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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Thursday, December 26, 2013





SEE ,THE U.S.STARTED THE SATELLITE MAPPING IN INDIA REPRESSING THE PROTEST FROM THE DEFENCE DEPARTMENT AND SURVEYOR GENERAL OF INDIA. THE PRIME FOCUS OF U.S SATELLITE MAPPING WAS INDIAN FORESTS. FOR THEY HAD AN AXE TO GRIND WITH.INDIAN GHATS AND FORESTS. the satellite topographical mapping provides only signs on minute scale and large scale detailing of forest riches IS WORKED OUT AND PERIODICALLY UPDATED ON THE BASIS OF THE TOPOGRAPHICAL RESULT OF THE SATELLITE MAPPING. resource mapping programme, rapid rural appraisal etc are done as the follow up of satellite mapping(in larger scales)IN VILLAGES AND THE US -CORPORATE NEXUS SECRETES SURVEYING OF FORESTS BY DUBIOUS METHODS . why the u.s makes an aggressive mapping is a an issue of colonial political economy. THE GHATS AS WELL AS FORESTS ARE NOT ECOLOGY SENSITIVE BUT SENSITVE TO ECONOMY. ecology centred eco -colonialism hijacks the economic sensitivity of the forest riches and LAUNCHES A PROJECT TO EVICT THE UNTOUCHABLES, INDIAN HUMANS, WHETHER IT BE TRIBALS OR PEASANTS OR FARMERS





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Sudhish Satrughnan

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Is it not  open intimidation and disgusting,obscene political intervention in public by the police minister,asking the high profile police officer to withdraw his valid witness experience in the t.p.  murder case ? - the way the state influences the witness police officer by    intimidation that his head would be cut down if he said what he is convinced of?-not to disclose the irrepressible feeling  of the jail DIG that a conspiracy has been hatched by the government and media to penalize the innocent persons, in the T.P. MURDER CASE?

The facebook episode and the visit   of Fiaiz , a terrorist suspect in the jail having close links with the ruling politicians-- may be noted for the timing of those happenings— conspired just to  bring infamy  to leaders in the category of Mohanan master. The act of the minister expending force upon the police DIG to recant what he said and removing him from his post is most obscene political intervention in . it is attempt to supress the shocking foul play, the concocted plot bred to cut the judiciary into pieces of stupidity and to befool the brain of common man raped by the stinking filth of media propaganda. 

 The statement of the DIG is the honest most revelation and the most authentic witness statement  from the high profile police official who is fully aware of the nasty plot concocted by the congress and its minister in collusion with the media houses purchased by the usaid – cia money.  It is not for the first time that a high profile police officer is dismissing the story of the cpm political vendetta coined by the stooges of USAID funding machinery.

 Earlier DIG Jacob Punnose said- it was a murder  for  personal reasons , the explicit suggestion is that it is not an action of political revenge. IT is the first authentic witness statement from the official side, which was struck down by  direct political  intervention of the police minister who had an ax to grind. The tongue and  teeth of the DGP ,   were plucked out by the police minister and the DGP under duress, with the broken jaws yelled and parroted the USAID bred media and the ugly ruling  politicians. The DGP and later  the DIG who  had convincing first hand knowledge about the secretions manipulated  to construct the story of CPM political vendetta in the  t.p. murder case  disclosed facts with intelligent suggestions, possible within the discipline of their uniform.

 The DIG was removed from his post but no disciplinary action was taken against him. If he violated discipline  taking sides with the criminals, as alleged, why no disciplinary action was taken against him? Actually the high profile police officers spoke the truth, that the story and plot of the cpm vendetta was an attempt to hijack the truth and save the real murderers behind the curtain ---the kith and kin of rmp- congress – extremist nexus. The immediate cause was finance dealings at the personal level but it is coiled in the secret political agenda later developed as weapon against  cpm; the propaganda as a whole was engineered by usaid, and all the media houses that barked in favour of the usaid agenda were heavily fed  with usaid cattle feed. There is no wonder in the appearance of a paradox  that while  the cpm leadership stripping of its political integrity runs down to the hell of betrayal for its share of the usaid feed, its comrades are persecuted tortured hunted and burnt to dust as in the case of CH Asokan. @Sudhish

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A tale of two contracts:

 Subjugation to finance colonialism


        Now, what is this ,comrade Pinarai vijayan, these   absurd jokes of  festivity over a petty judicial verdict?. The format and style of the celebrations deconstruct  the  memory of the ludicrous  past performed by the idiots honoured in the title of kings- and as the insensible waste of flowers, garlands, bands and drums pinnacled with the rusted frame  of a monarchic crown installed upon the skull of the leader-it is something mean --- inferior  even to a stupid political carnival. It is nothing loftier to the absurd pomp in the event management of an agitation, coined by the neo capitalist brain, the model of which is the wall street travesty or Anna and co mimicry. .Politicians clad in the dogmatic rhetoric of Marxism ,who chronicle the lived experience of pseudo leftist politics always love this hero worship and hype, for they are minds infected with sanity deficiency syndrome germinating from the  parliamentary lust or ugly zest for power.

.      See ,no  strain of  people's struggle, is a performance of financial luxury, as seen now in the street processions lead by the L.D.F.,that tread close to the decorative idiom of a hired event management. If the struggle touches the solar burns in the hearts of the people  it would smell  blood , sweat and tears of the suffering masses. It would never boom toward such a luxurious festivity and revelry .The issue is, that  our energy economy  is worsened further by the solar contract with the W.T.O. and the US companies.-- and Oochandy polluting parliamentary pseudo-morality is not a substance for reasonable agitation . It is only a  sub-human fraud inevitable in the context of finance colonialism. It is not the cause, but symptom of  rotting exemplifying carbuncular capitalist economy. It is the outcome of the self defeating signature of the central government in the dispensation of solar marketing . The magic of obscenity , and the triumphant black mailing by a woman behind the iron bars subjugating greater criminals in the ministerial berth  construct good substance for anti social film makers but these nasty side effects do not shape the cause that  worsen the poverty of energy economy.  The LDF does not have concern over the perils in our energy economy summoned by the solar energy deed executed by the central government and the World Trade Organization. The mimicry band  of the LDF is set to propagate  the libidinal content in the  Kerala solar fraud. Exciting ugly libidinal sensibility is a device of distraction ---- distraction from the serious menace imposed upon our daily bread of energy and so the LDF wont utter a single syllable that touches the international solar energy contract  that betrays the sanity of our political economy

    Back to the Lavalin litigation victory hysteria. The  feeling of elation and ecstasy performed by comrade Pinarai  (as he estimates Lavalin case as the greatest episode  and trial in his political life) is quite pitiable.As a party worker and committed comrade he had challenging experiences of  torturous struggles that he survived with commendable integrity. . It is part of history.. Those struggles he survived not with the backing of a  colony of lawyers who eat  finance in great quantum, who maintain invisible connections with the mighty ones who scribble fate of survival upon human skull.   The Lavalin  affair  was a contest of money power and despite its legal sanction exonerating the mischief, Lavalin contract has brought infamy to the CPM; for, not Pinarai but the central leadership is the culprit behind the curtain. Lavalin is not people's cause. it is the cause of CIDA. .Now the cat is out  and the fact that CIDA , the little cousin of CIA, is the actor behind the Lavalin plot has been established. The political instrument of NATO, a murderous weapon trader and the  wholesale dealer of genocides stepped into the energy sector of Kerala via Lavalin deal and for such a  suicidal political surrender,   CIDA fixed wages of  hundred crores under the banner of Thalasseri Cancer Centre; whether CIDA backed out from the fraud of promised contribution or whether somebody received slices of the bloody amount is still a myth----most irrelevant to the judiciary but most relevant in the context of subterranean financial terrorism leading towards fragmentation of  of our nation state

                        It was CIDA'S cause and not people's cause. As CIDA won the case and its cause , Pinarai nothing more than a medium in the wicked plot ,can have a sigh of relief but if  the CPM believes the wrong committed in the past can be reviewed and rectified , confess the political fact that Lavalin was a project of the CIDA, the development operation wing of CIA.  and apologise in public, for pursuing the contract with the Lavalin- CIDA combine, -- as in Lavalin you smell the blood of Che, Allen De and Pablo Neruda.

                   Back to solar--     The CPI(M) so far , has not raised a single print of voice about the central government's solar deal with the W.T.O. and the US government.. It is direct financial conquest of Indian solar space that has been accorded and conceded by the government. It is  , abject betrayal of the people's interests. The  LDF in its vocal aggressions against the solar fraud ,ignores the contract of betrayal signed by the central government. The CPM raises a fist  of violent utterance against actors and  actresses in the theatre of obscenity, emerging from the solar deal signed by the centre but it would not utter a single finger of word against the treaty of betrayal signed by the centre!! The CPM is bound to swallow its tongue when it comes to the W.T.O CONTRACT: Similarly the CPM would not utter a single word about the involvement of CIDA in the Lavalin deal...... No the CPM would never point its fingers against the interference  of colonial finance in Indian economy for they also receive wages for smuggling the material of finance capital into the  visceral space of Indian economy. The CPM would not confess its crimes . ; it would not apologise and rectify the crime of smuggling the finance routed through CIDAor WTO and it would enact a a drama of rectification just to entertain its  political hypocrisy and ideological demise

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


CIDA and
the Lavalin contract

  •  For whom does the bell tolls--?
  •  for whom does the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) offers a bribe of hundred crores ?
  •  A bribe of hundred crores was offered to the Kerala government(?)  by CIDA and why? 

for Lavalin and Lavalin only

This means that Lavalin was sponsored by CIDA in the Kerala hydro electric sector, and for accepting the proposal CIDA offered finance of hundred crores to the parties concerned whether it be Karthikeyan or the central CPM leadership. The holy saint lavalin  maintains a division SNC tech which manufactures and trades weapons for NATO.

 The CBI court asserts that the offer of hundred crores under the banner of donation was issued by CIDA. WOULD COMRADE  PINARAYI EXPLAIN the role of CIDA in this business of hydroelectric engineering and comrade prakash karat swears in potent throat that CIDA IS A SUBORDINATE OF CIA. The central committee leaders of the CPM who directed Pinarayi to sign a contract with the CIA subordinate is guilty of a merciless political crime. 

Creating space for the CIA SUBORDINATE IN THE HYDROELECTRIC BUSINESS it was colonial financial intrusion in disguise. 

 Personal gain of Pinarayi in this business is nil but the political damage caused to the martyr history of the left, is fathom less. true if pinarai is grilled in this case for pure administrative damages manmohan and antony should be put in  prison for similar and greater vulgar crimes. Personal gain is a lesser crime but crime activated against the political history of the nation and the international  left movement is nothing less than  political treachery. 

It makes no difference. accepting finance from CIDA is nothing less than accepting finance from CIA  and the CPM accepted the offer and Pinarayi signed the contract over the promise of bloody CIA money and this is the way the financial managers of CIA, purchase the left.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What lies beneath the virtual reality in social media!

Technocracy and the hidden orders of randomness

Technology has become one of the dominant modes of market expansion in our days. As this intimate relation between technology and market is becoming more intense, technology is gradually endorsing many ideologies of market capitalism. One of the popular topics among the think tanks and ideologues of technology is the belief that technology is the means and end of life. This belief system happen to become an age old determinism in the material world which now takes the shape of technocracy. They believe that people are spending most of their time in the information spaces of virtual reality. This technocracy and the hypes of virtual reality has become the alter ego of the contemporary market determinism. 

What is the role of social media in developing a structure of virtual reality? Social media networks like Facebook and twitter prey on the human life by throwing fragments of social life into the personal lives of people. Out of sheer curiosity and instinct for gratifying their alienated social ego, people glue into the social media networks for hours. This momentary gratification for social living is exploited by social networks. Instead of social experience these virtual platforms convert information fragments from social space into breadcrumbs to amplify their personal ego. 

This is an interesting context. People become preys of alienation as they get integrated into the social modes of capitalist production. After the office hours when people connect to the social media, their urge for communication is exploited by social networks which create a virtual market space. Here people themselves become commoditized when fragments from life are extracted and distributed along with the market information.

Hence social media networks are nothing but markets where information fragments become the medium for exchanging market products and services. Same technocrats who propagate the absolute power of market now speak about the world of randomness and they are positing it as universal as relativity, quantum mechanics and evolution. On one side absolute belief in the fathomless wonders and abundant powers of market prevails and on the other the consience that the material world around us is random and non-linear gains momentum. They happen to be the digital edges of the same money chain. 

If we take a scan of the recent books and publications surrounding technology, we can see that randomness and chaos are gaining popularity among practitioners of science. Randomness is definitely can be seen in nature, its events and phases. Are they truly random? It is the key question. In every event that exhibit randomness, it is necessary part of an order, either within its boundaries or encircling it. 

If we consider the weather patterns as chaotic and random, they are evidently part of wider pattern of climate systems, seasons and the wind currents and so on. Insider every weather pattern such as rains, tidal fronts as so on, we can find elements of predictable models such as the shapes of rain drops, the fractal nature of tides etc. Hence every event of randomness and non linearity are part of the wider circles of orderliness and they themselves are constituted by orders events and natural laws. 

Now the question is why is someone so much concerned with the occurrences of randomness, if at all? Latent capitalism posits a culture where technology can make human conscience as subjective as possible. Technology and the portal of technology will determine what humans will think, how they behave and what they consume in the market. This technological determinism is not propagated by some crazy lunatic scientist, but by the forces who would like to see a world were human will decides how to live their life. When the role of human will is nullified by the constructs that deconstructs humaneness, people will shrink to fragments of social capital that produce, consume and reproduce mere chunks of data. 

Hence when technology fragments people in their thoughts, workplace and the market shops, their thoughts and desires become as subjective as it can be. When people see the world around with the fragmented conscience and self, the world becomes an ensemble of chaos and randomness. Observing world closely is never a crime. It becomes a futile exercise when we theorize it without connecting with the microcosmic entities and macro cosmic narratives.  We can welcome the experiments and mathematical constructs that help to extract randomness and non-linearity from previously static processes and phenomena. Those findings should be used for further systemic studies not for half baked theories and postulates which get instant popularity in the academic market place. It requires to connect mathematical methods with domain specific scientific frameworks.

Thus when social media becomes the medium for propagating the ideology of technocracy, non-linear physics become a popular construct to impose this belief system on the scientific community. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Who killed Satnam singh?


           WHO KILLED  SATNAM SINGH , a North Indian youth, seeking spiritual asylum in Kerala , turning violent, charged with murder attempt for an alleged act of assault upon a potential dollar deity--  is a puzzle that cannot be solved by any astro-divine male or female god that betrays human frame;  Perhaps he sought solace for  his perturbed soul and nursed some misapprehension that some deity performing rituals of  grand spiritual industry would diffuse his angst.. he was mistaken and in a moment  of disgust and violence his cerebral sanity collapsed. The gods terrestrial and their goons fell upon him and the ministerial don of the political absurd rushed to the spot to administer the feast of terror unleashed upon him.  On charges of murder attempt, he was taken  into police custody and as he was mortally  struck by the compassionate philistine  demigods  he was taken to a district government hospital; As he was crushed down  by the wrath of the superhuman deity the doctors refused to attend him or nurse him .  His body being a  medical reject  was dragged on to a government mental hospital where he was found dead, while he was in police custody.It was a custodial death and who is the custodian  of death sitting upon the buffalo's back with the rope and ministerial wand? The police minister tells you that he was killed by the psychotics in the mental hospital. Whether it be true or not, a genuine question arises; who is the actual  neurotic or psychotic?  The persecutor or the persecuted? Are we a society infected with neurosis or psychosis  breeding and nurturing  deities  that  feed upon the filth of foreign dollars that upset the economy of our psychic equilibrium? Who is the murderer ? Yes, the murderer is the custodian of law who rushed to the spot to administer the terror of social psychosis germinating from power mania---it is  an act of cruelty administered by a  power maniac- society. Say ,there is nothing genuine in the feeling of guilt or the dread of crime  for  the postmodern scoundrels tell you that we are living in virtual reality and the question of genuine feeling does not arise--- thus spake Baudrillad  and it is the most unhygienic voice of the persecutor race  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poem: Fire and ashes will not wait for scavengers

They are born in the mettle of scavengers
They have learned the puppet art by licking their skulls
They have learned to mint their spine for wreched gold
They have watched the fire burning minds and words
They have waited enough to encash the burden of guilt
They have waited enough to peel away the nascent flowers
They have vaulted enough secret to hide the fire and ashes
They are born to the senile days of fertile lands and fertile days of senile lands
They have submitted their longer tongue to the goddess of silence and sickness

Fire and ashes will not wait for scavengers
Fire and ashes will not burn the plastic wealth of plastic bowls
Fire and ashes will not be born into the termites of paperworms
Fire and ashes will not spit on the holy vessels of their greedy lips
Fire and ashes will ignite their sweat and soils whoever they are, whatever they do

Media as a finance instrument [three] : T.P.Chandrasekharan muder

T.P. Chandrasekharan murder:  

The persecutors and the persecuted 

Now as Mullappally Ramachandran ,the Central Subordinate Minister for internal security of the nation releases an  utterance  ,that  the role of Fias, terrorist suspect,  gold trader and smuggler in T.P. Chandrasekharan  murder , may be enquired into, the assumption, that the murder was enacted to please the finance managers of terrorism gains administrative approval.   The persons receiving money, for spreading acts of terrorism in the name of Islam in Kerala may be constrained to perform some terrorist events just to impress their masters ,that they are doing the job entrusted with them and funds may be released further for the performance of terrorist activities.  Killing of T.P. was not a simple murder but an item of event management subscribed to terrorism, and the media celebrated it as a major event.

 Hon’ble Chief whip of the ruling front Shri P.C.George.  a person executing the power of an officer in the cabinet minister rank,  entertains the mass with the most penetrating peeps into the fallacy of political truth .He issued a statement that Fias the smuggler and trader of gold has been maintaining terrorist links. It  is a statement from the governmental side and if the government itself are pleased to feel that the person maintains terrorist links, the Central Subordinate Minister for home will have to take action at the territorial  power line of the central government. Mr. Mullappally Ramachandran will have to act because the theme of terrorism is not a crime to be dealt with the state government  but with the central government. He does not act ,instead makes a public exhortation in violation of the constitutional oath and responsibility that the activities of Fias may be brought under investigation. Yes the activities of a terrorist suspect-(as certified by the governmental office of the Chief whip--) shall be investigated by a central agency under the ministry of  Mr Mullappally either by CIB or NIA  and Mr minister at the centre cannot escape from the official responsibility assigned to him as the minister. The preliminary administrative responsibility of  the central home minister is to provide the people with the sense of security and not worsening the anxiety and irrational apprehensions of the people with toothless spineless statements .If the minister feels there is involvement of terrorist element in T. P. murder, he should serve his constitutional responsibilities with utmost seriousness. he should act;

 The political persecution of Mohanan master exceeds all limits of cruelty as the media  generates another vicious propaganda against him on his suspected links with Fias. The media managers who played a dominant role in constructing the fallacy of the CPM involvement in the murder  are losing their ground, and just to maintain the notion of CPM conspiracy in the murder they want at least one victim of Mohanan's leadership level and the procedure of persecution and its festive brutality. still  persist to insult the blood of the innocent. The latest evidence is that of a telephone talk of one and a half mts duration between the terrorist suspect and Mohanan master. For the vulgar media it is a rocking  news. whereas the telephone contact of Fias with the Chief minister's private chief officer is not at all a breaking news Fias was a local person of Mohanan master and . as the CPM leaders maintain pleasant relations with the affluent class--- may be a symptom of political deterioration inevitable-- the chances of any such contact can’t be ruled out. But it makes no point of evidence to the  level that Mohan master knew Fias’ suspected links with the terrorists.  The argument is void. If  telephone talk with a criminal at  the other end,   is a criminal act, the Kerala Chief Minister,  Home Minister and the entire cabinet may be put in jail several times. Definitely the connection between  Mohanan master, the persecuted, and Fias the terrorist suspect, may be investigated, as one may find scope for investigation in Jesus' contact with Barabas as desired by  Caiphus and co.. 

But other questions remain:

1. In the event management of terrorism, Marxist extremists, communist dissidents and the so called Islamic terrorists are allies.

2CPIM (liberation) is a political organization with a history of terrorism .T.P.’s party maintained and still maintains some close links with the Liberation which on the other side maintains links with the Islamic-ngo extremism

3  The evidence to prove the friendship between the terrorist suspect and the CPM leader is scanty . At the same time we have substantial photographic  and telephonic evidence to the grand relationship between E. Ahmed--- Mullappally’s colleague  Muslim league leaders, chief ministers’ office,   DCC and state level leaders of congress ;why can't some among these be the men behind the terrorist murder?

4  The links are all open . but there is one hidden connections between the investigating officer of T.P. murder case and the terrorist suspect  ; the prosecution  objects even to  the examination  of  the telephone diary of the  investigating officer: WHY SIR , OBJECTION TO THE REVELATION OF FACTS ALLIED TO A TERRORIST MURDER WHEN   POLICE OFFICERS, MINISTERS OR CONGRESSMEN ARE AT THE RECEIVING END?

5  An investigation that does justice to the people’s right to security may prove  that the persecutors and not the persecuted  are the villains behind the terrorist murder
6 whether Fias be terrorist or not, whether Fias be involved in the murder or not, the execution of T.P. murder is a terrorist act, and the force behind  is  the foreign criminal finance  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Discourses of Disguise: Unmasking the post-colonial project

MN Vijayan Remembrance 2013
Keynote speech - S.Sudhish
Domestic Colonialism and Imperial Colonialism

Domestic colonialism? the term may sound a bit odd for most of us who are familiar with the imperial origins and expansion of colonialism in the ages of British empire in India. This is not an oxymoron but a key finding by Lenin in his studies on colonial questions.

Perhaps Lenin gave the best elaboration of the Colonial Question. Internationally, he critiqued the relations between oppressor and oppressed nations as closely related to the relations between classes within nations. ( )

Thus Lenin highlights the fact that while studying the national and colonial questions, the underlying class dynamics should not be forgotten. Colonization has been a development in the political economy of nations when imperialism achieved certain level of complex statecraft in the age of industrial capital. In the ages of feudalism and the days of monarchy, empires did not consist of remote or peripheral colonies. Empire signified the power for territorial expansionism and famous victories. The empires of Alexander, Genghis Khan and their likes were symbols of military wins across continents and seas. Later when the empires could amass and control significant amount of industrial capital they began to control the functions and political economy of the nations which they defeated. Thus the colonial nation states emerged. This was the colonialism from the above, or the imperialism. At the same time, as Lenin noted above, colonialism could exist within a nation state itself. The section of people with political and economic might within a nation state can exert power and exploit others. Caste system in India and the Apartheid suffered by African Americans are the good evidence for this.

Thus nationalism and a nation state as it is can be a site for domestic colonialism. The case of America in the time for British empire is a direct case for this. United States of America had a substantial native population when immigrants from Britain settled and occupied the land. When the British immigrants were fighting against the British empire, it was not based on any racial reasons. The reason was purely political and economic. The same immigrants were engaged in a fight with the natives at the same time. Thus the freedom fighters of America against British empire were colonizing the natives domestically. Thus U.S.A becomes a converging site of imperial and domestic colonialism.

Thus the thesis of domestic colonialism paved a way to a wider understanding of the Marxian analysis of a nation state within the class concept. 'Internationalism' was proposed as the outlook for the proletariat across the nations. Working class worldwide was urged to unite internationally. This view was actively supported by communist international ( Comintern) as well. 

Source: Fotopedia

Now domestic colonialism is no more heard in the research pursuits on the colonial question. Instead, the term 'Post-colonialism' has become the buzzword. In his famous work 'The Wretched Earth' Frantz Fanon deconstructed colonial question as a kind of oppressive effect and the residual effect of colonial hegemony. In 1978, when Edward Said published 'Eurocentrism' it reduced colonial question to a contradiction between the western imperialism and the oriental societies. After this, the thesis of post-colonialism emerged popular among academic circles and intelligentia. 

Thus the original thesis of domestic colonialism became largely unmasked and deconstructed in the inventiveness of post colonial narratives. In addition, post colonial studies could help the academic circles to sleep over the rising instances of neocolonialism using finance capital and the thesis of fragmentation of nation states. When post-colonial academicians like Homi Bhabha and Gayathri Chakravarthi Spivak continue to hunt the demigods of western imperial vestiges in the darkness of history, imperially funded NGO agencies and terrorist cells are tearing away every single site of political economy in the nation states. Thus post-colonialist thesis has become the dual mask to hide the residues of domestic colonialism and the intruding forces of neocolonialist finance capital, both eating away the political economy and the social fabric of nation states world wide.

Additional Notes:

  • Domestic and imperial colonialism: The dynamics of imperial colonialism - the contradiction between center and periphery. What about domestic colonialism? every nation will have center and periphery. 
  • Internationalism becomes the alternative to the nationalist ideology which confines the working class to the interests of the dominant class.
  • Episodes of American freedom struggle are one of the early historic sites for the contradiction between domestic colonialism and imperialist colonialism. Natives stood with British empire against American immigrant colonizers. Exploitation is the centripetal force to the domestic colonialism. 
  • Kerala caste hierarchy and the associated social fabric is another site of domestic colonialism. Indulekha as a site of contradiction of domestic colonialism. During freedom struggle, domestic colonialism becomes subdued. Saraswathivijayam in 1890 as a site of domestic colonialism. Caste as a dominant discourse in Saraswathivijayam. 
  • In the age of neocolonialism, domestic colonialism becomes a convenience. 
  • Internationalism as an opposition to domestic colonialism.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Remembering MN Vijayan in the ages of Media Cacophony!

Event Invitation, for more details: please contact:
 for paatom  digital bi monthly in malayalam

Monday, September 23, 2013

Media as the finance intrument-Three: Panic in Mullapperiyar

Media as finance instrument of intellectual massacre
 Panic in Mullapperiyar

 Constructing  or maintaining dam is irredeemable sin as per the colonial gospel of environmentalism. Environmentalism is the  religion of the present times, with ecosystem as its god. The pseudo intelligentsia ,of course take pride in this neocolonial gospel of the religion as it has been established as the fashion of the day which updates the most selfish and reactionary instincts in man under the cover of ultra modern intellectual vain glory. The theology of  environmentalism propels a crusade against the supposed  human assaults upon astro- terrestrial system. A battle line is drawn between man and astro terrestrial system. As per the theological preaching of environmentalism everything within and above the earth, living and nonliving is sacred ,except man,   The  touch of man pollutes existence otherwise sacred and genuine.

                                          In India we have a  history of pollution in which the underdog working class races were estimated as untouchables who would by a touch pollute the virgin air, environment and the sacred body of the upper class humans. The political intention beneath the thesis of  the ancient untouchability and unapproachability, was monopoly of power and command of economy vested with the ruling race. Untouchability was a measure by which man to man relation was defined .The  power relations between man and man , that of hegemony and subjugation, were supposed to be scripted by the superhuman structure of feeling, designated god . The  hegemonic class with the aid of the holy scripture, alienated the subdued class from the area of power , with the hegemonic discourses of the divine(visuddham) and profane(asuddham-ayitham) The logic for the elimination of the human rights of the underdogs was environmental pollution

                                  The ancient discourse of human pollution was a  pervert expression of man to man confrontation at the social level. The idea of pollution, in man to man struggle for space and economy ,  was lifted from the intra-human level and posted in the conflicts of man to non- human surroundings with the emergence of the environmentalist religion.  The ultra modern thesis of environmental pollution is a tactical diversion from  man to man contradictions and brutal colonial repressions of humans by humans; Man to man exploitation has reached its peak, hegemony and rule of the neo-capitalist power have been established at various levels over the surface of earth . The hegemonic class at this juncture, want to have an effective discourse for distraction  from the intra-human scales  of hegemony and subjugation The modern religion of environmentalism, is the most effective discourse of distraction from the  theme of man to man exploitation   With the foreplay of environmental theology, the theme  of man to man contradiction is   pushed off  and replaced  by man to environment confrontation.

                            Humans on earth do have a history of using, the nonhuman living and non- living world around, for sustenance and development and there is no escape from it. It is an inevitable confrontation and conciliation. The economy of human existence was cultivated out of  human interaction with the astro terrestrial system termed  ecosystem and so the conflict and conciliation of the  humans with the non human material substance is basic with human living. At the same time, the history of exploitation arrives at a definite structure of feeling and meaning with the distribution of economy among the humans,( the economy being generated out of the human  interaction with the astro- terrestrial surroundings) .The story of humans falling upon or preying upon, the bio natural surroundings is consistent with the laws of necessity, as the survival of humanity is necessarily determined by the acts  or interaction of the humans with the surroundings. The power relations in the interaction between the human and non human  surroundings are determined by the politics of subjugation and hegemony in man to man relations. This means that  the amoral,  non-ethical colonial psyche that performs a  repressive distribution of economy ,determines, the so called assault of man upon environment.  It is the politics of man to man relation that determines the politics of man to nonhuman surroundings  and not the relation between man and non human space that determines the  political economy in man to man relations  Neo- colonialism projects the exploitation of nonhuman surroundings as the major issue   for it wants to divert attention from the murderous colonial  politics at the intra human level with the  propaganda of environmentalism.  Subjugation of nonhuman surrounding, extracting the essential useful mass or energy in the form of food or labour and possession of all that substance for oneself is the beginning of tyrannical economy . The contest for possession of the astro- terrestrial mass , among humans and distribution of economy in favour of the race or class with murderous aggressive power and regressive self is incited by savage biological instinct. Neo colonialism takes this savage instinct to the extremes, using force in the civilized forms of hegemony and rule.
                            The religion of environment and eco-theology are propagated with a definite political perspective just to make it a point  that assault upon eco environment is the seminal issue whereas  the human killings and genocides  in the trail of terrorism  , war , and starvation within the human community , and the extremes of exploitation, and murderous financial intrusions and aggressions  within the human community are not at all issues of human sanity or sanctity. Unilateral exertions upon environment violates, the reciprocity of taking and giving, the positive principle of inter action . It cannot be justified, but it cannot be exaggerated as the one and only crime of the humans ignoring what man does against man. Assault upon environment is only  the subordinate part of the criminal game, that, man conspires against man .But neocolonial forces exaggerate environment issue to mythical levels violating principles of rationality . They ask the marginalized nation states not to touch the sacred environment, not to pollute it ,because an interaction with environment ,which is the most part  positive, goes against their interest. They want to have the  virgin eco-prospects of nature untouched by the third rate human race for they want it to be preserved in its virginity for themselves for  their technological exploitation and persecution. They ask the  third  rate citizens not to touch or pollute the nature for they want to rape nature and squeeze nature to the extremes so that nature won’t have a life further. So they tell the world that the genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan and the terrorism they nurse all over the surface of the earth are minor issues when compared to the ecological pollution done by the  untouchable humans the third rate humans. It is the revival of  the untouchability- theology

                      Another great joke in this context is the modern mythology of biocentrism and its thesis that the eco-biotic system with all its minute structures of organism ,is central to human survival and so the eco surroundings are more significant than human life. The glaring contradiction in this argument is, that it admits the fact that human necessity is the factor that determines the value and significance of the eco- environment substance. There is nothing wrong in a statement that a motor car driver’s life is motor car centred. Similarly the bio-environment may be something important as human necessity. The driver is the actor and master of the motor car; the motorcar is maintained by man for its positive response that would improve his life. So the motor car is there, for man and man is not for the motorcar. In the same way the bio – environment is significant only because it is a medium of man ;for his improved state of being; it should be there for man and for that sole reason it is important. The reciprocity between man and environment is a hearty relation but bio e-environment is no God or above man; The myth and mythology of biocentrism is sentimental fraud that would tickle the skin sensibility of  the people who lack maturation of common sense. But the point made by neocolonialism is explicit. Biodiversity is great. Preservation of bio-diversity is the ultimate mission of human life. The terrorist killings, genocides, colonization of economy and culture, exploitation of various kinds are all okay if you preserve the sanctity of the bio-environment undisturbed. This is neo colonial politics.

      Man is found distinct from other forms of organic dynamism by virtue of the enormous capability of interaction with the given ecosystem and Marx termed this capability of upturning the given material system, as production. Environment is the impact of human interference upon  the given material system referred to as nature. The fertility potentials of the given material system is invoked to its heights by human interaction and it is upturned  so as to release its productivity. The present ecosystem is greatly designed by the human interference termed production. Ecosystem as well as the environment is not absolute . They are not entities complete in themselves. The given material system is consistently transformed by human interaction, and changes in the  environment is the effect of that interaction. Environment as well as this material world is not static but ever changing. Change that does harm to  the fertility potentials of the material system is regressive and it regresses the development of the system and the environment.  On the other side, qualitative change that amends the inner structure of material system and upturn the system   may vitalize further, the material substance, and develop an advanced broadened system. It may improve the material fertility power as well as the environmental canvas. Progression is not elimination of what exists but conservation of the existing material substance in a different order in which the potentials of the material substance are released and improved at the qualitative level. There is negation of the system in it; but what follows, is formation of a system distinct from the earlier one,  It is  negation of negation. So in human interaction with the given material system, environment may be out run into anarchy. But it is an interim phenomenon that may be mastered to arrive at an advanced system.  It is wrong to conserve a fertile substance untouched or kept virgin frustrating its productivity. It is not ideal to be a celibate or virgin. So the virgin environment  untouched, is myth. It is unreal. It is a deceptive thesis and  the rule of a criminal game that would serve the hegemony of the global colonial forces.  Touch not the productive fruit, was the order of the ultimate Power in the biblical text. It was forbidden because God is  the monopoly of creation or production. A touch upon the productivity of the given system may challenge the monopoly in the area of meta narratives of production. This is the law of the sacred Old Testament.   The curse of sin falls upon man as he realizes his own biological productive power. He is estimated  sinner for the simple reason that  the potentials of biological productivity are stimulated.   If the third rate citizens, or marginalized outcast race stimulate the potentials of water so as to generate electricity it will be blocked in the holy name of environment. It is a prohibition imposed to serve the monopoly of energy production by god and god-men
                              The colonial powers confess that they used finance as instrument to establish cultural and  political hegemony over the third rate  populations, through  god-men, churches and spiritual -charity institutions. God or faith  or funded spiritual institution was and is a medium by which  financial colonizing is effectively done. This system is still maintained. While maintaining the system, the neo colonial institutions understand that faith or god is a phenomenon that would fail to appeal the secular polity. So they created an army parallel to the funded Salvation Army and voluntary institutions of God . This brand of neo-colonial army deployed by financial colonialism in the secular front is known as non governmental organization with behaving masks such as human rights, environment, gender rights. ethnic identity ,women empowerment  poverty alleviation and development. The nongovernmental organizations are deployed to weaken invalidate and subvert the governmental organizations of third rate         citizens’ governments. They are complementary to the terrorist outfits financed by the colonial forces with the project of destabilizing the third rate citizens’ governments. The spiritual charity organizations,(traditional voluntary institutions of colonial finance) non governmental organizations and the terrorist organizations  all together raise a situation of disrupted economy and chaos in the states under their siege and that is what is  happening in India now .Among the themes globally played by the N.G.Os, environment happens to be the most prominent one because sterilization of production in the third rate states is the major agenda of colonialism and a heated performance resisting interaction with the environment would stall production and sustain the sterility, termed virginity of the eco-bio-system as desired by the colonial masters. Even in the Indian curriculum, environment has been introduced as novel measure of faith by which the value of text under learning is estimated, and god has been reduced to a complementary measure of faith  to environment, as secular polity is the major target of neocolonialism.  With faith in god you cannot convert a secular mind to a believer. But the religion of environment does it.
        In our country, dam for irrigation and electricity  is the progenitor of industrial production and modern agriculture. A dam at the level of Bhakranangal is a unifying force that holds the people of Indian subcontinent into the great feeling of cultural oneness. A dam as it runs water through desert and soil for irrigation renovates the eco-foundation and gives a new birth to the eco strata pushing forth its fertility. The hydro electric dams that heighten the potentials of water also raise a great positive impact upon eco-strata . Dam is also a defence against natural calamities. A half century old dam is part of the existing ecosystem. Dam is material structure of subsistence and power. It happens to be a social discourse in Thoppil Bhasi and aesthetic discourse in Kumaranasan and G.Sankarakurup
                        A dam pretty old may collapse , and we do have measures of disaster management and measures for deactivating dams to disuse phase by phase.  It may be done if it is found inevitable At the same time it may be remembered that death of a dam is unbearable to the eco-fertility in the space of human living
            The religion of environmentalism is of course opposed to dam and a dam phobia has been nurtured by the stooges of finance colonialism. The media houses in Kerala raised a chorus against the Mullapperiyar dam that sustains a huge population ,whether it be Malyalee  or Tamilian. One may feel that it is not so accidental that a film with  collapse of dam as its subject was manufactured during the same period of Mullapperiyar panic. Another important aspect  that deserves the  vigil of our society is that the mercenaries of colonialism have been  targeting sabotage of dams. The anti dam campaign  managed by the environmentalists
cannot be taken in isolation  but be read along with the colonial agenda  of sabotage and terrorism focusing our power houses of  agriculture and industry. Anxiety or fear is a necessity to a certain extent for a dam centuries old may fall at any moment. Precaution and preparedness of disaster management is also necessity. But when the alarm bell is struck at the wrong moment disproportionate to the point of necessity, it definitely corresponds to some treacherous planning. The terror and atmosphere of panic created by the unified chorus of the media joins the stream of terrorist activism in our country, as terrorizing and breaking the psychic rationality with excess of fear  and cultivating the horror sensibility is the need of terrorism. Mullapperiyar panic was a rehearsal of terrorism or precursor of some terrorist agenda focusing our hydro circular stations; People from two Kerala districts lived in great fear that their lives and belongings would be demolished today or tomorrow. An ethnic riot was on the anvil but when the Tamils retaliated it subsided. Nothing happened even after a substantial period and the traders of panic and psychic disaster were frustrated .The people thrown into psychic melodrama of fear witnessed a silent shameless with drawl of the media terrorists from the scene ,along with god men of the environment myth. Now let them pray for a huge disaster or an episode of  terror that would justify their story of Mullapperiyar panic
              It is true that we have reason to be cautious. But the way the media projected endosulfan tragedy or mullapperiyar issue toed the line of environmental terrorism
                    In the solar issue . Indian energy economy  is subjugated to the fraudulent US solar manufactures by the W.T.O. agreement.  It is done in the holy name of environment but it invites total  disorder and anarchy in the energy generation and distribution that would pauperize our energy economy
                In the endosulfan issue  the inner story is that of the conflict between the manufacturers of generic pesticides and patented pesticides. The German company, Bayer was the major manufacturer and exporter of endosulfan ,a generic pesticide, at the inter national level.  With the commencement of the patent law, the Bayer company stopped manufacturing  endosulfan and started  manufacturing patented pesticide by virtue of which Indian companies became the major exporter of the generic pesticide. Monopoly of the production  and marketing, is the explicit intention of the patent law .  Kasargode tragedy is  the out come of a planned act of  massacre and genetic assault just to prove  that the generic pesticides should be ousted from the market generating apprehensions of damages. Environmentalists at the beck and call of the funding agencies were waiting for an occasion to celebrate their doctrines of faith, and they served their masters  projecting this villainy of market as the holy sacrifice for the cause of environment, This is another  gruesome instance of  environmental terrorism served in the interest of financial colonialism
       Environmentalists as they take up the cause of the patented  commodities,  prove their mettle as the paid environmental terrorists--- terrorizing people in the name of the great god –environment
     Panic in Mullapperiyar is an instance of media terrorism as well as environmental terrorism associated to dam-phobia

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Endosulfan: Media as the finance instrument

Media as Finance Instrument of  Intellectual  Massacre  

                Two: ENDOSULFAN:       

        The neocapitalist media and the entire data net system have been  programmed in such a way as to cultivate absence of reality, to destroy the rhythm of sense and the vision of discretion and identity rooted in the sociocultural biology ; What the media project and propagate is the noisy unreal  beneath the silenced reality  . The psychic doctrine of horror celebrated by the media,  foregrounding endosulfan  victims in  Kasargod , drifted off from the basic question, why a particular segment of  Kasargod alone  happened to be the cruelest victim of endosulfan ; Why endo sulfan did not issue the the same quantum of disaster at the same degree on all parts of earth it was applied or why Kasargode happened to be the worst affected area --is the seminal question; Endosulfan with its poison content is exported from our country and applied even  in the foreign circuits of agriculture; Poison may do the same quantum of damage to humans taking it at different parts of the world, since this pesticide poison is the major export commodity of India. Then a rational question arises why report of such cruel disfigurations and death were not reported from other parts of the world—as in the case of Bhopal tragedy ,why no foreign government filed a compensation suit against any Indian exporter of this pesticide poison. This means that the Kasargod tragedy is  an accident in application ,committed by one government department of Kerala ,a compensation suit would have been filed by the home department of kerala against the officials and the concerned department responsible for the shocking tragedy. Instead the media enlarged a protest game of hue and cry against endosulfan, that too for a short period, in the name of the victims and vanished from the scene leaving the demand for a permanent ban on endosulfan. The media that traded the photographs of disfiguration of course struck the sympathy industry target and made business out of it, but the endosulfan question still remains unresolved .  

     The poison content in endosulfan  may of course be harmful and fatal in some particular genetic , and environmental premises; but it cannot be taken as a general rule but be termed disastrous only when there occurs  criminal fault in its dispensation as in Kasargod, After the  terrific media display of a genocide fallacy ,estimated consequential  to the dispensation of endosulfan,  it is still part of  everyday dining of the media persons --and a common man in the present  cannot have escape from consuming food stained with endo sulfan. There is nothing ideal with endosulfan but we have no other go , no healthier, economic, safer alternative and so we encounter the risk factor inevitable, but do no research to develop an alternative to this poisonous substance . Instead we look for alternative from the colonial burglars  . The German import, the high cost pesticide, is no alternative as it fetches death of economy and issues no guarantee of health. Yes,  the local poison is healthier and so preferred to the imported German  wine and blood divine .  Endosulfan is manufactured in great quantum, as one of the major exports and at the domestic surface it is unchallenged, as it is lesser poisonous and the cheapest effective pesticide available in our country. May be true it is murderous, but as long as we do not find a secure alternative that insures unspoiled health, we will have to bear the cross of endosulfan as medium of self penance of a people that sold out its creative soul to finance colonialism. We are the genus of a people suffering from loss of self respect and confidence, who believe we are not makers of our living space; foreign financiers load us with the breath of subsistence and wonderful habitats of loans and grants for purchasing slavery and suicide . True, even locally made poison is an effective resistance to the paradise promised by the finance measures of colonialism . Acceptance of colonial subjugation is deadlier than acceptance of death. Death by locally manufactured poison is preferred to financial servility of a donkey’s life  . 


      We had a series of hooch tragedies and enumerating the tragic deaths ,  dis figuration, genetic transmission of cerebral damage , and slow poison effect we do not suspend  the life of the disciplined beverages queue that brings us subsistence in the form of revenue ; We take endosulfan with our food because, we don't have a better choice; we take injurious liquor because it is our option to live in the absence of reality close to nothingness ,sleep ,and death;A high dosage distribution of endosulfan by air happened to be more disastrous than a chemical weapon assault, deadlier than a  high dosage dispensation of methyl alcohol in arrack and rum. We make splendid profit out of liquor and conclude we cannot ban the profit and accompanying torture upon sanity  because prohibition is no practical remedy; it is not practical as death wish is the practical need of a society abused with colonial finance. In the case of endosulfan it is the monetary gain of the farmer, profit of the manufacturer and  the sustenance of the daily eater  of vegetables and other crops . Truly speaking we are not that romantic race of the lotus eaters, but realistic tribes  of poison eaters

       German pesticide manufacturers spent much money for the anti endosulfan propaganda for they wanted to expand their imperium of business and grab market space in India for their costly material which the native farmer could  never afford .They  purchased certain media institutions for the anti endosulfan campaign , citing the Kasargod tragedy and the unified choral horror produced by the media house was the product of finance they received from the foreign companies; The local endosulfan manufactures also bribed certain media houses in somewhat a timid fashion in defence of their business but at the media level ,the battle was uneven as foreign illegal finance always outweighed the local black money potentials. The notorious campaign of horror was not generated out of sympathy for the endosulfan victims but some compensation was brought out as its side effect ,as a humanitarian cause is the best seller in the media and it may attract some compensation even from a government ignorant of the emotional chemistry of the humans. Endo-sulfan victims who got some compensation may feel  gratitude for the media that agitated their cause, as they are not aware of the fact the outburst of the sympathy they consumed was the child of the  foreign finance. The endosulfan hype created by the media marks another instance of absence of reality for it concealed the battle going on between Indian pesticide manufactures and powerful foreign players; the reality of Kasargod tragedy was exploited as mask to cover the underworld reality  of the battle for market space in which finance flowed from both the camps that lured the lascivious sensory system of the media. 

     The summary of  all that feast of terror in the post GATT period is, that Indian manufacturers of solar equipment don’t have any right upon their domestic market for it has been sold out to US for thirty dices of silver; that the energy economy of India may strictly be put under the command of MNCs mostly US based and its subordinates; that the public sector energy production may be stalled at the expense of environmental scenario; that  energy within the command of private sector-- centered colonial thugs, may be encouraged even at the risk of the environmental horror scenario ; that in the matter of energy ,  India should be made a colony of US traders; that all  energy sources in which the public sector sustains access, may be eliminated for the convenience of the colonizing masters; that  at the pesticide manufacturing sector ,the international giants do have  and should have absolute command, the motive being colonization of Indian agriculture with the dragon terminator seeds or pesticides that would ruin the fertility potentials of our soil after one or two heavy crops ; the anti endosulfan propaganda has been placed before the international platform without any suggestion for alternative; without any assurance that the foreign pesticides that would find space in Indian soil would not disturb the  sovereignty of the Indian agriculture or the foreign pesticide claimed to be less poisonous, and ten times costlier would not ruin Indian soil in the fashion of the  genetically modified seeds. 

   The CPI(GM)- communist party of India, genetically modified by colonial micro finance and macro finance technology, is least bothered about, US complaint against India in the issue of energy as well as the submission of foreign pesticide manufacturers against India manufacturing manure or pesticide . India should not cultivate energy from sources accessible and should depend on alternative energy monopolized by the foreign colonial sources; even in the stream of less useful , feeble solar energy India is not allowed to generate its own manufacturing space; a complaint filed against India in the case of solar as well as with the pesticide maintains a common ground; it is  true that solar or endosulfan is not ideal with respect to energy or agriculture; In a country where hydro electric power generation  and irrigation  are stalled by the stooges of colonialism in the holy name of environment, where even generation of energy of the lowest dynamics or manufacturing of pesticide of the lowest quality is prohibited , the  import of fuel , seeds and pesticides from the stations of the colonial financiers is insisted and imposed;

  The damages done with the dispensation  of endosulfan in Kasargode is heart breaking, ; the dimension of disaster revives the memory of death and genetic disfiguration done by US in Hiroshima and it is a warning. But the endosulfan dread  and the solar fraud played by the media is ever more vicious than the factual fraud or the actual feeling of dread that accumulates in the dispensation of solar or pest killer poison; media with its ugly show of hype and hyper reality, betrays reality, masks the filthy gutters of the colonial political economy, disfigures the perceptive power . destroys the spontaneous rationality of comprehension  ; It effects treacherous distortion of  the ethical sense apprehension . The people living in the absence of reality swallow the prophecy of an intellectual genocide repressed by the hype and panic disseminated by the media industry.