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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Dialectics of nature and the historic role of humanity

Open Letter to an Environmentalist

Dear friend you have been raising voice for paristhithi. Would you please explain what is paristhithi? is it nature? environment? ecosystem? Or a confused mass of all those features?

You believe in it because you are after a religion, of the past; the primitives worshiped trees, animals forces of nature ,wind, rain; but even before humans bridled systems of nature, even without human intervention you had floods,earthquakes the eco-strata and status underwent fierce changes. Many a species disappeared from earth in the course of evolution not due to human intervention.Environment is the product of human intervention that streamlined ecosystem to a fertile, habitat. 

It is human in-habitation that made earth a comfortable habitat of nature. Resisting human intervention in the prevailing system preserves an objective. Resist production in undeveloped underdeveloped countries. It is a colonial agenda. Production is impossible without human intervention upon ecosystem  and without production humanity cannot subsist long on earth. See what you call the present ecosystem itself is greatly determined by human intervention and what you feel as environment is cent percent the product of human interaction with the given ecosystem. Human intervention or production makes earth more and more habitable. We can't have a sterile ecosystem. it cannot be sterile and it is productive and if man refuses to interact with it would incite natural calamities.

The potential ills of human intervention is in evitable as you cannot have birth without the waste of blood and fluids and the risk of death. You cannot prohibit birth for the risk involved in it so the risk element and the chances of disaster are there even in the equation of e=mc2. Any way it is proved fact that productive human intervention upon ecosystem is not so disatrous as hiroshima or a tsunami or eruption of a volcano or a whirl wind.See humans with their consistent productive interaction has restrained all such calamities latent in the ecostratum. It is history

Postmodern Epithets of Eco-panic Syndrome : Hidden Semantics of Imperialism

Eco-panic syndrome is a contagion generated by the traders of the eco-colonial religion that exhorts humans to nurse the sanctity of ecosystem. They propagate a species of fear that a hydro electric project would invite the wrath of eco- god and the animals, plants, soil water and all such elements would be upturned and life on earth would perish with no excuse for redemption.

we are still advised to follow the nursery rhyme. ( In Malayalam )

  • ആ കാട്ടിൽ പോവരുത്
  • ആ പുല്ലിൽ ചവിട്ടരുത് 
  • ആ വെള്ളം കുടിക്കരുത് 
  • ആ പൂവ് ചൂടരുത് 

All such prohibitions are imposed for the interest of the power structure, but they would say it is to protect the goddess of nature. By a simple touch you pollute the sacred ecosystem. You cannot touch. You cannot approach.

It is the thesis of un-touchability and un-approachability regenerated in post modern epithets. It is only a semantic change. We had similar but greater dread that Mullapperiyar would fall and wash off districts within a few days it was some five years back. Nothing happened. Eco-panic syndrome is another game played by the vested interests.

Eco-Terrorism and the Poverty of Energy : Athirappally, Mullapperiyar and Beyond

If you construct the hydroelectric project in the eco-tourism paradise of Athirappally, not only the soil, forest and water but the planet earth itself would explode, stars would fall over the heads of the humans spitting fire upon flora and fauna subverting the chemistry of the ecosystem.

Unfortunately even Idukki and Ernakulam districts were not washed off in the predicted moment as desired by the media deities and as Mullapperiyar horror drama doesn't click. Further, let us disseminate the message of the environment disaster terror as long as green peace souls receive sumptuous finance from the heavens. 

Thus spake the God of environment in the Eco-Pentecost epic, Paradise Lost. Nurse the God given garden of Eden; Nothing shall be generated from the sweat of your labor if you love to be the dear children environment.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Micro-narratives on Micro-finance : Parishad, LSG and USAID

Fantastic! Parishad musings on Kerala political economy again ! Parishad #KSSP demands termination of MP - MLA funds. Now why don't they object to the fund utilized by local self government (LSG) department and demand dissolution of LSG department? LSG works are supposed to be done by people's beneficiary committees but the beneficiary committees working in the name of the people are run by contractors or their hidden agents. Then why should this system of corruption be maintained ?

Micro financing is bad, now admits the admirers of Muhammad Yunus. Muhammad Yunus was made Nobel laureate as the genial pathfinder of micro-finance since the fact that Issac invented the same thing some decades back went unnoticed by the Swedish academics and overjoyed with all such subscription to their thesis the USAID arranged a Right Livelihood award to their darling Parishad.

At least Parishad would have demanded the termination of private micro-finance industry that loots the de-powered women as well as the public sector money. Since it is not at all the right livelihood, why can't Parishad conduct an auditing of their decentralization project? And report the matter to their paymaster that they have successfully ruined the economy of the state as they did it once at the end of the first phase of PLDP. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hidden Interests of automobile corporate sector in the Diesel vehicle ban

The prohibition of 2000 cc diesel vehicles is commendable, all for the great cause of environment and for the glory of automobile manufacturers. If the prohibited vehicles run for an other ten years the demand in the automobile market would slow down. 

Growth of automobile corporate sector is the heart of the green peace movement because a share of the profit goes to the green NGOs. This is how the automobile industry issue the performance of sustainable development - a development that sustains environment and facilitates the vehicle population growth with no birth control measures.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Brief History of Public Debt in Kerala Economy from 1995

THE State had the public debt of 20,000 crores in 1995—at the beginning of decentralized development planning . In 2007-08 there started a steep increase in the borrowings from open market, reports CAG. Who did it? Issac did it. in 2011 the public debt was nearly 79,000 crores. 

Now you have the debt of 1,50,000 crores and the CAG report states that the crisis in economy at present is the essential outcome of the steep increase in borrowing during Issac's time. Then what is the point in stating that in the treasury you kept some currency unspent. The debt soaring high from 20,000 crores to 1,50,00 crores - Do you call this planning!!!!! You may call it development!!!! 

Panchayat Level sustainable Development Planning (PLDP) scripted by USAID and funded by Netherlands is the original name of people's planning, thus states MP Parameswaran. Would Issac speak a single word about PLDP for which Rs: 16 crors were smuggled violating FCRA?  Issac was the hon.joint director of PLDP and Parameswaran was the director during this tenure.This is the way they sold out the people of Kerala for the cause of expansion of finance capital.

Economic planning in the age of financial colonialism : Flushing out decentralization

if the Kerala ministerial cabinet has decided to sustain planning board, the minister for planning and economic affairs, chief minister would consider 

  1. The history of planning. Planning is a socialist economy concept opposed to market economy and capitalism never entertained the practice or concept of planning. India accepted planning as a mixed economy
  2. Planning is a concept that germinated from the perspective of nationalization
  3. Planning deals with the progression of productive resources
  4. Planning is set in the context of centralized economy and decentralization is antithetical to the very concept of planning
  5. Decentralized planning (trans. വികേന്ദ്രീകൃത ആസൂത്രണം by MP Parameswaran)or development planning scripted in 1970's exclusively for under developed and undeveloped nations by USAID and World Bank, is a farce that ridicules the genuineness of planning (conceived in a centralized economy) that is opposed to market economy. 
  6. Decentralized planning is is a neo-colonial project that effects a disintegration of economy the outcome of which is fragmentation of nation states for the convenience of expansion(ism) of the market. 
  7. Richard franke who was assigned to smuggle decentralization under the title Panchayat level sustainable development planning in Kerala confesses in his book on local democracy that the objective of decentralized planning is fragmentation of nation states. M.P.Prameswaran in his Johannesburg paper reveals that at the end of decentralized. planning the state would be lifted off from the local space
  8. Franke and Issac argue that the Kerala model development is unique for the reason that it is a development sans production but originally planning is process that deals with production and productive resources
  9. This means that what is termed decentralized planning subverts the basic concept and practice of planning ,favoring the expansionist aggression of the market(6)Planning is antithetical to market economy but Issac while he was the finance minister generated a steep rise in borrowing from the public market and in this murder of planning he was assisted by Prabhat Patnaik who keeps a link with ford foundation
  10. It is a fact conceded that socialist planning could not counter the challenges of the financial colonialism that eats the flesh of undeveloped and under developed states. but it does not anyway justify the maintenance of planning board for the annihilation of planning. 
  11. A planning board is relevant only if the government examines the fact how far decentralization ruined the economy of the state, how far the economy of the state is subjugated to finance colonialism. 
  12. Planning is a concept that germinated from the perspective of nationalization.The board may be maintained only if the government is bold enough to terminate the decentralization menace and get back to the terms of nationalization and a centralized productive economy bidding adieu to globalization, liberalization and privatization.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pathways of Identity Politics and the Clandestine CIA Connections

From New Statesman 2012 February report by Lawry Penny

It is interesting to note that Ford and Rockefeller and the other foundations with strong CIA connections started giving grants in the early 70's to study race and gender. It was a sudden move towards identity politics by these organisations and the theory is that the reason they did this was to balk-anise the left and to prevent it from pursuing any kind of a class or economic analysis. 

Without denying the justice of what you're saying, this is not an irrelevant theory. I don't think, anyway. yearns for the good old days, when issues were big, women didn't want to be imperial spies, and idealism and ethical indignation were accepted from non victims. In 1977 the CIA notified eighty academic institutions that they had unwittingly been involved in surprise! -- mind-control research. The Women's Liberation Movement may be considered as subversive to the New Left and revolutionary movements as they have proven to be a divisive and factionalizing factor.It could be well recommended as a counterintelligence movement to weaken the revolutionary movement." 

This was from an August, 1969 report by the head of the San Francisco FBI office. Within several years, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations were pumping millions into women's studies programs on campus. Struck by how much time we'd spent on our (the panelists') race and gender, I made the point to note Brandt's argument that, in the Seventies, the student left may have been subtly guided toward race/gender issues as a way to get the movement not to deal with class or economics -- which, if they'd kept that focus, might have led to an alliance with the labor unions.

According to that argument, in other words, the rise of what we call "identity politics" was engineered to drive a wedge between the left and working-class whites, who now perceived the academic left as focused on "diversity" instead of economic justice; and this estrangement also made it easy for the right to woo white workers by playing on their racism and sexual anxieties (which had already started happening under Nixon, and which would soon help put Ronald Reagan in the White House).

Feminism was hijacked Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

The Central Intelligence Agency played a key role in hijacking second wave feminism via the work of Gloria Steinem, who is still a noted feminist icon today. Steinem admitted that she was recruited by the CIA to infiltrate youth counter-culture movements in the late 1950’s, and subsequently emerged as a leading icon of second wave feminism in the 1960’s. Steinem subsequently received funding from the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation to set up Ms. Magazine, a feminist publication. The CIA’s role in steering and managing second wave feminism again underscores the fact that feminism is not a grass roots “people” movement, it is a top down system of control used to divide and conquer and is run by powerful individuals who care little for actual women’s rights.

പരിഷത്ത് കേരള വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ രംഗത്ത് വീണ്ടും കണ്ണ് വെക്കുന്നോ?

As a Parishad man he cannot have any idea of education itself. Parishad is an NGO with finance bondage. The role of Parishad in our community life is NGOisation of sociopolitical activism. It corrupts social activist instinct executing a servile colonial agenda beneath the disguise of progressive humanism flirting with leftist politics draining the sap of leftist politics. 

See how Parishad responded to the World Bank financed DPEP program, Higher Education council ,Self financing menace, Autonomous university ,privatization of professional education etc. 
It is a diabolic act of hypocrisy to see the same Parishad opposing all those projects and implementing what they opposed receiving foreign fund. 

One pertinent question remains when Parishad is knocking at the doors of Kerala Education sector once again : Was this man alive as an MLA during the years of devastating counter revolution in the education sector? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Divine Discovery of Organic Farming in Kerala

in 1996 Thomas Issac discovered decentralized planning, micro finance, SHGs, and NHGs and even from US there came scholars to Kerala to bless this amazing discovery. 'Chakka' known as jack fruit was a fruit unknown to Kerala until one fine morning Issac discovered a peculiar kind of farming, termed organic farming. 

The divine message of which he gathered from pope Francis of Vatican, in 2016 elections for the first time in the history of cosmos, Issac brought forth a spectacular agricultural product that he preferred to call 'Chakka'. Now every Keralite knows this due to Issac's most generous decision to have the glorious event of his birth in Kerala that Keralites enjoy organic farming as well as the glory of its exclusive product now known as 'Chakka', the flavor of which attracted the sense organs of Daniel Little a vice chancellor in a US state university ( though records tell you that it is an animal farm of CIA ).

The university has been running a course for organic farming without contesting the patent of organic farming( for it is all a CIA affair ). Somebody is obsessed with the windmill of CIA. ( MOCKS THE ADMIRERS OF SAINT THOMAS ISSAC ) and Issac makes such great historic inventions just to enlighten the mass with his scientific wisdom that preaches the omnipotent truth that coir and all such absurd cottage industries are out dated and the human race of course would wash off the sin of laboring with such cottage industries, and join the micro-finance ventures now diligently privatized by the holy patron saints - Thomas Issac and Vellappally Natesan .

Role of decentralized planning in the mounting public debt in Kerala economy

During Thomas Issac's period there started a steep increase in borrowing from public market, reports CAG. The present day crisis in economy is the inevitable out come of Issac's act ,reports CAG. It is a fact undeniable that when Issac left the post the public debt of Kerala was around 79,000 crores. The increase in debt and interest is the out come of poor economy management in decentralized planning. 

You cannot check it by the drama of purging tax collections in the check post. It is a game that would bring applause to the actor but the actor has betrayed the people by opening the gate way to finance marketing the development planning or decentralized planning was scripted by USAID and World Bank to serve the interest of finance capitalism in India, particularly in Kerala with its slender productive economy being converted to a market where finance is sold out at all levels.

We are a people subjugated by the flow of finance on all sides colonized by external finance power that struck our production oriented economy to a state of fragmentation that we would prefer not to remember. Interestingly, Mr.Issac is silent on the growth of public debt or it does not disturb his affectations during his heroic crusade against corruption but the present day monstrosity of corruption is the product of finance marketing that has ruined every nerve of our village economy, as everybody knows no project in the decentralization exercise, is exception to corruption. Decentralization is the nationalization of corruption 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Discovering human will in the digital age : Beyond facades

The word 'Digital' has redefined many social activities and systems. Digital media, digital marketing, digital business, digital economy, digital government, digital experience, digital security, digital transformation, digital enterprise ... this list goes on. Digital has become a polynomial in every sense. It is conjoining otherwise divergent and dichotomous forms of institutions, social activities and human interactions. Why is Digital so pervasive and overarching entity ? What makes digital a superstructure and meta-narrative with such hegemonic influence and reach?

Before understanding the nuances of digital communication, we need to know that it is not the entirety of human modes of communication. We humans, can communicate with each other and with the larger entities in the natural world.

Physical world of ours is made meaningful through the social interaction and communication between human beings and the nature. Every human to human interaction develops through the confluence of conscious intentions and unconscious instincts. History, culture, memory, instincts and all sort of complex emotions run through human to human interactions. In the case of human interactions with nature, this is more versatile and meaningful. We may consider this as a natural logic. Natural logic inspires human creativity and imagination by manifolds. Nature communicates its hidden and explicit instincts to human beings whereas human beings express their intentions and imaginations back to the nature. There is a rhythm and radiance in natural expressions. Nature inspires creativity and imagination beyond confinements.

On the other hand, digital communication is centered on human to machine and machine to machine communication. Increasingly, we are entering a digital world where machine to machine communication is anticipated to dominate the human to machine communications. An autonomous wold of machine made semantics and semiotics is in the making. The advantage of machine to machine communication and sensor networks is that there it increases automation in the lower modes of production and improves productivity.

Machine to machine communication is a means to run an efficient information processing and energy processing engine on the ground to ensure that the products and services are consumed and produced more efficiently. Natural language processing and cognitive computing is the other frontier in digital communication. The benefit of creating a natural language interface is that human to machine communication becomes more seamless and controllable.

Is this an end to human intervention in the scheme of affairs? No, absolutely not.

At the outset, all this sounds exotic and magical to think about a more efficient, effective and seamless digital communication network of pervasive computing abilities. On a further note, we can see that the digital channels and touch points cannot generate their own original instincts or free will. Their basic instincts will be essentially driven by the power structure that governs them.

The interactions, networks and interfaces that we denote as digital exist as a facade to a larger mode of production and consumption in the economic sense. There is a physical mode of political and market economy behind every digital experience and engagement. We speak about virtual reality and augmented reality emerging as new frontiers in digital media and digital communication. We are seeing the end user interface of these digital experiences. The digital channels and touch points exist as a means to integrate the consumers to a global market economy through virtual and abstract means.

The other side of this intellectual facade is the compendium of forces that govern the laws of digital communication. It is made up of mortals like us. Nothing virtual or digital about it.  Thus humanity need to discover that their fragmented digital experiences are not an end in itself. We human beings still build and rebuild the relationships and rationality in human and natural modes of communication. Digital experiences are just a subset of our larger terrain of experiences and emotional journey.