforced records of matrimony and Issac plays blind to the updated governmental records of matrimony and the utterances of divorce history  demonstrated in the channel, for he prefers this blessed dubiousness as the inevitable medium of his political survival. He pretends that he ignores the contradiction. A cheat,who befools the public with  the farce of his matrimony and divorce.

Nobody asked him whether he  has been married to one Nata Duvvury but he relieved such an information on government records ,and  issued it  public relevance at the expense of the government. Then as he finds that his matrimonial alliance  provides  solid proof to his illicit foreign source of income and his clandestine  CIA links, his  channel---the master's voice-- disowns his wife with retrospective effect.He plays fraud upon the public abusing the government machinery and his party channel. The matrimony of the scoundrel whose final resort is politics, is established by his government and disputed by his political channel.The whole media world witness this absurd show and the bountiful silence that proceeds gives proof to the the impotence of  present day political morality  . The nasty drama of matrimony and divorce cast  upon the the living face of the public is an affront to Kerala's political  memory and tradition.

Paatom exposed Issac's affair with CIA in the beginning of the year 2003. The fable of divorce was generated, only after Paatom made assertive observations upon Issac's clandestine contacts with CIA organisations and 2003.  .A divorce from his wife does in no way exonerate him from his political  and financial crimes. He who disowns and divorces his wife today, for the profit of his politics may disown and divorce Richard Franke,tomorrow for a score in the political stock market. But such divorces shall not extricate him from the labyrinth of criminal betrayal

Frontline ,a periodical run by N.Ram a robust global communist, in its issue dated July 2, 2004,introduces Rabindra Singh who defected  from RAW to CIA . While working in RAW. he obtained certain classified documents of US ,just to impress  his superiors.  Later it was detected that he  obtained the supposed  classified documents with the help of his relative working in USAID.  Issac's case is similar . As facts about his CIA connections are revealed, he makes a blunt attempt to impress his comrades that he is a communist and not a CIA asset deposited in the party.For that purpose he writes a book about the CIA intervention in the 1959 liberation struggle. Rabindra Singh claimed that he obtained classified US documents by risky researches.. Issac claims that he has obtained certain unseen documents from  US by   sweat and search..Rabindra Singh had his relative in USAID who helped him in his mystery document collection. Issac had his wife working in USAID project( and Franke the CIA man )to fetch him the unseen documents

Issac who worked from1996 to 2000 as joint director in the USAID-PLDP project  now disowns his business with PLDP. He disowns USAID while he registers the ridiculous argument that Franke doesn't have business with USAID .USAID is bad;So he liberates Franke from the USAID assignments.   PLDP is bad . So he liberates himself from PLDP job. Now he disowns his wife  because she is bad. She rceives feeds from USAID organisations  She has been divorced from his life . It is a heart  biting  grief.and there is nothing political in it!!!!

HMV gramaphone record is a nostalgic memory. In memory ,there emerges the image of the dog singing in the middle of the rotating plate.. He is his master's voice--HMV......  Dog in the channel is his master's voice. What we hear from the mouth of the channel is the dubious voice of  the dog's master, Issac. He complains that he has been divorced some ten years back or three years back..If it is so, a  pertinent question arises why he registered his wife Nata Duvvury's name in the official website of the government and still maintains it (even on this day 2nd June 2010 )unaltered even after repeated  updating.For persons involved in espionage, matrimony  plus divorce is a game of mischief. But when it enters the records of an enlightened political tradition it inflicts infamy upon the society .A brain infected with CIA virus establishes its crippled sensibility by such  pervert practices.

 In  2003 at the time when Paatom exposed Issac's CIA connections, Issac was cornered in the assembly by a UDF MLA., for harbouring an unknown foreigner in  in Issac's camp. Issac was asked to reveal the identity of the person but he slipped off from the demand. Later in a press conference Issac was asked to reveal the foreigner's identity. He replied t,hat in the next assembly session he would reveal the identity.. But in the next assembly session the promise was not realised.During this period Richard Franke frequented Kerala as planning consultant, researcher and patron of Mararikulam project. 

The Front Line  report  on Rabindra Singh, dated 2nd July 2004, states that Rabindra Sigh while under observation , had a meeting with a US national at a  resort in Kerala. Franke had US,  Bangla desh connections;Rabindra Singh also had perilous Pak-terrorist connections

On July 15, 2003  Issac in a press conference announced that his master Richard Franke and his wife(?)Barbara would file a defamation case against Paatom demanding rupees one crore to mend their impaired reputation. 
            On the day  Issac played the press conference, his master Richard Franke was stationed in Bangladesh. After the US national met Rabindra Singh ,at the resort in Kerala,  under the surveillance of RAW, Franke never crossed the frontiers of Kerala or make his physical presence felt .in our living space

And he did not file the defamation case.