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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Endosulfan: Media as the finance instrument

Media as Finance Instrument of  Intellectual  Massacre  

                Two: ENDOSULFAN:       

        The neocapitalist media and the entire data net system have been  programmed in such a way as to cultivate absence of reality, to destroy the rhythm of sense and the vision of discretion and identity rooted in the sociocultural biology ; What the media project and propagate is the noisy unreal  beneath the silenced reality  . The psychic doctrine of horror celebrated by the media,  foregrounding endosulfan  victims in  Kasargod , drifted off from the basic question, why a particular segment of  Kasargod alone  happened to be the cruelest victim of endosulfan ; Why endo sulfan did not issue the the same quantum of disaster at the same degree on all parts of earth it was applied or why Kasargode happened to be the worst affected area --is the seminal question; Endosulfan with its poison content is exported from our country and applied even  in the foreign circuits of agriculture; Poison may do the same quantum of damage to humans taking it at different parts of the world, since this pesticide poison is the major export commodity of India. Then a rational question arises why report of such cruel disfigurations and death were not reported from other parts of the world—as in the case of Bhopal tragedy ,why no foreign government filed a compensation suit against any Indian exporter of this pesticide poison. This means that the Kasargod tragedy is  an accident in application ,committed by one government department of Kerala ,a compensation suit would have been filed by the home department of kerala against the officials and the concerned department responsible for the shocking tragedy. Instead the media enlarged a protest game of hue and cry against endosulfan, that too for a short period, in the name of the victims and vanished from the scene leaving the demand for a permanent ban on endosulfan. The media that traded the photographs of disfiguration of course struck the sympathy industry target and made business out of it, but the endosulfan question still remains unresolved .  

     The poison content in endosulfan  may of course be harmful and fatal in some particular genetic , and environmental premises; but it cannot be taken as a general rule but be termed disastrous only when there occurs  criminal fault in its dispensation as in Kasargod, After the  terrific media display of a genocide fallacy ,estimated consequential  to the dispensation of endosulfan,  it is still part of  everyday dining of the media persons --and a common man in the present  cannot have escape from consuming food stained with endo sulfan. There is nothing ideal with endosulfan but we have no other go , no healthier, economic, safer alternative and so we encounter the risk factor inevitable, but do no research to develop an alternative to this poisonous substance . Instead we look for alternative from the colonial burglars  . The German import, the high cost pesticide, is no alternative as it fetches death of economy and issues no guarantee of health. Yes,  the local poison is healthier and so preferred to the imported German  wine and blood divine .  Endosulfan is manufactured in great quantum, as one of the major exports and at the domestic surface it is unchallenged, as it is lesser poisonous and the cheapest effective pesticide available in our country. May be true it is murderous, but as long as we do not find a secure alternative that insures unspoiled health, we will have to bear the cross of endosulfan as medium of self penance of a people that sold out its creative soul to finance colonialism. We are the genus of a people suffering from loss of self respect and confidence, who believe we are not makers of our living space; foreign financiers load us with the breath of subsistence and wonderful habitats of loans and grants for purchasing slavery and suicide . True, even locally made poison is an effective resistance to the paradise promised by the finance measures of colonialism . Acceptance of colonial subjugation is deadlier than acceptance of death. Death by locally manufactured poison is preferred to financial servility of a donkey’s life  . 


      We had a series of hooch tragedies and enumerating the tragic deaths ,  dis figuration, genetic transmission of cerebral damage , and slow poison effect we do not suspend  the life of the disciplined beverages queue that brings us subsistence in the form of revenue ; We take endosulfan with our food because, we don't have a better choice; we take injurious liquor because it is our option to live in the absence of reality close to nothingness ,sleep ,and death;A high dosage distribution of endosulfan by air happened to be more disastrous than a chemical weapon assault, deadlier than a  high dosage dispensation of methyl alcohol in arrack and rum. We make splendid profit out of liquor and conclude we cannot ban the profit and accompanying torture upon sanity  because prohibition is no practical remedy; it is not practical as death wish is the practical need of a society abused with colonial finance. In the case of endosulfan it is the monetary gain of the farmer, profit of the manufacturer and  the sustenance of the daily eater  of vegetables and other crops . Truly speaking we are not that romantic race of the lotus eaters, but realistic tribes  of poison eaters

       German pesticide manufacturers spent much money for the anti endosulfan propaganda for they wanted to expand their imperium of business and grab market space in India for their costly material which the native farmer could  never afford .They  purchased certain media institutions for the anti endosulfan campaign , citing the Kasargod tragedy and the unified choral horror produced by the media house was the product of finance they received from the foreign companies; The local endosulfan manufactures also bribed certain media houses in somewhat a timid fashion in defence of their business but at the media level ,the battle was uneven as foreign illegal finance always outweighed the local black money potentials. The notorious campaign of horror was not generated out of sympathy for the endosulfan victims but some compensation was brought out as its side effect ,as a humanitarian cause is the best seller in the media and it may attract some compensation even from a government ignorant of the emotional chemistry of the humans. Endo-sulfan victims who got some compensation may feel  gratitude for the media that agitated their cause, as they are not aware of the fact the outburst of the sympathy they consumed was the child of the  foreign finance. The endosulfan hype created by the media marks another instance of absence of reality for it concealed the battle going on between Indian pesticide manufactures and powerful foreign players; the reality of Kasargod tragedy was exploited as mask to cover the underworld reality  of the battle for market space in which finance flowed from both the camps that lured the lascivious sensory system of the media. 

     The summary of  all that feast of terror in the post GATT period is, that Indian manufacturers of solar equipment don’t have any right upon their domestic market for it has been sold out to US for thirty dices of silver; that the energy economy of India may strictly be put under the command of MNCs mostly US based and its subordinates; that the public sector energy production may be stalled at the expense of environmental scenario; that  energy within the command of private sector-- centered colonial thugs, may be encouraged even at the risk of the environmental horror scenario ; that in the matter of energy ,  India should be made a colony of US traders; that all  energy sources in which the public sector sustains access, may be eliminated for the convenience of the colonizing masters; that  at the pesticide manufacturing sector ,the international giants do have  and should have absolute command, the motive being colonization of Indian agriculture with the dragon terminator seeds or pesticides that would ruin the fertility potentials of our soil after one or two heavy crops ; the anti endosulfan propaganda has been placed before the international platform without any suggestion for alternative; without any assurance that the foreign pesticides that would find space in Indian soil would not disturb the  sovereignty of the Indian agriculture or the foreign pesticide claimed to be less poisonous, and ten times costlier would not ruin Indian soil in the fashion of the  genetically modified seeds. 

   The CPI(GM)- communist party of India, genetically modified by colonial micro finance and macro finance technology, is least bothered about, US complaint against India in the issue of energy as well as the submission of foreign pesticide manufacturers against India manufacturing manure or pesticide . India should not cultivate energy from sources accessible and should depend on alternative energy monopolized by the foreign colonial sources; even in the stream of less useful , feeble solar energy India is not allowed to generate its own manufacturing space; a complaint filed against India in the case of solar as well as with the pesticide maintains a common ground; it is  true that solar or endosulfan is not ideal with respect to energy or agriculture; In a country where hydro electric power generation  and irrigation  are stalled by the stooges of colonialism in the holy name of environment, where even generation of energy of the lowest dynamics or manufacturing of pesticide of the lowest quality is prohibited , the  import of fuel , seeds and pesticides from the stations of the colonial financiers is insisted and imposed;

  The damages done with the dispensation  of endosulfan in Kasargode is heart breaking, ; the dimension of disaster revives the memory of death and genetic disfiguration done by US in Hiroshima and it is a warning. But the endosulfan dread  and the solar fraud played by the media is ever more vicious than the factual fraud or the actual feeling of dread that accumulates in the dispensation of solar or pest killer poison; media with its ugly show of hype and hyper reality, betrays reality, masks the filthy gutters of the colonial political economy, disfigures the perceptive power . destroys the spontaneous rationality of comprehension  ; It effects treacherous distortion of  the ethical sense apprehension . The people living in the absence of reality swallow the prophecy of an intellectual genocide repressed by the hype and panic disseminated by the media industry.