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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

ANTI CHRIST—Historical Speculations

Anti Christ: A Visual Mediation of Primitive Minds


 Lars Von Trier  registers the agony of marital sex , the integrity  of which been subjected to murderous  assaults by the sexuality theses of global capitalism.  In the holy name  of multiple diversity of  sex, capitalism has launched a furious propaganda against male -female sex, particularly against monogamy , which has been reduced to a fragment of racial memory excavated from the woods of the collective unconscious. Of course in the present historical context .monogamous sex happens  to be  a curious fossil  of primitivism   for the post modern  exercises of market ideology celebrates the inevitability and necessity  of the schemes of non productive biology cited in  Lesbianism gayism , transgenderism,bisexualism and all such perversions that would  dismantle the sexual harmony of marital sex whereas biological fertility  can be proceeded only through a marital family design.
                      The film is a voyage back to the pre-Christian ages.and the emotive  dynamo of the  visuals is invigorated by the fusion of surrealist frames of hidden reality and the open pictorial discourses of  surfacing realism It is a journey back to the conjugal prototypes of Adam and Eve   and  the irony of a  fall, cast them off to  the forest reminiscent of Eden.

The metaphor of fall
The theme of fall in the old testament   corresponds to  the conjugal desire. Here also  conjugal desire happens to be a punishable offence  but in a situation antithetical  to the testament. The god in the testament prohibits the experience and knowledge of sex;  the vey act of sex itself is estimated as  commitment of sin. The fall of the humans in the paradise is consequential to  the novel experience of mating.

 In the film, the fall of the child, unattended, drowned to the terror of death. is the cause that incites the panic of sin. The death of the child  is a historical  event, as in the post modern period , pre marital sex,  extra marital sex and homosexuality are  preferred to  monogamous marital aesthetics of sex.  In such a situation  paternal  identity as well as   maternal identity of the child is diffused and it marks the historical death of  the child’s familial identity. Child of course is the seminal problem of  sexual extravaganza that has been glorified by the capitalist sex theorists. Female playwright Carryll Churchil  and the likes feel that child is an unbearable  liability in the present context of the feminist  speculations of freedom. To do away with the child. is a philosophical issue, and the abortion- killing is an escapist device. We live in a world of condom vending machines ; we are afraid of child birth .How to exclude child from the terrain of the sexual extravaganza of premarital ., extra marital  conjugations is a major problem .Homo sexuality is preferred to hetero sexuality as homosexuality liberates humanity from the liability of the child  that constitutes the fundamental inevitability of family. The post modern sexuality denounces biological fertility and seeks conjugal pleasure bonded to sterility. The death of the child by fall , marks a negative shift in the civilization. It marks the death of human  biology.

      The question  why conjugal pleasure  is prohibited by the archaic  power structure supposed to be supernatural,  demands historical investigation. The testaments were written   not in the period of savagery but  at a time of transition from barbarism to civilization, the period which marks the genesis of serfdom. Female as well as male slaves were then castrated with a view to extract maximum labour  and subjugation. The ruling tribes that mutilated the genital organs of the slaves sought moral justification .for their treacherous act and the primitive priesthood justified castration by the word of god raising admonition  even against the proto typical mating. The slaves, male and female were  castrated for the same reason for which bulls are castrated even in the present century. Sterility sterilization and celibacy were honoured in  the civilization as per the laws of necessity that sustained the interest of the ruling class. The   circumcision of the males and females performed by certain religious sects are rituals emerging from the early castrations inflicted upon the tribes of slaves

Castration Anxiety
Mutilation  of the genital organs  of the male and female   transmutes the  structure of  feeling in  the film diction  toward a deep historic horror that digs deep into cerebral recesses of genetic memory.  The violence of  the nightmarish castration is not an excess of surrealistic grammar but a strand of bleeding ultra reality plucked out  of the post-modern   marketised existence  that annihilates the fertile biology of the humans and its aesthetics realized with the child. Castration anxiety was a reality that haunted   the serfdom of archaic times but it is revived in the present by the forces  of market economy. Castration is performed as an act of self penance, feeling  guilt  over the death of the child abandoned at the time of mating. Castration is penance as well as a journey back to the terror of primitivism.

Castration anxiety is the dominant structure of feeling in the film and the foregrounding of castration anxiety is probably an inevitable happening that unfurls from the unconscious  of the artist. This foregrounding is spontaneous and not a conspired artifice.

           Freud while defining castration  fear confines it  to the dungeon of infancy, and fancies oedipal situation in the genesis of fear in the male child  He argues that the female child  suffers the feeling of castration due to the lack of penis which is supposed to be the  vital organ of sexuality. His observations are fantastic jokes as he ignores history of sex as well as history of terror emerging from  the castration experiences etched in  genetic memory. The humans living with butchered genitals is not a gory fantasy but  a reality that haunts existence of the present and would haunt the memory of  the humans ever.
                  Why castration fear is fore grounded as the seminal  disturbance of the present age? Even T.S. Eliot and a bunch of modernists complained of a devastating  monotone  of sterility  but for false reasons such as the death of spirituality. Spirituality is the antithesis of sexuality and the  malignancy of spiritualism in no way injures positive sexuality. But the death of child by condom , abortion or castration is the necessity of capitalist market economy, which advances entreaties for the liquidation of the institution of family.
     A barren conjugal pleasure  devoid  of the terror of child birth is the necessity of the consumerist imagination; a person who enjoys conjugal pleasure with no weight of a family or child is free to enjoy the consumerist pleasure to  the bottom level for he or she is not bound to find food, cloth and shelter for a child or family. That is why the cultural affairs minister of Kerala proposed legislation for homo- sexuals who would never produce a biological child that would disturb the freedom of consumerist sterility. In the present age of women empowerment, if one turns a lesbian , or moves by the path of premarital  or extra marital exorbitant sex it would undo the  emotional design of the family and consequently the commodification of the female body that would boost the potentials of the market at different levels becomes an easy affair. The cause of the eunachs, transgenders and homosexuals ,  fly high all over the world demonstrating the justice of castrated human existence. The child neglected and ignored against  the festival of conjugation  falls and dies imposing ulcerous wounds of castration upon the physique and psyche of the parents. Mother hood and father hood are dismantled in the wild; They are never more father and mother as the child ceases to exist The death of the child is a historical inevitability and the father and the mother realizes the fact that they cannot escape the destiny of castration. It is scripted upon their skull by the machines of marketism -- S.Sudhish