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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morphing matrimony , divorce and identity

             The dog in the channel barked in his master's voice , casting shame upon the noble creature planted in the archaic gramophone records.The creature in the sub animal folio of evolution takes pride in the pedigree of the Trojan horse .Yes, Trojan horse is a genuine martyr. He is a frame in disguise. smuggled in to the quarters of funded festival, playing  murder of truth  at the risk of his life .. He obtains a post in the Marxist daily on its way to ideological decline The Trojan mass of a cheat is anyhow inferior to the dog who comprehends no language other than his master speaks.   The dog  while being  loyal to his master is direct and honest and he  lives not in disguise  to stab on the back .of his foe or brother   in contrast to the  wooden frame of betrayal. , the   Trojan horse. The post modern wooden beast while serving the Marxist daily , quits the post in pride to join the channel which offers him better wages for  sumptuous betrayal . Then the notaries and votaries of CIA in the Marxist  gambling house identify the    traitor talent of the wooden beast, and offer him   a luxurious post,  for bettering his track record of betrayal. He registers his obnoxious clairvoyance under the patronage of the minister married to CIA and USAID, and mimicks the impotent   expressions of  arrogance   drawn from the fierce cerebral sterility of his master  and minister of infinite  moral nothingness

             The bespectacled malevolence dressed in suit and coat appears in the channel to molest truth in defence of the CIA  minister, an accomplished financial criminal.  He claims the task of  overhauling the media institution.!!Paatom exposed the story of the finance minister's matrimonial contract with the USAID lady  who receives croes from anonymous  sources , Ford , USAID etc. The overhauler-creature in the channel fails to defend the honourable matrimonial  partner of the minister as her alliance with USAID  is irrevocable and so he procreates an incident of divorce in the monograph of the criminal minister. But as he overhauls the matrimonial graph of  his master, he fails to produce authentic evidence. The official website of  Kerala government  gives  evidence  to the subsistence of the matrimony still unhurt ;and the channel surveyor  fails to overhaul official website which spits upon the ugly face that manipulates  the farce of a divorce probably in stealthy connivance with the couple.

             The persons involved in espionage, proceeding forth a life in disguise ,may enact the drama of divorce and matrimony for opportunistic gains. They live in falsified identity with respect to paternity and matrimony. The minister who announces the defamation occurred to Richard  Franke (the CIA reptile that lays eggs to  feed the  poisonous CIA  spy Rabindra singh who meets him in the Kerala resort,  -- adduced from the Frontline story ), announces that his feeder of grants,Franke is married to lady Barbara  Chasin. Then a person who claims to be a loyal follower and friend of Franke even from  his  embryonic  days, suspects the matrimony that has been attested by the Kerala minister. The minister highly anxious of the unviolated chastity  of Franke's matrimony does not feel his master's fame insulted as another loyal dependant of Franke destabilises the matrimonial accord scripted by  his ministerial eyes.The minister swears that his grantmaster is married to a particular lady and when another person not less authentic upon the anthropomorphising   adventures of the CIA persons, questions the veracity of the matrimony that has been  reported by the ministerial tongue ,Franke  as well as minister Issac falls dumb. No question of defamation  against a statement  that  reduces the ministerial researcher and  scholar, as dis informer of the  matrimonial affair of the U.S. national..  Franke   does not dispute his matrimony sanctified by the  minister nor he does dispute the informer who destabilises his nuptial affair  .This is the way the CIA community  performs the act of morphing matrimony; A  shady chapter in the programme of anthropomorphising.It is not the conventional process of giving human shapes to to the nonhuman pets. Here. the nonhuman ones are given  human appearance by a mishap of biological birth but they love a life in disguise and renounce the concept of the original.(red salute to comrade Baudrillad and co. who defy the very concept of the original) Impersonation is  instinctual urge  and psycho perversion  that takes  a spy back  to his subhuman tropic.Matrimony is a human affair. By morphing matrimony into divorce or destabilising  the matrimony with fantasy of divorce, a creature dressed in human flesh expresses a desire to live in the  subhuman under world which is the natal habitat of the CIA community.

             So there is nothing unfair if Franke  doesn't feel insulted when he is made the husband of Barbara. The matrimony is authored by Issac minister in the Kerala cabinet.Nor he does feel  defamed when his loyal friend disputes the matrimony authored by Issac.He is married and not married  to Barbara Chasin!.It is the the death of the author ,(of matrimony) minister Issac.With a fresh reading of the CIA reptile's hidden mission, the meaning is deferred. This is the way they deconstruct marriage. This is the way they morph their identity for espionage activities.
             Issac's latest production in printing, a self effacing , self abusing document , a book,an imposition of shame maligned with contradictions and lies is dedicated to Franke, but there he ignores the existence of Barbara  whose reputation also was in peril as per the press petition filed by Issac.Issac forgets the idea of  Franke--Barbara matrimony he revealed to  the press and avoids reference to the matrimony in his book as it is disputed by Franke's bosom friend. So the matrimonial identity of the US national proposed by the Indian minister is  a coward's lie that mystifies the identity of the man on espionage mission.

             Yes, Franke is married and not married  to Barbara and they lived together in Nadur in central Kerala which is a nonexistent place . Issac argues that the cover of anthropological research is a legitimate excuse by which  a US spy suspect is authorised to create nonexistent places for him to conduct  his clandestine  activities in Kerala  morphing its geospatial names of reference. And the curious result of the anthropological research is that not a  single letter in the print out  of the research product, carries even a distant Kinship to field anthropology. 
            There is no wonder in  Issac stretching headlong by the reptile master's trail in the matter of matrimony.To confuse  the identity of the self, is part of the espionage technology.Matrimony is an identity signature. Issac and Franke expose it and erase  it and pose themselves as married ,living together or divorced. Franke is married and not married. Issac is married ,divorced and not divorced.
.           As the tribal head of the USAID in Kerala, Franke is supposed to play foul tricks  even in his personal matter of matrimony for he was deputed by the US to falsify objective reality.
             But in the political industry of India there occurs no such illicit precedent of a minister issuing a matrimonial certificate to a US national,  that is ably challenged by another Indian citizen.The government or passport verification authorities do not question the persons involved in the dispute over the matrimonial identity of the US national. The foreigner in the biographical note of his book states that, he lived in a nonexistent place in kerala. Though he pretends to be an anthropologist . he never cares to claim that he  did anthropological   research in the non existent Kerala village. He states in clear terms that he did a study of the impact of land reforms  in the village he names Nadur and such a study has nothing to do with structural anthropology or field anthropology. 

            Yet the Kerala minister  justifies  falsification of the the name of the place where the US spy  executed his Kerala  mission foregrounding a ridiculous excuse of anthropological research. And the person still remains a member in the cabinet and not an inmate in the central jail.
             Paatom agitated the  national security issues linked to the  minister's matrimony with a USAID  lady  who is a US national who  shores crores of dollars and maintains immovable and movable assets in US  which make a substantial bolus of the minister's family income and asset. The minister is committed to the foreign contribution regulation act of India  whereas it is irrelevant in the case of the minister's US wife. The US  wife in effect shields the minister in a better way than the Swiss bank; The wife receives anonymous funds and  runs an NGO in Hyderabad ,the nursery of CIA terrorism improvised under the banner of Mao.

           As Paatom exposed the anti -national factor in Issac's marriage with the USAID lady , the overhauler and manipulator of media truth in the CPM channel came out with the fable of divorce .As per the version of the CPM channel ,minister Issac is a divorcee and maintains no wife and children in  US. But, the fable of divorce  decorated with   pseudo sentimental tentacles is  not yet reported to the government of Kerala or its legislature secretary. The official websites of the government,legislature and the Chief Minister declare in unified voice . even on this day----17th June 2010 ,that, Issac  still maintains a wife and two children born out of his blood in US and as per the official records the wife is none other than the USAID lady. No incident of divorce occurred as per government record. So minister Issac has a dubious record of matrimony; he is divorced as per the  CPM channel and not divorced as per the  official government records .  

             Yes, in the political  history of India never such an ugly  incident   occurred.An issue of cheating the public, speaking in two voices .Twin headed monstrosity stripped in naked sunlight .The channel of the governing party declares  its minister a divorcee just to protect him from his nefarious  political links, ; The chief minister, the general secretary of the CPM and the government officers who still hold the matrimony alive on records   moan in silence  as creatures dressed in motley, as clowns incapable of  condemning the   obscenity that rotates the  controversy. Issac minister, who swells under the protection of the media institution holds key to the illicit foreign financial transactions in Kerala.. He is empowered with  a blackmailing needle authenticated by CIA with which he sews up the mouth of the public persons who fell victim to to the smuggled foreign money transactions. Politicians of all hues and buttons have been trapped in the immoral traffic of illegitimate foreign financial grants  and no politician or public person opens his mouth to condemn the stench of this obscenity that stifles the very breath of the law and order governance in the country.             
            The CIA minister is immune to the law and order of the land.The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Ernakulam made a significant finding that an amount of rupees 16 crores has been smuggled to India violating Foreign Contribution Regulation Act ,for a decentralisation oriented project that was drafted  directed and implemented  by Issac. The contract for smuggling sixteen crores  came into being as CDS, Issac's parent institution entered into an agreement  with Tinburgen foundation a nonexistent foundation( as the nonexistent Nadur, Franke's place of residence in Kerala.) The story of Tinburgen founadation appears in an authentic book written by M.P.Parameswaran depicting the genesis of the project for which  rupees sixteen crores were smuggled violating FCRA. Parameswaran in his book asserts the paternal role of  Issac in the smuggled project. M.P. Parameswaran worked as the director of the project and there is solid evidence (given by CDS) to the fact that Issac played the role of the joint director of the project (inseminated  by smuggled foreign thesis and smuggled foreign money,) at least for four years . The CDS authorities put forth all unclean pressures to obtain FCRAclearance for the project and fell flat at the feet of Dr. Manmohan Singh who  then governed the finance of the country. The good name  of Dr . K.N.Raj was dragged in to this spurious business but despite  high level recommendations Issac  could not obtain FCRA  clearance, and he, in violation of the FCRA smuggled in the foreign fund .After the first course of  the fund  exhausted, the foreign source under the cover of  Netherlands government, allotted 30 crores  more for the extension of the project but the central government interfered and banned further continuation of the project. Paatom in its affidavit filed with the judicial court exposed the fact , with evidence, that the money smuggled in for the project was abused to generate fear of anarchy and terror among  people as the proclaimed object of the project  was  elimination and exclusion of the state from local governance ( A USAID objective confessed by M.P. Paarameswaran )  The judicial officer in the judgment observed that Issac's organisation ,Parishat, which implemented the project made no attempt to counter the accusation of  the anti-national  monetary motivations in the project.

            One wonders how a person  who enacts the paternal role of a project with anti-national margins  run by foreign fund smuggled in violation FCRA,  is installed as minister in a state cabinet ; He sets illogical defence for a foreigner's stealthy business in Kerala  in a place under a non existent village name, Nadur. His parent organisation signs a contract with a non existent foundation , Tinburgen Foundation which is yet another mystery like Nadur, and he fails to explain how such a fictitious foundation crept into the genesis text of the project which he formulated (though inseminated by foreign masters.). He stated his Franke was married to Barbara, which  happens to be a false statement. His channel agent declares that  he has been divorced of his US wife ,but the state government records  stand unaffected by the story of the divorce, still entertaining the valid matrimonial  incident .He does not make a honest statement of his asset and income hoarded with his US  family and at the face of that inconvenient point  he appears before the public as an aggrieved divorcee . He disowns the paternity of the foreign project inseminated by USAID, as violation of  FCRA and the anti- natonal context of its procreation  are established in the court of law. He disowns his US wife by words uttered in the channel as the US wife is irretrievable from the labyrinth of USAID and CIA.  
             He sits upon the head of Prakash Karat and dictates.We feel sympathy for the poor man  Prakash. Let us hope that he is not a forged husband like Franke;letus hope he is not a forged divorcee like Issac; let us hope he is not a forged name like Nadur or Tinburgen foundation.

But  not to be a forged communist ,is not a  matter of hope or wishful thinking.