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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Who killed Satnam singh?


           WHO KILLED  SATNAM SINGH , a North Indian youth, seeking spiritual asylum in Kerala , turning violent, charged with murder attempt for an alleged act of assault upon a potential dollar deity--  is a puzzle that cannot be solved by any astro-divine male or female god that betrays human frame;  Perhaps he sought solace for  his perturbed soul and nursed some misapprehension that some deity performing rituals of  grand spiritual industry would diffuse his angst.. he was mistaken and in a moment  of disgust and violence his cerebral sanity collapsed. The gods terrestrial and their goons fell upon him and the ministerial don of the political absurd rushed to the spot to administer the feast of terror unleashed upon him.  On charges of murder attempt, he was taken  into police custody and as he was mortally  struck by the compassionate philistine  demigods  he was taken to a district government hospital; As he was crushed down  by the wrath of the superhuman deity the doctors refused to attend him or nurse him .  His body being a  medical reject  was dragged on to a government mental hospital where he was found dead, while he was in police custody.It was a custodial death and who is the custodian  of death sitting upon the buffalo's back with the rope and ministerial wand? The police minister tells you that he was killed by the psychotics in the mental hospital. Whether it be true or not, a genuine question arises; who is the actual  neurotic or psychotic?  The persecutor or the persecuted? Are we a society infected with neurosis or psychosis  breeding and nurturing  deities  that  feed upon the filth of foreign dollars that upset the economy of our psychic equilibrium? Who is the murderer ? Yes, the murderer is the custodian of law who rushed to the spot to administer the terror of social psychosis germinating from power mania---it is  an act of cruelty administered by a  power maniac- society. Say ,there is nothing genuine in the feeling of guilt or the dread of crime  for  the postmodern scoundrels tell you that we are living in virtual reality and the question of genuine feeling does not arise--- thus spake Baudrillad  and it is the most unhygienic voice of the persecutor race