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The online edition of 'PAATOM' Magazine founded by MN Vijayan -

In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Neelandan gimmicks , and the lavlin commando ...

Things take a deceptive turn as Neelandan,a pro Maoist NGO god,  silences his guns of Maoist inclination after he receives   a mild attack from the clan of Lavlin marxists. The Lavlin marxist leader justified the people's  assault, leaning back upon his clumsy arrogance nurtutred by the quantitative strength of the tribe of  Lavlin goondas fed by foreign funds.  With a single blow the Lavlin goondas crush the the throat of the Maoist priest,  omnipotent coward and darling of  the media.If the Lavlin goonda band and its commander are capable of annihilating the CIA armed Maoists with a simple assault studded with a blow of filthy arrogance ,why cant they go forth to the north east corridor, and wipe out the Maoist band who pollutes the name of Mao , who  massacre marxists in Bengal? Go, Lavlin marxist, and perform your heroics and comics in the north-east corridor,  as you take pride in physical combat stage managed in kerala. Prove your mettle in the north east den which is the befitting space for a physical combat.

Oh, Lavlin marxist contractor, ,go to the northeast and there you would find that the CIA army of Maoists use arms supplied by the same Lavlin you embraced.; there they kill marxist  comrades with  rifles supplied by the global dealer of terrorism and weapon trader SNC Lavlin who promised an amount of hundred crores as bribe to betray the communist movement and the country. Oh, Lavalin marxist , you are a tool  at the hands of CIDAand Lavlin, who create potential space of terrorism in India with a view to split India into pieces by 2015.

Why this mimicry of a teeth less battle between  two sub humanist cowards who incite  cannibal instinct in the name of Mao(cia)and Marx(lavlin). You are birds of the the same flock though not the breed of the same stock.You share feed from the same vessel of CIA. Neelandan was the secretary of a hospital which received funds from a man made of a name ,Richard Franke, an absolute CIA spy.The same Neelandan often travels by air, his flights  believed to be financed by invisible divine forces.

Oh. Lavlin marxist, you know and do not know that your finance minister Issac, who steered a project which smuggled sixteen crores to kerala for the purpose of spreading fear of anarchy among people( the purpose has been confessed in black and white in the report of Issac's project)has dedicated all his belongings to Franke. Franke is sponsored byUSAID, Ford and NSF which are the front organisations of CIA-- Issac's wife also dedicated her service to an organisation run by USAID and received  funds from USAID, Ford (and even funds anonymous). N.Ram,is member of a distinct marxist breed affiliated to Switzerland who runs  Hindu . a news paper. Hindu has , by its report, established the affair between  the organisation of Issac minister's wife and USAID in definite terms. So Issac, Neelandan and Issac's wife serve their master Franke for a definite purpose--, to cultivate fear of anarchy ,to terrorise Indian mass.Neelandan is supposed to fill terrorist anarchy in the space left out by Issac and his wife ,who dedicated their selves to the mysterious providence termed Franke andUSAID

Oh Lavlin marxist, we pity you for you have made yourself a ridiculous piece of political illiteracy. Even your national secretary , a sign of premature political craft has stated that Canadian International Development Agency -CIDA-with whom you signed the Lavlin deal is a funding instrument of CIA. Funds are stealthily        channeled for terrorist activities under the cover of development, and CIDA , at the international level .,is such an agency that sells dread and drinks murders under the cover of development.SNC Lavlin is a trader and manufacturer of weapons at the international level arming the terrorists, as terrorism is the massive destructive device of the day, manned and manipulated by U.S. imperialism. So the Maoists who massacre Bengal marxists as well as the anti -Maoist counter army that murders the tribal, may hold in hands the weapons supplied by Lavlin. There they may kill tribal with Lavalin bullets.There they may kill marxists with Lavlin bullets. At both ends the same trader wins the battle. Marxistsand tribal are drawn to rival camps as blood doesn't identify blood.  Remember Lavlin marxist, your comrades in Bengal are shot with guns traded by Lavlin and as you open your mouth to establish  your arrogance your words smell blood of your Bengal comrades eaten by the guns of Lavlin.

You are the  master craftsman of of ignorance.  You signed a contract for the favour of CIDA and Lavlin . A favour of hundred crores received for trading right to loot public money by foreign scoundrels. It was a death contract.You were embarrassed by the flood of currency. A Chembankunju reborn,mad and maddened by the exploits of currency.You were trapped. You were trapped in financial deals and business projects and then blackmailed  by the managers of the currency trap.You started building a business empire laying bricks upon the condensed blood of the martyrs and continued to call it a marxist party.

Oh Lavlin raja, Lord protector of pokkiri raja, the silver screen millionaire, the depth of guilt that lies embedded in the death contract shatters your spinal pillar and you cannot straighten your frame with the the pokkiri language of intimidation. Intimidation and assertive abuses may scare Neelandans and  cowards sucking hospital assistance.from foreign funds. But you cannot assault truth bound convictions, by such pokkiri threats. When Pokkiri  Raja raises his tail Paatom reads his intentions.Even if the Lavlin commando is rescued from Lavlin trap by the grace of Padmarajan, G. Karthikeyan or Sonia , he cannot escape the anti-communist political treachery embedded in the Lavlin deal.

Time hearkens and from the depths of tombs  the martyred lives roar: ''YOU TRAITOR!!!'' It falls upon your existence like a thunderous fire. Repent, man! Confess how you were maddened with the miracle of currency. Revoke commonsense dead and buried, to identify the forces who cut you down to the size of a Lavlin slave. Confess.

Liberate the  self, from the serfdom of currency. Remember the died ones, the dying ones. Remember the  living martyrs.
One word more .The Jama-e-at Mukri, clad in marxist dress code, writing a column in Jama-e-at- daily challenged Paatom to recharge Franke affair . We recharged the affair with invincible evidence. The report of our meeting and pamphlet appeared i n ithe Jama-e-at- daily in which the Mukri writes the column. No answer. The Franke camp is dumb and dead . Red Salute!