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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What lies beneath the virtual reality in social media!

Technocracy and the hidden orders of randomness

Technology has become one of the dominant modes of market expansion in our days. As this intimate relation between technology and market is becoming more intense, technology is gradually endorsing many ideologies of market capitalism. One of the popular topics among the think tanks and ideologues of technology is the belief that technology is the means and end of life. This belief system happen to become an age old determinism in the material world which now takes the shape of technocracy. They believe that people are spending most of their time in the information spaces of virtual reality. This technocracy and the hypes of virtual reality has become the alter ego of the contemporary market determinism. 

What is the role of social media in developing a structure of virtual reality? Social media networks like Facebook and twitter prey on the human life by throwing fragments of social life into the personal lives of people. Out of sheer curiosity and instinct for gratifying their alienated social ego, people glue into the social media networks for hours. This momentary gratification for social living is exploited by social networks. Instead of social experience these virtual platforms convert information fragments from social space into breadcrumbs to amplify their personal ego. 

This is an interesting context. People become preys of alienation as they get integrated into the social modes of capitalist production. After the office hours when people connect to the social media, their urge for communication is exploited by social networks which create a virtual market space. Here people themselves become commoditized when fragments from life are extracted and distributed along with the market information.

Hence social media networks are nothing but markets where information fragments become the medium for exchanging market products and services. Same technocrats who propagate the absolute power of market now speak about the world of randomness and they are positing it as universal as relativity, quantum mechanics and evolution. On one side absolute belief in the fathomless wonders and abundant powers of market prevails and on the other the consience that the material world around us is random and non-linear gains momentum. They happen to be the digital edges of the same money chain. 

If we take a scan of the recent books and publications surrounding technology, we can see that randomness and chaos are gaining popularity among practitioners of science. Randomness is definitely can be seen in nature, its events and phases. Are they truly random? It is the key question. In every event that exhibit randomness, it is necessary part of an order, either within its boundaries or encircling it. 

If we consider the weather patterns as chaotic and random, they are evidently part of wider pattern of climate systems, seasons and the wind currents and so on. Insider every weather pattern such as rains, tidal fronts as so on, we can find elements of predictable models such as the shapes of rain drops, the fractal nature of tides etc. Hence every event of randomness and non linearity are part of the wider circles of orderliness and they themselves are constituted by orders events and natural laws. 

Now the question is why is someone so much concerned with the occurrences of randomness, if at all? Latent capitalism posits a culture where technology can make human conscience as subjective as possible. Technology and the portal of technology will determine what humans will think, how they behave and what they consume in the market. This technological determinism is not propagated by some crazy lunatic scientist, but by the forces who would like to see a world were human will decides how to live their life. When the role of human will is nullified by the constructs that deconstructs humaneness, people will shrink to fragments of social capital that produce, consume and reproduce mere chunks of data. 

Hence when technology fragments people in their thoughts, workplace and the market shops, their thoughts and desires become as subjective as it can be. When people see the world around with the fragmented conscience and self, the world becomes an ensemble of chaos and randomness. Observing world closely is never a crime. It becomes a futile exercise when we theorize it without connecting with the microcosmic entities and macro cosmic narratives.  We can welcome the experiments and mathematical constructs that help to extract randomness and non-linearity from previously static processes and phenomena. Those findings should be used for further systemic studies not for half baked theories and postulates which get instant popularity in the academic market place. It requires to connect mathematical methods with domain specific scientific frameworks.

Thus when social media becomes the medium for propagating the ideology of technocracy, non-linear physics become a popular construct to impose this belief system on the scientific community. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Who killed Satnam singh?


           WHO KILLED  SATNAM SINGH , a North Indian youth, seeking spiritual asylum in Kerala , turning violent, charged with murder attempt for an alleged act of assault upon a potential dollar deity--  is a puzzle that cannot be solved by any astro-divine male or female god that betrays human frame;  Perhaps he sought solace for  his perturbed soul and nursed some misapprehension that some deity performing rituals of  grand spiritual industry would diffuse his angst.. he was mistaken and in a moment  of disgust and violence his cerebral sanity collapsed. The gods terrestrial and their goons fell upon him and the ministerial don of the political absurd rushed to the spot to administer the feast of terror unleashed upon him.  On charges of murder attempt, he was taken  into police custody and as he was mortally  struck by the compassionate philistine  demigods  he was taken to a district government hospital; As he was crushed down  by the wrath of the superhuman deity the doctors refused to attend him or nurse him .  His body being a  medical reject  was dragged on to a government mental hospital where he was found dead, while he was in police custody.It was a custodial death and who is the custodian  of death sitting upon the buffalo's back with the rope and ministerial wand? The police minister tells you that he was killed by the psychotics in the mental hospital. Whether it be true or not, a genuine question arises; who is the actual  neurotic or psychotic?  The persecutor or the persecuted? Are we a society infected with neurosis or psychosis  breeding and nurturing  deities  that  feed upon the filth of foreign dollars that upset the economy of our psychic equilibrium? Who is the murderer ? Yes, the murderer is the custodian of law who rushed to the spot to administer the terror of social psychosis germinating from power mania---it is  an act of cruelty administered by a  power maniac- society. Say ,there is nothing genuine in the feeling of guilt or the dread of crime  for  the postmodern scoundrels tell you that we are living in virtual reality and the question of genuine feeling does not arise--- thus spake Baudrillad  and it is the most unhygienic voice of the persecutor race  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poem: Fire and ashes will not wait for scavengers

They are born in the mettle of scavengers
They have learned the puppet art by licking their skulls
They have learned to mint their spine for wreched gold
They have watched the fire burning minds and words
They have waited enough to encash the burden of guilt
They have waited enough to peel away the nascent flowers
They have vaulted enough secret to hide the fire and ashes
They are born to the senile days of fertile lands and fertile days of senile lands
They have submitted their longer tongue to the goddess of silence and sickness

Fire and ashes will not wait for scavengers
Fire and ashes will not burn the plastic wealth of plastic bowls
Fire and ashes will not be born into the termites of paperworms
Fire and ashes will not spit on the holy vessels of their greedy lips
Fire and ashes will ignite their sweat and soils whoever they are, whatever they do

Media as a finance instrument [three] : T.P.Chandrasekharan muder

T.P. Chandrasekharan murder:  

The persecutors and the persecuted 

Now as Mullappally Ramachandran ,the Central Subordinate Minister for internal security of the nation releases an  utterance  ,that  the role of Fias, terrorist suspect,  gold trader and smuggler in T.P. Chandrasekharan  murder , may be enquired into, the assumption, that the murder was enacted to please the finance managers of terrorism gains administrative approval.   The persons receiving money, for spreading acts of terrorism in the name of Islam in Kerala may be constrained to perform some terrorist events just to impress their masters ,that they are doing the job entrusted with them and funds may be released further for the performance of terrorist activities.  Killing of T.P. was not a simple murder but an item of event management subscribed to terrorism, and the media celebrated it as a major event.

 Hon’ble Chief whip of the ruling front Shri P.C.George.  a person executing the power of an officer in the cabinet minister rank,  entertains the mass with the most penetrating peeps into the fallacy of political truth .He issued a statement that Fias the smuggler and trader of gold has been maintaining terrorist links. It  is a statement from the governmental side and if the government itself are pleased to feel that the person maintains terrorist links, the Central Subordinate Minister for home will have to take action at the territorial  power line of the central government. Mr. Mullappally Ramachandran will have to act because the theme of terrorism is not a crime to be dealt with the state government  but with the central government. He does not act ,instead makes a public exhortation in violation of the constitutional oath and responsibility that the activities of Fias may be brought under investigation. Yes the activities of a terrorist suspect-(as certified by the governmental office of the Chief whip--) shall be investigated by a central agency under the ministry of  Mr Mullappally either by CIB or NIA  and Mr minister at the centre cannot escape from the official responsibility assigned to him as the minister. The preliminary administrative responsibility of  the central home minister is to provide the people with the sense of security and not worsening the anxiety and irrational apprehensions of the people with toothless spineless statements .If the minister feels there is involvement of terrorist element in T. P. murder, he should serve his constitutional responsibilities with utmost seriousness. he should act;

 The political persecution of Mohanan master exceeds all limits of cruelty as the media  generates another vicious propaganda against him on his suspected links with Fias. The media managers who played a dominant role in constructing the fallacy of the CPM involvement in the murder  are losing their ground, and just to maintain the notion of CPM conspiracy in the murder they want at least one victim of Mohanan's leadership level and the procedure of persecution and its festive brutality. still  persist to insult the blood of the innocent. The latest evidence is that of a telephone talk of one and a half mts duration between the terrorist suspect and Mohanan master. For the vulgar media it is a rocking  news. whereas the telephone contact of Fias with the Chief minister's private chief officer is not at all a breaking news Fias was a local person of Mohanan master and . as the CPM leaders maintain pleasant relations with the affluent class--- may be a symptom of political deterioration inevitable-- the chances of any such contact can’t be ruled out. But it makes no point of evidence to the  level that Mohan master knew Fias’ suspected links with the terrorists.  The argument is void. If  telephone talk with a criminal at  the other end,   is a criminal act, the Kerala Chief Minister,  Home Minister and the entire cabinet may be put in jail several times. Definitely the connection between  Mohanan master, the persecuted, and Fias the terrorist suspect, may be investigated, as one may find scope for investigation in Jesus' contact with Barabas as desired by  Caiphus and co.. 

But other questions remain:

1. In the event management of terrorism, Marxist extremists, communist dissidents and the so called Islamic terrorists are allies.

2CPIM (liberation) is a political organization with a history of terrorism .T.P.’s party maintained and still maintains some close links with the Liberation which on the other side maintains links with the Islamic-ngo extremism

3  The evidence to prove the friendship between the terrorist suspect and the CPM leader is scanty . At the same time we have substantial photographic  and telephonic evidence to the grand relationship between E. Ahmed--- Mullappally’s colleague  Muslim league leaders, chief ministers’ office,   DCC and state level leaders of congress ;why can't some among these be the men behind the terrorist murder?

4  The links are all open . but there is one hidden connections between the investigating officer of T.P. murder case and the terrorist suspect  ; the prosecution  objects even to  the examination  of  the telephone diary of the  investigating officer: WHY SIR , OBJECTION TO THE REVELATION OF FACTS ALLIED TO A TERRORIST MURDER WHEN   POLICE OFFICERS, MINISTERS OR CONGRESSMEN ARE AT THE RECEIVING END?

5  An investigation that does justice to the people’s right to security may prove  that the persecutors and not the persecuted  are the villains behind the terrorist murder
6 whether Fias be terrorist or not, whether Fias be involved in the murder or not, the execution of T.P. murder is a terrorist act, and the force behind  is  the foreign criminal finance  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Discourses of Disguise: Unmasking the post-colonial project

MN Vijayan Remembrance 2013
Keynote speech - S.Sudhish
Domestic Colonialism and Imperial Colonialism

Domestic colonialism? the term may sound a bit odd for most of us who are familiar with the imperial origins and expansion of colonialism in the ages of British empire in India. This is not an oxymoron but a key finding by Lenin in his studies on colonial questions.

Perhaps Lenin gave the best elaboration of the Colonial Question. Internationally, he critiqued the relations between oppressor and oppressed nations as closely related to the relations between classes within nations. ( )

Thus Lenin highlights the fact that while studying the national and colonial questions, the underlying class dynamics should not be forgotten. Colonization has been a development in the political economy of nations when imperialism achieved certain level of complex statecraft in the age of industrial capital. In the ages of feudalism and the days of monarchy, empires did not consist of remote or peripheral colonies. Empire signified the power for territorial expansionism and famous victories. The empires of Alexander, Genghis Khan and their likes were symbols of military wins across continents and seas. Later when the empires could amass and control significant amount of industrial capital they began to control the functions and political economy of the nations which they defeated. Thus the colonial nation states emerged. This was the colonialism from the above, or the imperialism. At the same time, as Lenin noted above, colonialism could exist within a nation state itself. The section of people with political and economic might within a nation state can exert power and exploit others. Caste system in India and the Apartheid suffered by African Americans are the good evidence for this.

Thus nationalism and a nation state as it is can be a site for domestic colonialism. The case of America in the time for British empire is a direct case for this. United States of America had a substantial native population when immigrants from Britain settled and occupied the land. When the British immigrants were fighting against the British empire, it was not based on any racial reasons. The reason was purely political and economic. The same immigrants were engaged in a fight with the natives at the same time. Thus the freedom fighters of America against British empire were colonizing the natives domestically. Thus U.S.A becomes a converging site of imperial and domestic colonialism.

Thus the thesis of domestic colonialism paved a way to a wider understanding of the Marxian analysis of a nation state within the class concept. 'Internationalism' was proposed as the outlook for the proletariat across the nations. Working class worldwide was urged to unite internationally. This view was actively supported by communist international ( Comintern) as well. 

Source: Fotopedia

Now domestic colonialism is no more heard in the research pursuits on the colonial question. Instead, the term 'Post-colonialism' has become the buzzword. In his famous work 'The Wretched Earth' Frantz Fanon deconstructed colonial question as a kind of oppressive effect and the residual effect of colonial hegemony. In 1978, when Edward Said published 'Eurocentrism' it reduced colonial question to a contradiction between the western imperialism and the oriental societies. After this, the thesis of post-colonialism emerged popular among academic circles and intelligentia. 

Thus the original thesis of domestic colonialism became largely unmasked and deconstructed in the inventiveness of post colonial narratives. In addition, post colonial studies could help the academic circles to sleep over the rising instances of neocolonialism using finance capital and the thesis of fragmentation of nation states. When post-colonial academicians like Homi Bhabha and Gayathri Chakravarthi Spivak continue to hunt the demigods of western imperial vestiges in the darkness of history, imperially funded NGO agencies and terrorist cells are tearing away every single site of political economy in the nation states. Thus post-colonialist thesis has become the dual mask to hide the residues of domestic colonialism and the intruding forces of neocolonialist finance capital, both eating away the political economy and the social fabric of nation states world wide.

Additional Notes:

  • Domestic and imperial colonialism: The dynamics of imperial colonialism - the contradiction between center and periphery. What about domestic colonialism? every nation will have center and periphery. 
  • Internationalism becomes the alternative to the nationalist ideology which confines the working class to the interests of the dominant class.
  • Episodes of American freedom struggle are one of the early historic sites for the contradiction between domestic colonialism and imperialist colonialism. Natives stood with British empire against American immigrant colonizers. Exploitation is the centripetal force to the domestic colonialism. 
  • Kerala caste hierarchy and the associated social fabric is another site of domestic colonialism. Indulekha as a site of contradiction of domestic colonialism. During freedom struggle, domestic colonialism becomes subdued. Saraswathivijayam in 1890 as a site of domestic colonialism. Caste as a dominant discourse in Saraswathivijayam. 
  • In the age of neocolonialism, domestic colonialism becomes a convenience. 
  • Internationalism as an opposition to domestic colonialism.