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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Postmodern Epithets of Eco-panic Syndrome : Hidden Semantics of Imperialism

Eco-panic syndrome is a contagion generated by the traders of the eco-colonial religion that exhorts humans to nurse the sanctity of ecosystem. They propagate a species of fear that a hydro electric project would invite the wrath of eco- god and the animals, plants, soil water and all such elements would be upturned and life on earth would perish with no excuse for redemption.

we are still advised to follow the nursery rhyme. ( In Malayalam )

  • ആ കാട്ടിൽ പോവരുത്
  • ആ പുല്ലിൽ ചവിട്ടരുത് 
  • ആ വെള്ളം കുടിക്കരുത് 
  • ആ പൂവ് ചൂടരുത് 

All such prohibitions are imposed for the interest of the power structure, but they would say it is to protect the goddess of nature. By a simple touch you pollute the sacred ecosystem. You cannot touch. You cannot approach.

It is the thesis of un-touchability and un-approachability regenerated in post modern epithets. It is only a semantic change. We had similar but greater dread that Mullapperiyar would fall and wash off districts within a few days it was some five years back. Nothing happened. Eco-panic syndrome is another game played by the vested interests.

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