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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Media as a finance instrument [three] : T.P.Chandrasekharan muder

T.P. Chandrasekharan murder:  

The persecutors and the persecuted 

Now as Mullappally Ramachandran ,the Central Subordinate Minister for internal security of the nation releases an  utterance  ,that  the role of Fias, terrorist suspect,  gold trader and smuggler in T.P. Chandrasekharan  murder , may be enquired into, the assumption, that the murder was enacted to please the finance managers of terrorism gains administrative approval.   The persons receiving money, for spreading acts of terrorism in the name of Islam in Kerala may be constrained to perform some terrorist events just to impress their masters ,that they are doing the job entrusted with them and funds may be released further for the performance of terrorist activities.  Killing of T.P. was not a simple murder but an item of event management subscribed to terrorism, and the media celebrated it as a major event.

 Hon’ble Chief whip of the ruling front Shri P.C.George.  a person executing the power of an officer in the cabinet minister rank,  entertains the mass with the most penetrating peeps into the fallacy of political truth .He issued a statement that Fias the smuggler and trader of gold has been maintaining terrorist links. It  is a statement from the governmental side and if the government itself are pleased to feel that the person maintains terrorist links, the Central Subordinate Minister for home will have to take action at the territorial  power line of the central government. Mr. Mullappally Ramachandran will have to act because the theme of terrorism is not a crime to be dealt with the state government  but with the central government. He does not act ,instead makes a public exhortation in violation of the constitutional oath and responsibility that the activities of Fias may be brought under investigation. Yes the activities of a terrorist suspect-(as certified by the governmental office of the Chief whip--) shall be investigated by a central agency under the ministry of  Mr Mullappally either by CIB or NIA  and Mr minister at the centre cannot escape from the official responsibility assigned to him as the minister. The preliminary administrative responsibility of  the central home minister is to provide the people with the sense of security and not worsening the anxiety and irrational apprehensions of the people with toothless spineless statements .If the minister feels there is involvement of terrorist element in T. P. murder, he should serve his constitutional responsibilities with utmost seriousness. he should act;

 The political persecution of Mohanan master exceeds all limits of cruelty as the media  generates another vicious propaganda against him on his suspected links with Fias. The media managers who played a dominant role in constructing the fallacy of the CPM involvement in the murder  are losing their ground, and just to maintain the notion of CPM conspiracy in the murder they want at least one victim of Mohanan's leadership level and the procedure of persecution and its festive brutality. still  persist to insult the blood of the innocent. The latest evidence is that of a telephone talk of one and a half mts duration between the terrorist suspect and Mohanan master. For the vulgar media it is a rocking  news. whereas the telephone contact of Fias with the Chief minister's private chief officer is not at all a breaking news Fias was a local person of Mohanan master and . as the CPM leaders maintain pleasant relations with the affluent class--- may be a symptom of political deterioration inevitable-- the chances of any such contact can’t be ruled out. But it makes no point of evidence to the  level that Mohan master knew Fias’ suspected links with the terrorists.  The argument is void. If  telephone talk with a criminal at  the other end,   is a criminal act, the Kerala Chief Minister,  Home Minister and the entire cabinet may be put in jail several times. Definitely the connection between  Mohanan master, the persecuted, and Fias the terrorist suspect, may be investigated, as one may find scope for investigation in Jesus' contact with Barabas as desired by  Caiphus and co.. 

But other questions remain:

1. In the event management of terrorism, Marxist extremists, communist dissidents and the so called Islamic terrorists are allies.

2CPIM (liberation) is a political organization with a history of terrorism .T.P.’s party maintained and still maintains some close links with the Liberation which on the other side maintains links with the Islamic-ngo extremism

3  The evidence to prove the friendship between the terrorist suspect and the CPM leader is scanty . At the same time we have substantial photographic  and telephonic evidence to the grand relationship between E. Ahmed--- Mullappally’s colleague  Muslim league leaders, chief ministers’ office,   DCC and state level leaders of congress ;why can't some among these be the men behind the terrorist murder?

4  The links are all open . but there is one hidden connections between the investigating officer of T.P. murder case and the terrorist suspect  ; the prosecution  objects even to  the examination  of  the telephone diary of the  investigating officer: WHY SIR , OBJECTION TO THE REVELATION OF FACTS ALLIED TO A TERRORIST MURDER WHEN   POLICE OFFICERS, MINISTERS OR CONGRESSMEN ARE AT THE RECEIVING END?

5  An investigation that does justice to the people’s right to security may prove  that the persecutors and not the persecuted  are the villains behind the terrorist murder
6 whether Fias be terrorist or not, whether Fias be involved in the murder or not, the execution of T.P. murder is a terrorist act, and the force behind  is  the foreign criminal finance