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Thursday, March 4, 2010

is it not a cia intervention?

Headley , Rana and Nasir-
But What About Richard Franke?




A foreign invading army, or a terrorist group accounts cartographical sheets of the invading space as the basic requirement for the execution of aggression. Topographical sheets ,a particular category of cartography of our country with its geodetic code are treated as classified documents under safe custody of the defence ministry protected by the Official Secret Act . At the global level all nations do preserve classified maps , in the interest of the security of the nation. No nation so far has made public announcement, that in the context of advanced satellite mapping , the defence secrecy factor of classified maps have become unwanted though its relevance has been put in peril by the global level satellite mapping managed by the CIA . But certain individuals who claim to be scientists question the necessity of defence aligned to the classified maps. They argue that the CIA controlled satellite system WGS84 with its remote sensing technology , GIS and GPS-coordinators has made an absolute conquest of Indian classified cartography and the Indian classified maps have been invalidated. Indian defence department has its own geodetic system—Himalayan Spheroid which has been subjugated by the World Geodetic System of CIA and in such a situation we need not have an independent but inefficient IGS while an omnipotent WGS is carrying on its mapping mission with the consent of certain offices of the Indian government silencing the Defence Department and the CIB. Now we have become a nation where the relevance of classified maps cease to exist.
It is an intervention ,that splits the internal security of the defence of India. It is a far more serious intervention than the 1959 liberation struggle intervention. The right of the CIA to intervene in the internal politics of India was not admitted in 1959 or even in 1989 when the agents of CIA started intruding into the classified document area of our nation. Now as Panetti has been made the guardian of Indian internal affairs and defence, the CIA’s right to intervene has been established. So the Indian beneficiaries of the CIA mapping ,argue that India need not have an identity established by the Indian Geodetic System ,as a World Geodetic System has started functioning over taking the Indian Geodetic System, invalidating the classified maps , updating the contoured maps with satellite photos, aligned to the technology of GIS and GPS, relocating the ground control points. The maps once supposed to be highly confidential are now available in the open space but with the essential secrecy elements concealed not for the benefit of Indian security but for the interest of the invading cartographer. To put it in short, as the geodetic code and classification principles used in the satellite maps released from the treasury of the CIA are not consistent with the geodetic code familiar to the Indian defence ,the Indian experts are incapable of a thorough reading of those maps.

There is every reason to suspect that the classified maps in Indian geodetic system used by the Indian defence force are not periodically updated, as the CIA,by 1990s, started updating of the Indian topographical sheets with satellite technology. The latest aggression on Indian mapping committed by Google for the purpose of updating topographical maps of India was objected to by an internal affairs officer on security grounds but the enlightened intellectuals who suck sustenance from the foreign finance joined the cyber adventure and the office of the internal affairs was humiliated by the Indian rulers subservient to Panetti. Google did the job of mapping neither for the Indian defence nor for the Indian public and if it is a harmless service in the interest of the Indian public , why should a responsible office of the internal security object to it? If the Indian government institution found that the Indian public should be armed with harmless topographical maps for development purposes and rescue operations why can’t the government do it for its people and why a foreign agency should be permitted to do it ?It is rather strange , shocking and incredible to see that this happens in our country where law forbids any such making of maps other than cadastral maps without the consent of the defence department and whereas the office of the Surveyor General of India is the custodian of all non-cadastral maps and map-making. Who is the actual custodian of Indian cartography is the basic question that disturbs the national security tradition that has been subverted by cyber intervention . Has the power been transferred from the Surveyor General of India to the external forces?. The answer is in affirmative and it means that India has been colonized by the aggressive technology that strikes fissions in the geographical and psychological texture of Indian existence

The Indian defence force either does not have its own fairly updated toposheets with accurate strategic essentials, or they depend upon the topo -maps supplied by the CIA , the geodetic essentials of which can not be fully comprehended by the Indian experts of defence . As stated earlier, for making topo sheets, each nation is supposed to have its classification principles and geodetic code. As the Indian classification principles are over run by the World Geodetic System, the Indian defence as well as the militant terrorists depend upon the topo maps supplied from the topo map treasury of the CIA .The CIA sponsored militants operating under the cover of caste, communal ,ethnic or Maoist ideology with a definite target to split India by 2015 ,do have a better access with the maps supplied from the CIA treasury. This has been confirmed by the commandos who were asked to perform the mimicry of a rescue operation in Mumbai hotels just to camouflage the murder of Hemant Karkare who made a shocking but truthful statement that the warring Hindu terrorists and the Islamic terrorists in India are patronized by the same foreign financing force. The efficient Indian commandos were directed to display ridiculous inefficiency and suffer humiliation before the puppet terrorists imported by the CIA manipulator Headley. The commando spokesperson later explained the cause of the disgrace imposed upon them by the Indian offices servile to Panetti. The reason for the in efficiency displayed by the brilliant tribe of Indian commandos is explained as the lack of detailed cartographic plan of the inside of the hotels and the spokesperson asserted that the CIA man Headley’s goons were equipped with detailed cartographic plan of the inside of the hotels. The inner cartography with the strategic control points were with the CIA terrorists whereas the commandos were groping in darkness for they had no such decipherable map- plans with them. Local details and not satellite photographs are more relevant in such an operation inside the hotel , but the encoded maps that integrates local details into the air photos or satellite photos with GIS and GPS coordinates are more powerful tactical weapons than the cartographical devices that the commandos practise.

Now we hear terrorists ,termed Maoists delivering successful attacks upon army camps killing hundreds of military men . It can rightly be assumed that no terrorist gang is capable of making such successful blasts of army camps in remote forest circles unless they are equipped with cartographical devices with local details encoded in it. Maoism is a tactical micro political narrative that shields the agenda of fragmentation of the nation states, disposed by the neo-colonial forces and for such armed terrorist aggressions executed by the militants, the one and only cartographical source is the CIA.

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