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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

NGO MACHINERY : Financial armoury of neocolonialism


The intrusion of the imperialist Trojan beasts into the visceral space of the party created a challenging crisis in the entire communist force outside and inside the party. The challenge was taken up by the cultural activists who deciphered the shady financial deals circulated by the army of non governmental organisations deployed by U.S. imperialism. The NGOs dressed in distinct ideological hues of development, feminism, dalitism, tribalism identity politics and such other attractive attires of charity received substantial funds as grants from foreign funding agencies sponsored by CIA and its organ USAID----united states agency for international development---The funded NGOs were distributed with a definite purpose to conquer space for the colonial donors at the governmental and non governmental levels. The governments, ruling political parties and the bureaucracy were reduced to the level of self-sold commission agents of the colonial forces and and the prime ministers chief ministers and the overcrowded wagons of ministerial clowns claimed that they were not providers but facilitators of foreign colonial investors. They admitted their failure in production and so they surrendered the burden of national level production to the multinational production forces. Our national political masters conceded the abject subjugation that testified to their imbecile political impudence and cerebral impotence The massive force of productive labour that sustained the honour of the nation was sold out at the cheapest rates to the murderous stations of market economy. The USAID project introduced under the banner of decentralization demolished centralised economy. The right to centralised mega production was taken away by the multinationals and the people living in India were given convincing advice to expend their energy in micro production enterprises. The Indians as well as the State are supposed to work out simple development projects that sustain the environment unhurt. We, the race subjugated by the NGO forces armed with funding (maintaining concealed complementary links with terrorist subversive groups) are supposed to conserve the environment untouched, for our shameless political leaders have received huge funds to facilitate the colonization of environment accompanying the foreign NGO investment. Digging deep into the conserved racial memory embedded in in the archaic passion for nature, neo-colonialism raised a thesis of defense for sustaining environment untouched. The third world was hired by the philosophy of environmental empathy which resisted all genetic human constructivity which consistently interacted with the given environment. Human exploration of the hidden potentials of the given environment as well as the possibility of recycling of the vestiges of interaction into the substance of fertility was ignored. Ecological system is a formation of nature, but environment is the product of interaction between man and the given system of ecology, even while man is part of the ecosystem as an animal, a living organism. Environment itself is the product of creative engineering of ecology which is fundamentally dynamic. The capitalist exploitation of the fueling power of ecosystem ruins the structure of ecology as it drains the dynamism embedded in it. Capitalist profiteering machinery breeds anti human paralysis of environmental creativity. It exploits the potentials of eco-bound environment. After a thorough exploitation of the ecological riches of environment in the west, the capitalist forces contemplated subtle invasion into the environmental power structure of the third world nations. They wanted to preserve the environmental assets of the third world untouched by the third world nations, for them to exploit. No revolutionary engineering or restructuring of the environment which improves the dynamism of environment and which consequently enlarges the dynamism of production and creative necessity of humanity is admitted by the neocolonial schools of post-modern thought. For the last three decades neocolonialism has been administering colonisation of third world environment with its global players. This may be exemplified with the colonisation of water in the state of Kerala.

Water is the major structural source that determines the ecological reserve, environmental genealogy, economy and consequently the cultural heritage and ETHOS of Malayalee. As a rich environmental substance and a theme that cultivated the material and cerebral fertility of Kerala,water sustains a vital role in the cultural economy of Kerala and its engineering of production. Even in the pre-independence days electricity was identified as the greatest potential of water that envigorated the cological dynamism. Exploration of the potentials of water to the possible highest level for the largest quantum of production is common sense and logic. Such an exploration at the modest level enhanced the vitality of agricultural irrigation and industry during the pre-independence period and the logical glory of water as the purest fuelling substance was accepted as notion cemented with truth. We can have fuel power from heated coal or atomic mineral or oil that pollutes our sensibility. But water, the mighty ecological fuel force in no way pollutes the sap of life on earth.

The colonial powers as they deployed environmental and developmental NGOs at the international level targeted the water governed economy of Kerala as a major destination. The Government of Netherlands a subordinate player of the USAID, the global player of financial terrorism, made hidden encroachment beneath the Authority of Water entertained by the State. This colonial invasion of the water fed environment of Kerala was guided chiefly by Thomas Issac, who now has been exposed as an ardent philosopher of colonial funding manipulated by WB, ADB, USAID and other colonial stations. This treacherous project manipulated by the Netherlands was conspired at the quarters of an NGO, Programme Community Organisation which entertained curious links with M.P.Parameswaran another USAID philosopher, dressed in ascetic communist fabric. Thomas Issac, the herdsman of the USAID philosophers, who played a dominant role in the colonisation of Kerala environment most skilfully concealed his familial and personal bondage with the U.S. coloniser for at least three decades even after he got married to a feminist professor of USAID university and the director of a feminist NGO run by USAID and Ford Foundation. As per the USAID philosophy of 'sustainable development', the third world races are permitted to get involved in micro production enterprises that sustain the environment chaste or untouched or even if touched the quantum and frame of environment should be sustained with out any creative interaction. The right to cultivate, exploit, pollute or deface the terrestrial environment, lies with the authors of mega production, the multinational corporations. The third world--the term ceases to exist with the political demise of the second world but still its currency is maintained---race of clowns are given the generous right to develop micro level production sustaining terrestrial resources, air and water undisturbed, in the given frame of ecology, so that the the colonial forces get an opportunity to plunder and exploit the fathomless potentials embedded in the ecological straits. The measureless riches of nature are kept in its original productive power, for the colonial powers, to plunder, exploit, pollute and deface for global mega production enterprises. The environmental NGOs are deployed by its colonial masters to resist native mega productive interactions of the subjugated races with their environment and preserve it for the use of multinational colonial forces.


To colonise the environment the USAID-Netherlands nexus prepared a project focusing a subtle aggression upon the material expanse of water. Water is the implicit as well as explicit source of the greenery extravaganza that marks Kerala's environmental splendour. It is the SAKTHI that maintained the performance or utterances of the environment. So the conquest of water means conquest of entire environment. By the end 1970s the USAID philosophers clad in Marxism opened the track for the Netherlands to make a smooth entry into the area of water resources in Kerala and this eventually lead to the USAID's (under the cover of the Netherlands) financial occupation of hydro-generation and distribution projects in Kerala. After two or three decades we come to know the state government has surrendered its authority of water distribution, water distribution has been decentralised and the use of water in Kerala is strictly regulated by the ten commandments of the WorldBank a financial instrument of the colonial USAID. Later Keralites heard of Japan drinking water project another fragment of hydro-distribution fantasy cultivated by financial colonialism. The curious question that shoots up in this context is why we found ourselves incapable of exploring the potentials of our water lying under our feet. Water ceases to be our birth right ,the gift of our ecological genealogy . It has been transformed to the product of the skilled generosity of the foreign financiers.We do not suffer the lack of engineering talent, expertise or technological acumen or machinery. We do not lack instruments of production or skilled labourer. Even then we sold out the space of water and preferred a withdrawal of all our skill, imagination, efficiency and creativity because the colonial financiers conquered the space of water investing huge funds. The loss of authority of water means the loss of power, freedom, the loss of existence. As advised by the USAID philosopher the state retreated from the public utility service of water and the environment characterised and defined by water was commodified by the foreign colonisers.


Commodification here means the act of of converting eco-environmental features into the format of commodity. At the end of 1970s the colonising forces of market started a world-wide campaign for unpolluted environment raising resistance against hydro electric projects such as Silent Valley project in Kerala. Water explored for the necessity of electric fuel, or electricity itself is not a commodity but part of utility service justified by the laws of necessity. It is an accepted humanist perception that no surplus value shall be be extracted from the elements of environment or the ecological substance of water. But the sea shores, lake shores, rivers, lagoons and forest were preserved by the funded environmental army of the coloniser with concealed intention to convert all such sites of protected environment into saleable commodity. The MNCS and the global capitalist market preserved the environment primarily for the development of tourism market which raped the very substance of humanity and vulgarised it into a state of polluted animality with its annexures of sex and drugs industry. Man as part of environment is a beautiful animal but as he or she falls in subjugation to the strategy of market economy which converts water or environment into a saleable commodity, he or she undergoes a metamorphosis It is growth --they say development --but it is the growth of the ugly dead corpus, which smells foul like the rotten brain of the Trojan beast infected with greed and lust Humanity as well as animality is polluted. The hired USAID economist in bearded communist kurta licks the luxury of finance out of the colonial master's feet with an astounding vow that he would convert the whole of Kerala into a massage parlour just to entertain his master breeds. The Water Theme Park is an inexcusable instance for representing water as manipulated luxury and saleable commodity. The enormous expansion of tourism imperium is a product of market economy. The environment as a whole is converted into a material of saleable commodity. The imperium of environment that sells pleasure to the foreigners for the price of immunity deficiency syndrome creates a generation of invalids and pimps whose labour power and impulses of production are massacred. The intervention of Netherlands, Japan, World Bank and other USAID institutions established the fact that we are a race incapable of digging out our water lying under-ground in our soil. To bring it out we want to have the financial assistance from the USAID-donors. Drinking water is the prime necessity of a community and it shall be the first priority of any sensible government, the sovereign authority of which no sensible state would ever surrender. Think of the Arabs surrendering the authority of their oil wells for the returns of funds from the USAID. The Arabs cannot do it with their oil well, but we can do it with our water wells because we are a people enraptured by the fantasy of cerebral blackdeath cultivated by the Financial Providence, the post-communist Almighty. So the World Bank comes to us, put a funnel into our mouth measure the quantity of water we are supposed to consume and take money out of our pockets that is the market price of water. The authority of water is taken away as we could not explore our water resources using intelligence, skill, sense and sensibility. In the structure of our political memory, freedom is a commitment stirred by the struggle for the authority of salt. We, the humans are the salt of the earth. So we would not surrender the authority of salt, said the martyr race of yesterday. But we, the soulless clowns never resisted the intervention of the financiers for we concede that we are not the authors of water. Author is dead? No. Financier is the author. Financier is the authority. The British deployed guns for the conquest of salt. The race of the martyrs resisted. The Netherlands, WB, Japan, USAID and the MNCs deployed finance for the conquest of water. The race of clowns enjoyed it. The Trojan beasts philosophised it.


So the paymasters create artificial water theme in abundance to establish the luxury of water extravaganza Water is sold out in the form of sight, sound and sense impressions. Exploration of subdued energy potentials, generative dynamics of electricity is not the use of water. Touch not water for such productive utilities. Make water the glorious extravaganza of the tourism market imperium whether it be sea, river, lake, lagoon, waterfall or parks where financiers engineer water theme games. In Kerala, Palakkad district is the worst sufferer of the scarcity of drinking water. So the multinationals marked it as the chosen space for their aggressive projects of Coca-cola and Pepsi. For the interest of industrial profiteering they would have chosen some other water rich soil. They came to Palakkad not for industry but for aggression--to pollute water, to poison water wells and to drain the last drop of water from dreadful dearth. It is financial aggression; It is financial terrorism. And they knew how to market water tapped from the ground beneath our feet. In the bottled banner of Aqafina the MNC sells our water drawn from our feet at the rate of fifteen rupees per litre.

The world bank asks us to minimise the consumption of water because the market wants water in great measure to be sold out in the poisoned label of pepsi and coca cola, Or the MNCs may extract our water, fill it in the bottles and sell it for fifteen rupees per litre. The foreigner comes to us, donate money to extract water out of our soil and sell our water to us at the rate of fifteen rupees per litre !!!!. Thus water has been transcended into a saleable commodity, a feature quite unbelievable some thirty years back. The entry of the Multinational companies into the drinking water sector as well as marketisation of water to the the tourism design of water theme park is the curious consequence of foreign financial intervention in the state's sovereign authoriry of water. It is a plot initiated by the USAID through the Netherlands some four decades back. Our disfigured body of aqua economics breeds a horrifying vision in the ecological memory-----heavy loads of water being imported as all our water pools are contaminated with Mida's touch of tourism imperium which spreads the pestilence of immunity deficiency virus in great quantum. This is the dreadful virus of financial colonialism.

TOUCH NOT WATER was the commandment of the hegemonic super power that eliminated the fundamental human rights of the working class in the pre-British Brahminical colonial India. The domestic colonialism in India before the arrival of the British was rather savage when compared to the military colonialism of the British. The British colonialism is rather barbarian (though civil and democratic at a deceptive level) when compared to the present day financial colonialism. But the most treacherous species which reduced the colonised humans to a degraded community of biologic pests is the post modern financial colonialism. In Brahminical as well as British type of colonialism the terror of bodily repression was the prime source of colonisation. In the historical context of slavery a person physically subjugated was bought and sold as slave. But in financial colonialism a person with no such persuasion of physical repression sells himself to his financier, buys or borrows psycho pathological sites of pestilence for him to live. In the early forms of colonialism the surfacing contradiction was that of the victor and the victim, of the master and the slave. But in the present day financial colonialism the surfacing contradiction is a farcical compromise between the facilitator and the provider. The facilitator is an ugly creature who betrays the entire community for the benefit of bribe. The facilitator is made king of obscene pestilence by his financier.

As per the genaeological myth of Kerala, the land of Kerala was reclaimed from water by Parasurama. The role of water in the genesis of Kerala becomes significant as later the Brahminical laws forbid the outcast race from taking water out of constructed wells and bathing pools. Water then meant power. That was why water was forbidden to the outcast race. The landlord could dig deep private wells and swimming pools for his community. The landless outcast could not do it for he had no land. In the present context of financial colonialism the Brahminical order revisits our country. The landlords of the day would construct water theme parks. But the common man is forbidden from constructing private wells for him. Free use of water is banned. The use of water is regulated not to make it available for the poor who suffer the scarcity of water. It is for the interest of the MNCs who sell water, the funnel that measures the permissible quantum of water is imposed in your throat. The land lord could dig water out of the land.... but the tenant could not. So the landlord imposed prohibitions and dictated terms. Here the outcast state of Kerala or the marginalised nations were not capable of digging water out of their land. But USAID could do it. Netherlands could do it. World Bank could do it. Japan could do it. So all such colonial forces and sources that occupy the place of the Brahmin coloniser impose prohibition, regulations and dictate terms as the Brahmin colonial masters did. You have no land and so you cannot dig the land or touch water dug out--said the primitive coloniser. Though you have ten or twenty cents of land you cannot dig a well or consume the free use of water, says the financial coloniser. I take water at will for my thevaram, but you cannot take it for drinking--said the primitive Brahmin. I take water for water theme park but you cannot take it for wetting your throat says the neocoloniser. I would sell your water that I dug out--says the financial coloniser. So touch not water but purchase it if you are drained of thirst. The outcast could not dig water out of his feet. Your government also could not dig water out of your feet A pest of finance entered your brain and then the decision -what to do with water- was left to us who dug out water from your feet marginalising your government. Touch not water in the Silent Valley nor cultivate electric energy out of it. It would transmit power in the structure of your existence and you would not then lie beneath our legs with a begging bowl for finance. So we deployed a funded army of environmental soldiers to arrest the production of electricity in the holy name of the untouchable environment.


Kerala's economy is genaeologically water centred and colonisation of water inevitably upsets the aqua economy of the tiny spatial compass of Kerala. Electricity and irrigation are the seminal vehicles of Kerala's aqua economy and the USAID and its allies by the financial intervention paralysed the movement of the vehicles. Electricity is the highest potential force embedded in water and mega hydel level production of electricity would invigorate the dynamism of the ecological power reserves. The funded agitations directed against power generation from water have frustrated the vigor of ecological dynamism to the depth of mortal deterioration.

One Maurice Strong who is projected by US colonialism as the omnipotent omnipresent giant of the neo colonial period is the founder chairman of Canadian International Development agency--CIDA - a subordinate of the USAID which is the chief financier of the US(Israel) terrorist force Mossad. He, as per the US fables of metamorphosis is the governing person of a company known as SNC Lavalin which is notorious for treacherous war crime activities. CIDA is a global financial player involved in the Cou-de-tat in Haiti conspired by the CIA against the leftist ruler Bertrand Aristide. SNC Lvalin the twin brother of CIDA states in its annual report that it has certain secret bondage with CIDA. At the sometime the official spokes person of the Canadian government admits that the Canadian Intelligence agency is not capable of operating alone and a joint operation with Mossad is rationally preferred by the Canadian Intelligence. As one goes through the Maurice Strong myth created by the US, the omnipotent patriarch is supposed to father both SNC Lavalin and CIDA which are the stand byes of USAID, CIA and Mossad. SNC Lavalin under the disguise of a construction company wins contracts for various projects at the global level but its chief field of operation is war and Mossad style terrorism. The people of Canada call this murderous company, DEATH SQUAD, WAR PROFITEER etc. The Lavalin supplied arms and ammunition to the US-NATO murderers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Haiti. The relevant question is why a Kerala minister who preserves distant memories of an ex-communist signed a contract with a terrorist institution fathered by Maurice Strong -- a company which supplies weapons to butcher communists and innocent civilians allover the surface of the earth. He signed the contract to betray Kerala's hydro electric projects at the head quarters of CIDA which is an accomplished financing centre that conspires anti communist actvities and fix bribes for the murder of communists. At CIDA the ex-communist who still claims to be a communist, probably had a bloodbath in the martyr theme park. There he probably drank a cup of blood drawn from the voices of the beheaded communists.

Now the people of Kerala are convinced of the fact that SNC Lavalin was quite incapable of managing or mending the machinery of kerala hydro electric projects. Yet it could win the contract for the stooges of CIDA and USAID. A very pertinent question arises why Lavalin made such an incursion into the Kerla hydro electric stations. It was a Maurice Strong project. Maurice Strong the mythical giant performer in the US manipulated fables, is the founder of CIDA, the dictatorial governor of Lavalin, the patron saint of Mossad and the inventor of the thesis of globalisation says the gospel according to US colonialism. He was also the founder of the global environment movement. He was the vice chairman of the World Wild Life, the chief funding station of the environmental NGOs deployed by the US. He was the vice chairman of WWF at the time when the stations of neocolonialism introduced a battle against the proposed hydro electric project at the Silent Valley. As and when he was the vice chairman of the WWF the WWF released generous funds to the environmental army that stalled generation of electricity at the Silent Valley. It was a negative intervention against production of energy from water. It meant colonisation of water and the productive power of water. Maurice is now supposed to be the governor of Lavalin that made another ugly intervention in Kerala's hydro electric projects. It is not accidental that the fictitious(?) figure Maurice founded and nurtured CIDA, WWF AND LAVALIN the institutions that charted colonial interventions in our aqua energy sector.

** S. Sudhish

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