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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Economic planning in the age of financial colonialism : Flushing out decentralization

if the Kerala ministerial cabinet has decided to sustain planning board, the minister for planning and economic affairs, chief minister would consider 

  1. The history of planning. Planning is a socialist economy concept opposed to market economy and capitalism never entertained the practice or concept of planning. India accepted planning as a mixed economy
  2. Planning is a concept that germinated from the perspective of nationalization
  3. Planning deals with the progression of productive resources
  4. Planning is set in the context of centralized economy and decentralization is antithetical to the very concept of planning
  5. Decentralized planning (trans. വികേന്ദ്രീകൃത ആസൂത്രണം by MP Parameswaran)or development planning scripted in 1970's exclusively for under developed and undeveloped nations by USAID and World Bank, is a farce that ridicules the genuineness of planning (conceived in a centralized economy) that is opposed to market economy. 
  6. Decentralized planning is is a neo-colonial project that effects a disintegration of economy the outcome of which is fragmentation of nation states for the convenience of expansion(ism) of the market. 
  7. Richard franke who was assigned to smuggle decentralization under the title Panchayat level sustainable development planning in Kerala confesses in his book on local democracy that the objective of decentralized planning is fragmentation of nation states. M.P.Prameswaran in his Johannesburg paper reveals that at the end of decentralized. planning the state would be lifted off from the local space
  8. Franke and Issac argue that the Kerala model development is unique for the reason that it is a development sans production but originally planning is process that deals with production and productive resources
  9. This means that what is termed decentralized planning subverts the basic concept and practice of planning ,favoring the expansionist aggression of the market(6)Planning is antithetical to market economy but Issac while he was the finance minister generated a steep rise in borrowing from the public market and in this murder of planning he was assisted by Prabhat Patnaik who keeps a link with ford foundation
  10. It is a fact conceded that socialist planning could not counter the challenges of the financial colonialism that eats the flesh of undeveloped and under developed states. but it does not anyway justify the maintenance of planning board for the annihilation of planning. 
  11. A planning board is relevant only if the government examines the fact how far decentralization ruined the economy of the state, how far the economy of the state is subjugated to finance colonialism. 
  12. Planning is a concept that germinated from the perspective of nationalization.The board may be maintained only if the government is bold enough to terminate the decentralization menace and get back to the terms of nationalization and a centralized productive economy bidding adieu to globalization, liberalization and privatization.

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