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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Headley, Rana and Nasir but what about FRANKE--
An interruption

The CIA minion- the beneficiary of the self proclaimed USAID micro-finance agent Richard Franke, compiles a text of horrible lies and dedicates the literal malignancy at the feet of Franke. The enlightened Kerala heaves a sigh of relief as the author forgets Dr. K.N Raj, avoids the great man's name on the despicable occasion of dedication. The traitor beast who dedicated, surrendered and traded Indian classified maps and the entire data base of Kerala planning at the feet of Franke, committed this shameless sacrifice at the altar of his paymaster as per the dictate of the CIA? Yet, the servile idiot, who once pronounced the matrimonial identity of his god, ignorant of his diabolic villainy, confuses his Franke god with many other gentlemen Frankes. The terrorist suspect and cheat eats the sterile brain of the invalid ministerial slave and he dedicates the hollow skull at the feet of the poisonous master with pleasure.

Now we live in a society of adulterated law and order witnessing a scoundrel smuggling rupees sixteen crores from Netherlands for a project in which he plays the specific role as deputy director, violating the FCRA. This crime has been established by the court of law. The scoundrel (with apology to Dr. Johnson) was not put in jail but made a minister of the state. Richard Franke is a foreigner with confounded identity and a suspect-terrorist, maintaining links with Pakistan and Bangladesh and the CIB has blocked his entry into the Indian Union on account of his shady history. See, a minister of the state, the deputy director of the smuggled finance, dedicates his text of lies to the international fraud estimated by the CIB as an anti-national criminal..

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