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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Sunday, August 14, 2011




He followed the trails of Joan Mencher , a  USAID lady, claims Richard Franke, the heart throb of comrade Prakash Karat, the  terminator aspirant of the CPM in India, who converted Bengal party  into the chaos of muscle terror and mindless finance tactics but failed in his attempt to disgrace the leftist  bent of Kerala only because the people of Kerala  identified the  the USAID projects smuggled between the legs and thumbs of Karat and co.

Mencher came to Kerala with a clandestine mission in 1972 but later exposed her USAID identity. with no shackles of anthropological fraud, that is the  cover for espionage mischief.  Franke who claims an anthropological lineage camouflaging his USAID identity, launched his programme of subversion of Kerala economy and leftist politics in 1986. took CDS as his centre of espionage and later opened a centre at Mundur for transacting data-base towards USAID, conducted camps on cartography and created maps  that integrated micro geological and eco-political details into the  topographical sheets  provided by US satellite engines all under the cover of resource mapping, abusing CESS and CDS   with the assistance of pigs and thugs known under the head of doctoral scholars .

At the beginning of 1986 air photos were used for the integration of topo-level cartography with local minute details but later as the US satellite engines were given free access to plough down even the  most sensitive corners of Indian defence security , satellite sheets were used as topo-base sheets.The US stations  for espionage in India are now provided with periodical up gradation of Indian topography and and assets. Richard Franke who purchased  a  fake Malayalee scholar  and his wife who joined USAID within a few years ,created space within the Kerala CPM, for  operating the USAID project. Franke, who never revealed his USAID identity had a mission distinct from, Mencher.She was sent to India, as part of routine research cum espionage conducted by  the US,but she was not provided with any such blue print of a project to manipulate disintegration of the  CPM and make it the serf of USAID.

           Franke could purchase  certain pseudo intellectual scoundrels, who migrated to the decision making bodies of the CPM as desired by the USAID to. operate the globalization agenda  set in motion by micro financing, finance marketing,development planning,participatory corruption, decentralization, sterilization of production , and  preparation of  civil society organizations to supersede the the machinery of the State and procreation of nation wide terrorism to demolish the unified system of  the State .

         Cartographic details of natural resources and asset were collected in minute details , early as 1990s, the objective being disintegration of production and economy. Objection to heavy industries, dams for irrigation and power, in the holy name of environment and all such absurdities were accepted as the law of the land.

            The cartographic invasion started in the Indian forests in early 1990s  so as to  provide  the corporates with  detailed maps of the forest riches in India for  planning their mining operations ;the terrorists  deployed by the  mining corporates consequently could have better access with the forest pathways than the Indian Military as they were equipped with maps provided by the USAID..  The military , the terrorists abusing Mao's ideological  image and the counter terrorists  arranged by the same mining corporates , converted the  north-east corridor into a bloody game ground.  Massacres , incidents of massive repression and persecution became a regular feature that  prompted exodus of tribals in great number creating convenient space for the mining companies in the north-east.The militants wearing the badge of Mao(as the IPL cricket viewers wearing the badge of Che), the counter militants and the Indian military were unified in a single purpose--- carrying out large scale eviction of the villagers and tribals for the peaceful extraction of minerals and metal ores from their natal soil; all the three battle groups were given substantial bribes by the corporates, to betray thousands of human lives laid victims to the game of chase  and murder

      It was skillful. meticulous tactics of dread by which the corporates could evict humans from their natal life pitch and plant the vicious seeds of human rights mongers in the breed of Binayak Sen,  moaning and mourning against the terror unleashed by the State but escaping the truth that State has been horribly manipulated by the USAID  financial intervention;  Demonstration of State as a bestial machine that plays with blood , chopped heads and possible in a climate confounded with inclement terrorism  and  anti state passion is the seminal agenda of corporate capitalism for spreading a global market deleting the frontiers  of nations for the free play of  commerce . Corporate capitalism , has subjugated States at the global level and the USAID playing in the hand of corporates has betrayed even the State of US,which issued a constitutional birth and legal sanction to it

                                    The impact of cartographic intrusion at the national level is  conspicuous; it was done in the holy name of development and it has been ultimately established that it has nothing to do with  production oriented development in India as  the nation suffered sterilization of production after the cartographic invasion in 1990s.  On one hand it  gathered data with regard to to the assets and riches of India , at the minute level against topographical background, to be transacted to the USAID stations the purpose being conservation of all such eco-assets untouched by the Indian State,  for the exploitation of the multinational corporates; The riches are extracted and mined at the raw material level and processing and production are strictly an intra corporate affair. 

       On the other hand the topo-base sheets marked  with extreme local details encoded in it, were  circulated to the terrorist groups of different hues, communal racial and political outfits and after 1990sthe State could not maintain the monopoly in terrorism and the coinage terrorism of Rule. or terrorism by the institutions of the State, was subjugated by widespread terrorism unleashed by the finance market against the State;State in effect was reduced to a counter terrorist machinery as the terrorist factions deployed  by the global finance sellers  could terrorize  every inch of human existence spreading dread over the psyche of the mass, An abject surrender to the conquest of roaring finance, meant a psychological death of the people's self respect and  power of will and the finance market forces  converted the nation state of India into a colony of the global debt empire where they could breed terrorism hiring and purchasing  humans for the project of murderous  fake encounters in which the number of   innocent ones slain   marched far ahead of the militants and the  the military , enacting the disgusting travesty of horror.The commonality is initially held hanging  and struggling for drops  of breath in the debt-trap and later fired by the terrorist drums and guns

                 Disintegration  or fragmentation  of the nation states by spreading terrorist factions all over the living space,as well as with the  project of decentralized planning that shatters the centralization of economy is the  self exposed objective  of the financial donors who flood finance on all routes of human movements ;nation by withholding production in the name of environment protection and floating colonial finance ,even to the grass root level by way of micro-finance  got its economy disintegrated and shattered.  Monopoly of production stood unchallenged as the right of the the corporate capital and the state took charge of the role of a facilitator and charge holder of micro-production projects and welfare measures. Financial capital monopolized the warfare of terrorism clubbed with  anti-state agitations ,with a specific motive they described as  fragmentation of the nation states

                 In 2011, after 25 years of invasion by the financial  colonizers.we understand that the nation has been entrenched in  deep abyss of debt and its economy  has been shattered by the aggressive inflow of finance which raised corruption to disproportionate ranges.The allowance of corruption to   exorbitant ranges is an inevitable feature associated with the pseudo development hysteria, cultivated by finance capital. Finance capital that  breaks the rhyme and rhythm of the capitalist science of profit itself is nothing but accumulation of corruption. Profiteering  out of investing capital upon production is subordinated to profiteering out of marketing finance, and deployment of finance at various levels happens to be the  omnipotent instrument of subjugation, repression and colonization. Now in the context of a funded economy , excess or middle level commission in marketing happens to be the order  of the day , and corruption is sanctified under the head of consultant fee or commission. The pseudo-war against  corruption, conducted by stooges of corporate financiers is yet another brutal comedy that splits the common sense and genial intelligence of the people .  The anti-corruption messiahs are pawns in the hands of corporate  They are financed in huge sums by the corporate and sponsored by USAID, as representatives of the civil society which has been groomed as an influential hegemonic term  like decentralization, development planning , micro-finance etc  Super session  of the governmental institution by the the so called civil society heads  coronated by USAID, is the major political target of financial capitalism, dismantling of the nation -states .