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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Solar decentralization carnival: The mirth and revelry of despair






Drinking water was commodified and the hydroelectric energy potentials of the state were castrated just to console the anguish of lion tailed apes who fatten their bellies with the arrogant foreign monetary ejects. Energy famine in our state, was manipulated and sustained unhurt by the stooges of USAID and World Bank as they forwarded a crusade against human sanity and the fertile energy potentials extracted by hydro electric machinery. After deleting the high energy potentials of water and even defacing the necessity of irrigation the USAID and W.B. struck the target of colonization of water bribing scoundrels bannered as people’s science activists and environmentalists. The funding colonizers launched the final aggression upon people’s right to water - free access to water- and reduced the use of water to drinking and cola making purposes .The asset of water ceases to be public property as it has been transferred to the colonial foreign institutions and multinationals. The Oo. Chandy government sold drinking water to a private company and invoked quotations from the universal robbers and burglars of natural resources for a comprehensive sale deed. This subjugation to the colonial schemes now exercised in the sale of water and water resources to private and foreign funds, is the off spring of the USAID’s global decentralization programme introduced laboriously under the veil of People’s Plan Campaign in Kerala.

The neo liberal leftist political institution which facilitated the backdoor conquest of water, receiving funds from World Bank ,A.D.B., Netherlands and Japan refuses to admit the fact that foreign money invested in the water expanse and sources of water ,dismantled state’s autonomy in the space of water. For the huge benefits of kickback money received by certain interested parties within and out the left, the left succumbed to the conditions laid down by the colonial masters, which inevitably established profitable privatization of water, now celebrated by the Oo.Chandy government as a great leap forward to a death by water
The sale deed surrendering state autonomy of water, created and caressed by the Oo.Chandy government heralding a wholesale privatization of economy is quite disgusting but befitting to a political race incapable of feeling shame. The political institutions living beneath the banner of Marxism declared war against the order and deed privatizing hydro-economy released by the Oo.Chandy government, in a comfortable idiom of forgetfulness repressing their role in facilitating the conquest and colonization of water.

The temptations of parliamentary power game however necessitates intimidation of an agitation against privatization drawn from the moth eaten breast of leftist political memory . Despite all the mischief of self deceit and loss of ideological sanity, the war cry thundered by the left is welcome as it disturbs the self complacency recorded in the phonetic theater of People’s Plan Campaign. Nobody would attribute seriousness to the mimicry of a war cry let loose by the left, for it is a political ritual that ignores the aggression of financial colonialism, that depresses drinking throat , dreams of hydro electric dams and visceral veins of organic environment and irrigation . Yet it issues forth comfort of vain hope by which a race betrayed, console its scrambled existence nursing memories of victorious struggles

Amidst the ugly festivity of the USAID scheme of decentralization christened as People’s Plan Campaign, under the boisterous phonetic guise of Water Treasure Project ,water asset of the state was manipulated by colonial financing from USAID - W.B.-Netherlands- Japan and others The statutory governmental authority of water was challenged fragmented and subdued by the sentimental rhetoric of self ruled water asset parodying self ruled autonomous village– Lifting the State away from space and treasure of water. was the motive behind the rhetoric of self rule of the people ; People’s self rule in the age of financial colonialism is a malicious farce cultivated intentionally by the colonial cheats ;it is the rule and hegemony of finance capital ;In the age of culture industry, as Adorno terms it, humans are thingified, cricket players and the likes are auctioned and purchased and peoples’ rule is a disastrous joke as massive herds of people are purchased by loans and grants and driven to financial serfdom.

The argument that the inhabitants of financial serfdom are given power of self rule deepens the dread in the hell of a life, bounded by sarcastic financial bondage. Self rule by the people is yet another false notion parodying the obsolete notion, government by the people …etc. echoed from Lincoln’s cemetery. People’s Self Rule substitutes the thesis of parliamentary democracy where the common man was supposed to be the authorial power that constructs the State. It is a failed thesis as Capital and not people’s will was ever the authorial force in Lincoln’s democracy; people’s will was ever a myth generated and sustained by the Capital just to entertain the wishful thinking of the people that they are the optical brain of their material choices; Parliamentary State, the product of electoral formalism with all its ailments of civil rights , fundamental rights ,freedom of vocal debates and liberty extravaganza , in the long run of time was constrained to make itself exposed as organ of anti people political economy; neo capitalism retrieved the phrase of self rule just to deliver the interest of Market economy in the context of the decline of parliamentary State ; in the neo-colonial philosophy of people’s self rule, parliamentary machinery of State is vacated and people are supposed to rule themselves accepting decentralization and disintegration of State into micro collectives of self governance ; Fragmentation of Nation States or eviction of State from the space of micro self governing, self financing, self help groups was the political objective of Decentralization, floated by Market oriented Capitalism; the self governed non-governmental area is governed by global finance traders by way of grants or loans or Hawala, and the space left free by vacating the State is occupied by multi national corporate institutions which motivate a global market uninterrupted by the laws and regulations of State; the distinction between parliamentary system of governmental democracy and people’s self rule is that parliamentary democracy entertains Governmental State whereas in people’s self rule thesis, governmental state is ruled out; people’s self rule is nongovernmental ; there is no government to rule the people ;people are supposed to rule themselves in fragments; but in the holy name of the people , finance capital makes conquest of the space left fragmented by the eviction of the State ;the grand narrative of the Nation is gone and the space of Nation is converted to colonial fragment of the Global Market , which is post modern intercontinental grand narrative ; a shift from parliamentary democracy to people’s self rule is a linguistic fraud which has nothing to do with people’s right at the positive level; of course degradation ,humiliation and elimination of a conventional democratic State is conceived in the shift from national grand narrative to the inter continental grand narrative ; the neo capital force wants to have the political State—if it chooses to remain---- only as an intermediary or facilitator in its business with people subjugated by the criminal tyranny of finance capital .People’s will or consumer’s / reader’s construction of meaning in this context is an imbecile joke as people’s will or reader’s meaning is scripted by the hired theoreticians of financial colonialism in the genus of Roland Barthes; The myth of people’s self rule is a slice of virtual reality , a phonetic ghost that hijacks reality of material economy; reality of a people is not matter, facticity or illusion ,but matter, facticity and illusion synthesized in its material economy ; reality is not Disneyland as Baudrillad and hired scribes of financial colonialism put it .

As the political State is evicted from the space of hydro utility, private firms monitored by colonial funding occupy the vacant space; this is the fact behind the semantic fraud celebrated as people’s self rule in the text of Decentralization- People’s Plan Campaign-. The Oo. Chandy government by creating the sale deed privatizing public water farms ,has uncovered the fact beneath the colonial concept of self rule; Water Treasure Project financed by the World Bank and introduced by the leftist government, as part of People’s Plan Campaign promised people’s self rule , run by micro social groups, the political motive being exclusion of Water Authority of the State in the dispensation of water; but even before the Authority of State has been uprooted, underground water farms were sold out to Cola company, and State was reduced to the status of broker or facilitator towards the marketing of water exercised by the MNCs

Whatever be the metaphysical vandalism associated to virtual reality , material economy of water is reality; the merciless marketing of water and sale of water to the private marketing forces is real, is the fact to be encountered with. The leftist institution, has put its protest on record though non committal to its guilt of breaking backdoor for colonization and conquest of water . But even when they shout slogans against the sale of water to private sector they keep illogical silence over the sale of solar light and solar energy possessed by the private sector; Sunlight, like water is an energy source and energy production from solar heat and light should remain with the State. In the case of hydroelectric utility , though power generation has been stalled the stations of mega hydro electric generation are still sustained by the State itself; But in the case of solar energy manufacturing , State maintains no role . State is only the facilitator of corporate institutions and their installation agencies involved in solar farm business

Privatizing water utility and stalling further expansion of hydropower generation is part of the colonization game. It doesn’t stand alone , as the authorial power of energy generation possessed by the nation state is subdued by foreign finance forces ;

a) In the nuclear power sector, after the notorious nuclear treaty, global weapon trader company SNC Lavalin and the likes seek entry into Indian nuclear power sector marking the presence of private MNCs aligned to NATO

b) Whether it be Kalpakkam or Kudamkulam an endless agitation has been propelled by foreign finance just to establish authorial space for U.S. in nuclear power sector displacing soviet vestiges and finally State of India

c) The authorial power for extraction of coal energy had been absolutely invested with the nation state, but coal farms have now been sold out to MNCs

d) Expansion of hydro energy power generation has been stalled with a view to create energy crisis that would upset the entire productive economy of Kerala; conspiracy to invalidate hydro energy generation which has been controlled by the State is accelerated by proposing and marketing alternative energy projects marketed by corporate houses and their private subordinates. 

Two: Solar Energy Fraud and the Criminal acts of the Government

Energy from sunlight is the property of the people with the same status of  energy generated from water .Solar energy  production  which is monopolized by corporate forces and private subordinates is imposed as alternative to hydro electric energy which is public sector property in Kerala ; The leftist institutions in Kerala are supposed to be antagonistic to commodifying privatizing and marketing water, but certain foreign financed NGOs waging a fraudulent battle against hydro energy generation in the public sector are backed by the leftist institution; Resistance against hydro electric energy  has reduced the relevance of the high power potentials of water and then it has become easy for the colonizers to repress  relevance of  the public sector in water utility  ,  and easier for them to bottle and sell  and privatize water  neutralizing the Water Authority of the State .  The public sector, despite the existence of institutions such as ANERT has not any significant contribution in solar  energy generation, and energy from people’s sunlight is generated by corporate houses and modules manufactured by foreign  plants are imported  for the purpose of solar energy generation and high watts preservation ;native solar energy module manufacturers , if any such exists in India without foreign finance subjugation  occupy not much space in Indian solar market as the space has already been surrendered to U.S. by virtue of WTO agreement signed ; 

This means that foreign corporate power is  marketing energy out of our solar farms  and the Indian citizens are purchasing it at high cost rates; Hydro electric energy is a mega public sector production whereas the authorial power of solar energy technology lies with corporate private sector ; freezing  hydro electric energy and a shift from hydroelectric energy to solar energy then means deletion of the public sector centred energy production, in favour of the private sector energy production; People’s will , right or authority over energy production from natural sources is erased off and the People’s Science Movement which disseminated the ideology  of self rule of people  plays the broker role in the energy privatizing commerce .  The high cost solar energy  is affordable only to the affluent class  and in the present day  BPL  subsistence rate, a solar domestic plant for which an amount of  two to five lakhs is required is obnoxious consumerist luxury  that shatters logical frame of necessity oriented economy;  .The  high priest and intellectual don of People’s Science Movement opposed to privatization ,   installed the premiere showpiece of domestic solar plant over his neck and demonstrated the glory of high cost solar energy to the public of Kerala; the execution was done by a private firm,  The Patriarch of the anti privatization movement , ejected the hydro electric installation run by the State and invited a private company for energy installation in his house; transition of energy management  from public sector to  private sector was thus accomplished by the Messiah of People’s Self Rule;  People’s Science Movement could appraise its foreign funding masters of the victory of this transition: Simhavalan  Menon ,  performed  an athletic somersault( sorry ,simhavalan is not the substance of a person but a figurative signifier   deconstructed from the myth of environment ) from Silent Valley to Saritha S.Nair , solar energy campaign chief in the state ; She is the right choice of a person   with necessary criminal background. and hence eligible for marketing USAID project desires

                                There is nothing bad or negative in extracting energy from any source laid with nature whether it be water, oil, gas, coal, atomic substance or sunlight. There is nothing wrong in a transition from a non affordable source to affordable source when public sector and Nation State is capable of  execution of such a novel technology for energy production ; But in the case of a transition from hydro electric energy to solar energy  there is no such point ;the motives of USAID oriented decentralization project  that have been materialized by this transition,  may be summarized here as :

       1)A Nation State like India liable for fragmentation need not have energy for  large scale mega production that is centralized and necessity of energy is reduced  to suffice micro production units  plus  domestic level needs .2) Public sector energy production should be stalled; energy by which  people run their life may be strictly privatized.3) Institutions such as ANERT  are not  supposed to produce energy but to facilitate  private energy traders  and manufactures so as to boost the energy sales market manipulated by finance capitalism. This is evident from the list of private firms assigned and approved  of by ANERT for solar energy installations;

          USAID deployed by U.S  Corporate Houses is the major solar money lender and donor at the global level and it  extends command in the sector of renewable, alternative energy industry in India. Alternative, Renewable Energy governance in India receiving finance from USAID, have surrendered Indian solar farms to the U.S. –Euro  Corporates and  the emergence  of solar energy market in  India is the result of foreign finance intervention ;ADB, UNEP and such other international sources also provide finance loans to solar energy marketing in India .

         Solar Advisory Group in its notification dated june 26, 2013 contends that Solar in India will benefit from USAID’s latest finance loan of hundred million dollars;

     P.T.I  quoting Doris Leutherland , Swiss minister for environment reports that Swiss companies in areas such as solar energy and aviation are expected to invest in India following the country’s decision to further open up its economy to foreign investment; Remember that Biju Radha Krishnan now arrested on charges of solar fraud has launched a company by name Swiss Solar and another person arrested for fraud has announced formation of an Aviation company; The fact that such  foreign investors making entry into our opened economy   discover persons with necessary criminal background as their brokers ; intentional criminalization of economy in Latin American countries was a political agenda of U.S .military and corporate forces; The fact that  the currency industry floated by Dawood Ebrahim  is the progenitor of a group of New Generation industrialists in India,  is relevant in this context.

                Times of India on feb.25. 2013  reports that Tata P.B Solar,  no.1 solar company based in  India  has been increasing investment in Swiss Solar company Flisom which manufactures copper indium gallium selinide modules .It is for15 mw solar module plant in Switzerland that the investment is made; the initial investment of Tata is twenty five million  euros. The investment is upgraded with an objective to make dispensation of modules affordable which means they are not affordable at present.

                         The U.S.government has lodged a complaint with W.T.O. that in violation of the subsidy agreement with W.T.O.  promising space for U.S. companies in Indian solar market, the government of India gives incentives to local manufactures; Against this  complaint over violation of W.T.O. agreement ,India  produced a defence statement that  the major beneficiary of the solar business in India is still the U.S. companies .The Hindu  on feb.7, 2013 reported the  apology statement of Tarun  Kapoor, joint secretary that the maximum orders had gone to the U.S. companies during the award of the last  two batches under the solar mission . This means that the solar farms in India are sold out to multi national companies   in foreign colonial stations, the major share of orders being surrendered to the U.S. companies;  For stalling production of hydro electric energy  , N.G.O.s financed by foreign colonial stations have been deployed and the government itself has sold out its solar right to the U.S. companies and their local allies ,for the cheap subsidies it received as per the contract  signed with W.T.O.

                               The interest of the nation has been betrayed and the beneficiary of solar energy installation campaign in our country is the corporate houses stationed  in and outside India; The solar installation and manufacturing companies operating the solar farm in India are either foreign or companies having investment or tie up with foreign companies; Even Indian multinational giant Tata is not an exception to this feature. Solar energy campaign  hosted and hoisted by  R.VG . Menon, the leader of Kerala Sastra Parishat,   and furthered  by Oo Chandy ,,Biju and Sarita serve the interest  primarily of the U.S., Swiss, German and Indian multi nationals  and Tarun Kapoor Mr. Joint Secretary  of Solar Mission admits that the major share of the solar industry benefit goes to the U.S. companies.

          The question why two persons with criminal background have been the choice for Solar campaign in Kerala ,as the follow up of the R.VG. Menon show , is a relevant question;

          The international financier of Solar energy, USAID is routing its finance and campaign material through GIZ a German source arrangement and in Kerala  the N.G.O.s and other mercenaries receive U.S.A.D funds   routed  mainly through organizations based in Germany. The funding for solar exercise from the west was first assigned to a notorious Palakkad based N.G.O.  in the blacklist of the government but the assignment was cancelled; IRTC an institution managed by  KSSP receiving aids from local as well as foreign governmental and non-governmental agencies  is also Palakkad based and the institute is identified with the  solar energy campaign . R.V.G. Menon is the patriarchal figure of IRTC and it is no wonder that in the end, after waiting long, he himself installed the  model for commercing solar energy with a view  to develop a solar energy market  dominated by U.S. companies as agreed in the W.T.O. agreement.

                       Foreign  companies in the energy sector seeking business with India are transient, and they do not entertain responsibility over their words of promise or guarantee; SNC Lavalin  a company established at the international level, manufacturing weapons for NATO  made an entry into our energy sector promising a kick back of hundred crores to the government as returns for the undue favours received from the government and later violated the deed promising the bribe of hundred crores; the company could back out from the agreement for it was an agreement raising a ridiculous  extraordinary situation in which the government was seeking kick back  of an amount from the foreign contractor. Later as it became a legal issue, the government could not serve a judicial notice to the company as it failed to locate  the office of the company or even a responsible official of the company; the whereabouts of the company  were found mystified and the company  has been found playing fraud in this issue even now and the judiciary finds no convenient means to proceed further with the case as the company in effect is absconding.

                           In the solar energy sector, the foreign companies proceeding forth for orders from India are vague with respect to their establishment. Even Tata British Petroleum Solar. after  its tie up  with the Swiss firm Flisom had a change in name. The companies  offer a guarantee of thirty years for a plant installed at the cost of five lakhs but there is no assurance at any level that a solar company guaranteeing a life of thirty years of life for the plant would have life more than five or ten years. Solar module manufacturing industry has not much scope for production , because once installed ,the demand from the customer emerges only after thirty years if the high cost guarantee is not fraud; there are a good number of companies in the solar market competing for orders; they are not getting sufficient orders as desired by U.S.A.I.D and W.TO. ,the brokers of financial terrorism and they  are found exerting insistent pressures over their finance colonies like India to extract maximum orders towards their companies as the business as well as credibility of such companies are in great peril ;  a debate whether high cost unaffordable  solar installation is the necessity of the day ,for a nation like India is quite irrelevant; even if it is not our necessity luxury or excess we  will have to buy it from U.S. companies ;the U.S. corporate houses by force of a contract impose the purchase of solar not in the interest of our nation but probably because  it is a dying industry or as it does not generate a customer population as desired  and the demand for installation coming up once in thirty years from the customers does not promise  multiplication or even marginal increase in the annual production. We as a nation is getting fragmented  into self ruled domestic abodes and we are dictated by contracts of finance terrorism and the governmental as well as nongovernmental brokers receiving finance for the propagation of the  colonial agenda kneel down before the financial aggressor, submit  apology for errors committed . A company which does not have a responsible address or a consistent name of identity and which may not have a life more than five or six years, issue a contract of promise that the high cost installation will have a prosperous life of thirty years and if death happens to the company after two or three years who would pay the compensation?  Mr. Oochandy?/ Mr. R.VG. Menon? Biju?

                Solar is a game of fraud, so a person or pair with a criminal history of fraud is required to play the go between. Biju and Saritha were chosen or sponsored by some heavy weights in industry and politics and the Chief Minister Oo chandy could not ignore the authorization of the giant in hiding or even the advice of a genius in the stature of R.V.G . Menon. That is why the  same company that raised  installation in Menon house was assigned the project of installation in the Chief Minister’s residence also; it is common sense that Joppen , Salim or Jicku maintained luxurious contact with Biju and his sensational partner because the criminal pair was trusted by their political god , the C.M. as faithful solar campaigners . Mr.Oo .Chandy reserves some mysterious commitment with the solar industry projected forward by U.S.A.I.D with a specific objective, criminalization of the underdog economy by means of financial fraud and spurious currency industry.  As Biju and his female partner were Oo. Chandy’s trusted children   Joppen and the gunmen who hired their mobiles to their master  for frequent business talks, had no valid reasons to suspect the credentials of the holy pair.  

In the post globalization phase of history , criminals do not perish but flourish  by virtue of their innovative skill in addressing and mastering the technology of  financial fraud and financial fraud is commonplace  way of living cherished in the prime of financial colonialism ; The enigmatic Home Minster ,who commands the State Intelligence  force is irony personified, a man-shape that enjoys absence of conscience inside his skull; he narrates a ministerial fable endowed with  administrative tactics of  ignorance , a performance untouched by shades of any species of intelligence or worries of information or  harassment of common sense ; A Chief Minister  borrows  mobile from his clerk and gunmen to address the business in which he is spiritually involved but as the criminal past  of his angelic campaigners is exposed , he vows that he never uttered even a slice of word  to his business campaigners in the mobiles hired for talk  , and the owners of the mobiles are the persons involved in the mischievous criminal talk; and subsequently the judicial court has been entertained with  a fantastic statement by the government that though the blinded administration commanded by the minister of police and intelligence and the head of the state   could never extract the past of the criminal campaigners, the clerk who hired the mobile phone to his master, by way of tuition or intuition had pretty knowledge of the mischief committed by the campaigners in the past. 

But the mysterious clerical labourer never uttered a single word that revealed the criminal identity of the  pair to his trusted master and the bi legged metaphor of mobile stupidity , ruled the people for two years in utter blindness  beneath the wave of conspiracy transacted in the mobile phone he borrowed from his clerk for day today  administrative conversations !! People are advised to believe this absurd  stuff just to cherish  the bloody lie that the chief minister as well as the home minister who administered the solar foul play knew nothing about the criminal past of the solar campaigners.  Praise the master who never owned a mobile in his name, for he knew, mobiles borrowed are safe for disowning stealthy utterances of the tongue and  the lips invested within the potential criminal brain! In the contest of a criminal race for political power, who runs fastest and  farthest is task resolved before the people of Kerala ,in the form of administrative logo.

                           Crusade against hydro energy generation in Kerala was the  most treacherous fraud played by the stooges of U.S.A.I.D; it was   for the production strategy of nuclear electricity and solar energy trade that the hydro electric expansion was stalled. A battle between campaigners of solar electricity and nuclear electricity is gaining momentum at the international level . Even after the nuclear plant tragedy in Japan, nuclear electricity spokespersons argue that nuclear electricity is damn cheap when compared to the solar; as per their contention, solar involves greater risk to human health than nuclear. greater quantum of waste that pollutes  environment than nuclear, and demands greater area of space for  installation than nuclear electricity. Moreover solar installations are defective, the promised efficiency goes untargeted everywhere. Its maintenance is a liability and the night time and cloudy sky reduce solar production to scanty level and one cannot depend on solar alone for even domestic needs; A battle for expansion of market has reached its peak, the installation of nuclear plants in Europe and U.S have thrown a challenge to the solar industry and corporate houses that made substantial investment in the solar area are taking frantic measures to save  solar industry at the expense of nations subjugated  to finance colonialism; It is in such a context that the W.T.O .holds India by the scrub of  neck and demands activation of the U.S. solar business in India. Huge sums are transacted in the shady deals secreted by U.S.A.I.D. and a nexus probable      U.S.A.I.D- Menon- Chandy- Thiruvanchoor  benefiting from hundred million dollar loan or similar funds cannot be ruled out. The nexus is broken due to reciprocal betrayals  but the funds of U.S.A.I.D, World bank or Asian Development Bank are disposed of, not for material production but for propagating solar ideology and creating marketing space;

                    As stated earlier, one cannot depend on solar alone for their immediate needs and those who installed the rooftop  miracles entranced by the  oracles of the solar , exuding from U.SA.I.D. literature, maintain their hydro electric connection unattached as need and luxury are different ends though they are correlatives often confused.  Complaints have been registered that even after spending more than three lakh upon solar installations  it makes no substantial differences in bi monthly hydro electricity consumption and charges paid. ;  Solar is only a means with certain potential for criminalizing Indian economy;  criminal acquisition of finance is the  post-modern  word of god ; have a look at the financial growth of spiritual institutions in the post globalization phase and fraud of course enjoys spiritual glory generated from  material wealth; fraud is the religion of post modern era and a Malayam daily ,which by very birth is a nunnery of U.S. politics ,confesses that within the last twenty five years of globalization Kerala has witnessed financial fraud of a sum that exceeds twenty five thousand crores -- the fraud played bya bunch of private persons alone. The contribution towards the church of fraud from the decentralization formats such as self help groups , microfinance players and the criminal  nongovernmental goons , self financing merchants and the currency traders operating   beneath the terrestrial plane, is un accounted. Into this vast expanse of fraud, Ms. Oo chandy and Thiruvanchoor launched their vessel of financial fraud and a crew lead by Joppen,  Salim, Jicku  etc. accelerated the sail and sales and joined Biju and his all influential partner only because they were loyal to their master who  held closed door conferences with Biju and his partner ,the themes varying from solar to sex, the details of which  the minister vows that he would not disclose even at the risk of his life and sacred trust in constitutional oath.
U.S.A.I.D,--- ADB,-- U.N. funding enjoyed  at the Ministerial level is the multi spiritual incentive behind the official launching of Solar, and the government even before waiting for the feed back  with respect to the impact of the first layer of solar installation initiated by Menon’s  research   and even before reviewing the  risk – benefit ratio of the experiment in Kerala material situations, released a government notification that persons who maintain   constructions with an area of 2500 feet or more are expected  to raise solar installations whether it be residence firm or office.  A circular  was generated as per the instruction of the Home Minister to install solar systems inall the police offices in Kerala

ANERT, the governmental agency prepared a list of private companies whose service may be used for building solar; the criteria for selection to the list of companies  may be a bribe of advice or currency paid to the concerned official; Later the names of  two or three companies  in the list were found  deleted which means that criterion for inclusion and deletion in the list is arbitrary
A company recommended by ANERT, the governmental agency facilitating the private solar business, served the globalization–decentralization agenda to the fullest extent cheating at least  two hundred customers in connection with the government’s one lakh  rooftop solar project. The company based in Bangalore   and placed seventh in the list of companies recommended by ANERT attested the fact that each and such company involved in solar business is capable of reckless fraud  without the innovative and imaginative guidance  of Biju and his partner.

The ministerial giants  who forwarded the solar business aping Menon’s model, knew that the fraud beneath the solar business could not be concealed long. Anticipating the crisis of fraud , they deployed a couple with  criminal history for the operative consultancy.  An impression was created  that the  fifty thousand crore project was the foul creation of the couple  and thus the great grandmasters could keep their history and existence clean directing public wrath against the couple with a past already tainted. The couple was given space in the operation with malafide intention. The authorship of the project, inevitably fraud, has been claimed by some other clowns, but it is originally a U.S.A.I.D. .project  revitalized in the context of the W.T.O. agreement that betrayed the economy of India subjugating it to the interest of the private companies in the U.S. In the business of fraud in Kerala Very Very Important persons who gathered substantial sums of dollars out of the foreign  intercourse could hide their ugly figures and faces behind the projected history of the tainted couple.

The service issued by the tainted couple to the commonality of the state is that they  were constrained to expose the  fraud   in the prelude phase itself. They could cheat only some twenty or thirty millionaires in Kerala  whereas one lakh house top project of the government targeted a population of at least one lakh clients to be manipulated and cheated by the private companies  . ANERT, the governmental agency was converted to a house of corruption recommending private solar companies playing fraud upon the society

Solar power industry  is  introduced as an effective measure of decentralization at the international level by U.S.A.I.D. But by 2000 the inherent weakness of decentralized solar power system was exposed by the U.S.  industrialists  professing centralized solar. They stood straight and composed narrating the advantages of the centralized solar system,  contrasted against the disadvantages and huge loss incurred in decentralized solar  business though merits of centralized system as claimed are not so truthful. Anyhow anarchy ,  and breach of trust are the major features of decentralized  solar system, whereas the centralized solar is infected with some other greater disadvantages .

Decentralization of electric energy is the agenda of U.S.A.I.D.; Decentralization of water distribution system envisaged in Water Treasure Project, decentralization of economy introduced with the formation  of micro-community groups , microfinance units

            Extracts of  an interview given by, James Hughes to Australia’s Review Economy appeared in the journal ATLANTIC on December 2012. James Hughes is the C.E.O. of First Solar(1999)America’s biggest solar maker, global leader in solar industry that laid  the world’s largest solar pipeline. The environment activists around the world are opposed to centralized solar plants , the main reason being the quantum of pollution from centralized  plants  alleged to be disastrous to the environment   and the volume of massive land and air required for the centralized plant ;  Atmospheric variations may perhaps  upset the centralized system  most adversely; In response to the  arguments and  allegations thrown  by the environment activists, James Hughes makes a counter attack against the decentralized rooftop solar projects the extract of which is given below:

                           ‘Taking it to the residential level., the difficulty is that the storage is very expensive…………..
 and the difficulty is that that unless you disconnect from the grid and use storage then there is a huge subsidy inherent  in a metering type of model….

                                    You also ignore the patterns of industrial use and the synergy between the industrial usage patterns and residential usage patterns and you lose that synergy when you go to highly distributed model…

    I would rather sail into a market where there is much stricter quality standard as opposed to one that is more commoditised. And there are some  major structural issues in most of the regulatory systems around the world with respect to roof top installations. They are being facilitated with either net metering or feed in tariff programmes. Neither of those long term, is sustainable. You have to fundamentally restructure the regulatory system  if you want to accommodate roof top ,at any sort of penetration level…
              In the rooftop market,  the installations are too small and there are too many variables to do a system level power prediction with that degree of precision. In addition you don’t have meters and diagnostics to measure the output. So the quality measure for the rooftop panel is  what  does it flash test at, and the users really don’t know if they got what they paid for. You have different levels of soiling, of shading ,.of insulation., uncertainty over ambient temperature, variability in installation circumstances……

         ….The politics of the major renewable energy players surprises me ’’

                        It surprises  those who know the damages done by the decentralized solar business, ,but it does not surprise those  midday robbers  who play fraud upon people with projects of decentralization  cheating the general population   to serve the interest of U.S.A.I.D.  . The government notice to the tax payer--society that rooftop solar may be  installed on the top of all constructions with 2500sq.ft. or more and the home ministry circular that instructs officers to install roof top solar in all police offices testify to the fact, that the crime committed by Biju , Joppen and co. is confined to a minute affluent segment of the society whereas the   crime committed by the apostle regiment of the rulers  is spread over the entire population that struggle for a shred of existence that is not hired by colonial finance. In 1990s Indian economy was subjugated to financial terrorism, brought under various heads of decentralization and within twenty years Indian economy fell victim to the malady of financial anarchy. The  financial fraud sermonized by Oo.chandy and his adherent home minister at the official level deepens further the hell of financial reign of dread.

                While Hughes defends centralized solar and discloses the dangers inherent in  the decentralized solar he doesn't take a position  that centralized solar is in no way healthier than hydroelectric power in the eco-environmental perspective ; he doesn't claim that centralized solar is cheaper in comparison to hydro electric. thermal, natural gas or nuclear sources . All such points are debatable, but he maintains well studied awareness about the evils of decentralized solar; he argues that one cannot have any kind of consolation even from a synergy of centralized industrial solar and decentralized rooftop solar units. His position is that for domestic as well as industrial uses, centralized solar is admissible but the environment activists  raise mortal objection to the centralized solar

                         In Kerala , the Oo. Chandy government had a  distinct  synergy project of the centralized solar and decentralized solar,  in private sector to serve the interest of the private companies rooted in foreign capital investment . The loser in any such situation of decentralization half or full, is the roof top owner. The statement in Hughes’ interview that… ‘the users really don’t know if they got what they paid for’ , is  the crux of colonial political economy of decentralization  extolled earlier as People’s Plan Campaign, and presently as self ruled roof top of a people celebrating mirth and revelry of despair in the carnival of financial fraud and anarchy .      

                          The quarry owner environmentalist  who paid forty lakh for eco friendly solar plant claims that the chief minister promised him subsidy for installing the heavy project; it has been announced that  persons who install solar units or  larger plants may be given a subsidy of around sixty percentage shared between the state and the central government and as per this condition the quarry owner millionaire will have to invest only an amount below eighteen lakh; the major share in the total cost of forty lakh shall be paid from the government exchequers to the company.   The quarry owner millionaire and the private solar industry make profit out of this absurd business and the loser is none else but the people. The tactics of promising thirty percent to sixty percent discount is a tactical play practised by the private firms to tempt the consumers. Discount  is no  reduction in actual cost  but a gimmick to generate a feeling that the purchase performed by the consumer is an adventure of profit; The government targeting massive sales of rooftop panels and larger plants play the foul tactics so as to generate a bogus feeling addressed to the client that that the  purchase is an exercise  of profit-- at the expense of public treasury.


    A private company may announce a cost rate ;But reduction or discount in the cost announced by the firm is given by the company itself. Here no reduction is there in the cost rate, as the private company receives the cost announced in full ,sixty percentage of the cost  being given from the public treasury  ; There is justice in providing subsidies to the sick production zones in the public sector . But providing high cost  installations with high percentage subsidy for enlarging the market of fraud and  profit of private investors is nothing but fascist financial violence that mutilates the fundamental rights and human rights of the people living outside the orbit of expensive consumerist industry . As Hughes said , the decentralized solar is highly expensive ; only the affluent class and millionaires may find such installation a smooth affair. 

The planning commission insists that subsidy given to poor farmers and starving cottage industries may be withdrawn with immediate effect as it is the condition signed for the  world bank loan. But the same planning commission admits with  pleasure , great subsidies for the high cost installations of  the decentralized solar, as it is condition laid down in the W.T.O. contract; the humans destined  to suffer life in this financial serfdom feel the horror lurking in the absence of freedom and right to resolution;  . The reason ,why the central government issues subsidy to this perilous decentralization business is explained on account of the subsidy contract with the W.T.O.; Why the state government joined this  treacherous business is an issue that demands sharp investigation.