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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A tale of two contracts:

 Subjugation to finance colonialism


        Now, what is this ,comrade Pinarai vijayan, these   absurd jokes of  festivity over a petty judicial verdict?. The format and style of the celebrations deconstruct  the  memory of the ludicrous  past performed by the idiots honoured in the title of kings- and as the insensible waste of flowers, garlands, bands and drums pinnacled with the rusted frame  of a monarchic crown installed upon the skull of the leader-it is something mean --- inferior  even to a stupid political carnival. It is nothing loftier to the absurd pomp in the event management of an agitation, coined by the neo capitalist brain, the model of which is the wall street travesty or Anna and co mimicry. .Politicians clad in the dogmatic rhetoric of Marxism ,who chronicle the lived experience of pseudo leftist politics always love this hero worship and hype, for they are minds infected with sanity deficiency syndrome germinating from the  parliamentary lust or ugly zest for power.

.      See ,no  strain of  people's struggle, is a performance of financial luxury, as seen now in the street processions lead by the L.D.F.,that tread close to the decorative idiom of a hired event management. If the struggle touches the solar burns in the hearts of the people  it would smell  blood , sweat and tears of the suffering masses. It would never boom toward such a luxurious festivity and revelry .The issue is, that  our energy economy  is worsened further by the solar contract with the W.T.O. and the US companies.-- and Oochandy polluting parliamentary pseudo-morality is not a substance for reasonable agitation . It is only a  sub-human fraud inevitable in the context of finance colonialism. It is not the cause, but symptom of  rotting exemplifying carbuncular capitalist economy. It is the outcome of the self defeating signature of the central government in the dispensation of solar marketing . The magic of obscenity , and the triumphant black mailing by a woman behind the iron bars subjugating greater criminals in the ministerial berth  construct good substance for anti social film makers but these nasty side effects do not shape the cause that  worsen the poverty of energy economy.  The LDF does not have concern over the perils in our energy economy summoned by the solar energy deed executed by the central government and the World Trade Organization. The mimicry band  of the LDF is set to propagate  the libidinal content in the  Kerala solar fraud. Exciting ugly libidinal sensibility is a device of distraction ---- distraction from the serious menace imposed upon our daily bread of energy and so the LDF wont utter a single syllable that touches the international solar energy contract  that betrays the sanity of our political economy

    Back to the Lavalin litigation victory hysteria. The  feeling of elation and ecstasy performed by comrade Pinarai  (as he estimates Lavalin case as the greatest episode  and trial in his political life) is quite pitiable.As a party worker and committed comrade he had challenging experiences of  torturous struggles that he survived with commendable integrity. . It is part of history.. Those struggles he survived not with the backing of a  colony of lawyers who eat  finance in great quantum, who maintain invisible connections with the mighty ones who scribble fate of survival upon human skull.   The Lavalin  affair  was a contest of money power and despite its legal sanction exonerating the mischief, Lavalin contract has brought infamy to the CPM; for, not Pinarai but the central leadership is the culprit behind the curtain. Lavalin is not people's cause. it is the cause of CIDA. .Now the cat is out  and the fact that CIDA , the little cousin of CIA, is the actor behind the Lavalin plot has been established. The political instrument of NATO, a murderous weapon trader and the  wholesale dealer of genocides stepped into the energy sector of Kerala via Lavalin deal and for such a  suicidal political surrender,   CIDA fixed wages of  hundred crores under the banner of Thalasseri Cancer Centre; whether CIDA backed out from the fraud of promised contribution or whether somebody received slices of the bloody amount is still a myth----most irrelevant to the judiciary but most relevant in the context of subterranean financial terrorism leading towards fragmentation of  of our nation state

                        It was CIDA'S cause and not people's cause. As CIDA won the case and its cause , Pinarai nothing more than a medium in the wicked plot ,can have a sigh of relief but if  the CPM believes the wrong committed in the past can be reviewed and rectified , confess the political fact that Lavalin was a project of the CIDA, the development operation wing of CIA.  and apologise in public, for pursuing the contract with the Lavalin- CIDA combine, -- as in Lavalin you smell the blood of Che, Allen De and Pablo Neruda.

                   Back to solar--     The CPI(M) so far , has not raised a single print of voice about the central government's solar deal with the W.T.O. and the US government.. It is direct financial conquest of Indian solar space that has been accorded and conceded by the government. It is  , abject betrayal of the people's interests. The  LDF in its vocal aggressions against the solar fraud ,ignores the contract of betrayal signed by the central government. The CPM raises a fist  of violent utterance against actors and  actresses in the theatre of obscenity, emerging from the solar deal signed by the centre but it would not utter a single finger of word against the treaty of betrayal signed by the centre!! The CPM is bound to swallow its tongue when it comes to the W.T.O CONTRACT: Similarly the CPM would not utter a single word about the involvement of CIDA in the Lavalin deal...... No the CPM would never point its fingers against the interference  of colonial finance in Indian economy for they also receive wages for smuggling the material of finance capital into the  visceral space of Indian economy. The CPM would not confess its crimes . ; it would not apologise and rectify the crime of smuggling the finance routed through CIDAor WTO and it would enact a a drama of rectification just to entertain its  political hypocrisy and ideological demise

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


CIDA and
the Lavalin contract

  •  For whom does the bell tolls--?
  •  for whom does the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) offers a bribe of hundred crores ?
  •  A bribe of hundred crores was offered to the Kerala government(?)  by CIDA and why? 

for Lavalin and Lavalin only

This means that Lavalin was sponsored by CIDA in the Kerala hydro electric sector, and for accepting the proposal CIDA offered finance of hundred crores to the parties concerned whether it be Karthikeyan or the central CPM leadership. The holy saint lavalin  maintains a division SNC tech which manufactures and trades weapons for NATO.

 The CBI court asserts that the offer of hundred crores under the banner of donation was issued by CIDA. WOULD COMRADE  PINARAYI EXPLAIN the role of CIDA in this business of hydroelectric engineering and comrade prakash karat swears in potent throat that CIDA IS A SUBORDINATE OF CIA. The central committee leaders of the CPM who directed Pinarayi to sign a contract with the CIA subordinate is guilty of a merciless political crime. 

Creating space for the CIA SUBORDINATE IN THE HYDROELECTRIC BUSINESS it was colonial financial intrusion in disguise. 

 Personal gain of Pinarayi in this business is nil but the political damage caused to the martyr history of the left, is fathom less. true if pinarai is grilled in this case for pure administrative damages manmohan and antony should be put in  prison for similar and greater vulgar crimes. Personal gain is a lesser crime but crime activated against the political history of the nation and the international  left movement is nothing less than  political treachery. 

It makes no difference. accepting finance from CIDA is nothing less than accepting finance from CIA  and the CPM accepted the offer and Pinarayi signed the contract over the promise of bloody CIA money and this is the way the financial managers of CIA, purchase the left.