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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loksabha Elections:

Karat and Co. Fail to Root out CPM

Yes, CPM is a massive ideological sign representing a meaningful leftist bent of mind that envigorates the historical and political unconscious of India .Its roots, that clutch deep in the genetic memory of different shades of class struggles, can never be plucked out by the dubious political games played by the U.S. sponsored leadership of the CPM.

Some four years back while criticizing CPM for its grave ideological offences PATOM observed that, if the CPM survives to exist even after its liquidator Pinarayi is installed as its secretary, no force on earth would ever be able to destroy it in Kerala . Pinarayi Vijayan is not a subtle player; He is direct and straight forward. A person suffering from acute ideological illiteracy is easily struck by the lust of power. Pinarayi, a militant field-- politician, forgot all his passionate love for the Marxist jargons, (the meaning , conviction or idea beneath such terminology were never his concern)sailed headlong into the trap of temptations, laid by the agents of neocolonialism. He was the victim of a conspiracy manipulated by friends and relatives of USAID, FORD and Franke, a group of vicious pseudo intellectuals who migrated into the power sites of the CPM.

Pinarayi was mercilessly utilized by the US agents to play foul games disastrous to the political integrity of the CPM. To eliminate the ideological will that sustains the revolutionary charge of the nation and to liquidate its massive Marxist organization, the agents of neo colonialism concocted a Marxist leadership figure, marked with fascist linguistic gestures, violent lust of power and disgusting show of arrogance. Originally Pinarayi was not made of such incorrigible stuff or he was incapable of committing gruesome ideological mischief .The illicit monetary favours that the CPM received from the multinational business houses, the bribes it received from colonial global players ADB, World Bank. UNESCO,UNDP etc. for implementing projects of financial colonialism and the corrupted loads of currency drawn from underworld financial dealers, neocolonial funding agencies, communalist forces, foreign funded religious heads (mathas and pithas),funded NGOs with anticommunist destinations under secular masks, human organs traders, real estate mafia, lottery mafia, spirit mafia and all such criminal forces undermining the economy of the nation ruined the ideological integrity of the organization .The power-brokers of corporate capitalism crept into the head of the party organization and created a breeding space for ugly greed of wealth and power that substituted the spirit of conviction and ideological commitment .The carnage of class ideology celebrated at the international level provided logic for the conspired deterioration of the organization and it was hailed as the idealistic transfiguration of communism attuned to the necessity and destiny of time.

The paid agents of corporate capitalism wanted to have a person with approved political experience to captain the tragic decline and fall of the movement .Unfortunately Pinarayi was picked, packed and installed in the position of the liquidator of party values, for the stooges of corporate houses found in him great guts of professionalism antithetical to the visionary self dedication that fuels the Marxist social consciousness.

Pinarayi hailed as a skilful ‘professional communist’ was taught how to run the party in the shape of a business house making contemptible profit out of collection and commission in large volumes. He was installed in such a position, not by his choice but by chance, consequential to the inner party feuds emerging from the contest for power and wealth shored and shared between the party lords. He was not able to extricate himself from the mission thrust upon him –to act as the terminator of the communist heritage. He was lead from wrongs to wrongs and advised to attest criminal contracts such as one with the SNC Lavalin--the weapon trader company sponsored by the US imperialism, and the chief marketing source of terrorism in the Indian sub-continent. Lured by the huge amount of bribe offered by the CIDA-LAVALIN nexus, he attested the robbery of the public exchequer executed by the murderous arms-dealer. He failed to discover the painful fact he was only a pawn in the hands of the agents of financial colonialism who administered the outrageous crimes within and out the party, and the same vicious creatures reared by the foreign funding agencies projected the Lavalin contract as the major issue to be tested in the Loksabha elections. Though Lavalin contract was not his personal crime he was assigned to take its corrupted weight upon his neck, and carry the stinking load throughout the streets of Kerala in a boisterous road show, Nava Kerala Yathra, a detestable festival - extravaganza created out of spurious money power.

As we consider the political reasons for the defeat of the CPM in the parliament elections in Kerala, Pinarayi or Pinarayism happens to be the common man’s answer. But Pinarayi is only the condensed metaphor and signifier of the ideological disaster of the party organization manned by Prakash and co. It is absurd to put the blame upon Pinarayi at the personal level for he was not the manipulator of the ideological betrayal but a bodily existence exploited to project the ideological black death effected by the paid agents of financial colonialism. Earlier comrade Prakash stated that there are certain inner party problems or conflicting views in Kerala party . The lord of the ‘available’ P.B. could sort out the problems always justifying the pro-colonial, anti-people position taken by Pinarayi for it was a position borrowed from the lord of the polit-bureaucracy who excelled in masking political betrayal by a farcical display of revolutionary rhetoric.

Prakash, skillfully degraded ideological conflicts to the level of personal feuds and so the left parties CPI,RSP etc. in the diagnosis of election defeat identifies the open conflict between Kerala chief minister and the party secretary as the major reason that defaced the credibility of the left . The war of words between the two Kerala lords provided anticlimaxes in plenty as the rebellious hero preferred abject surrender of the cause whenever the P.B. intervened lending support to his adversary .The necessary damage done by this word combat between the two battling heads was part of a game conspired by the enemies of the party who mastered the politburo, which in its attempt to befool the Indian communist consciousness downed itself to the level of a poor joke. The P.B. lords in private, promised confidential support to the ideological war lead by the old man Achuthanandan and encouraged him to continue the farce of a battle with all his fancied might and betrayed him on all occasions of decisions . The poor old man who over- estimated his political honesty kept the momentum of defiance alive and repeatedly got humiliated by the lords at Delhi . The protestant hero directed his wrath against the solid Malabar lobby but never spoke a word against the masters of betrayal at Delhi who pinned him down to disfigured pieces of a caricature or against the foreign colonial masters who tutored the Delhi caucus titled available politburo .Pinarayism, a parody of fascist antics and attitudes, was a creation of the imperialist stooges at Delhi . Prakash the chief administrator of this travesty always looked different within the disguise of revolutionary fabric prepared for him by the likes of N.Raman of Switzerland, the frontline worshipper of Lufthansa Airways, a generous funding site that directed the party lords towards the routes of monetary fanaticism . The conflict in the CPM of Kerala originated from the ideological decay of the party at the national level. Though com. Achuthanandan made a sound defense of the accomplished party ideals with a show of exemplary earnestness, the advisory tacticians who directed his self defeating battle were all Karat’s men. The Pinarayi camp of course is run by Karat’s men keeping open allegiance to the USAID –-whereas the Achuthanandan camp is set alive by another group of Karat’s men keeping confidential allegiance to the USAID. The objective of the USAID men installed at the forward line of both the quarrelling troupes is to distract people’s attention from the disastrous ideological deviations and to convert the conflicts emerging from such ideological crises into feuds of narrow private interests.

The open financial intervention of the USAID in people’s development planning in Kerala as well as the direct intervention the anti-communist imperialist funding agency CIDA in the SNC Lavalin contract best exemplifies the ideological annihilation suffered by the party organization. The shocking political fact that SNC Lavalin itself is the global terror broker , weapon trader and war conductor- company run by US financial fascism is still hidden from the knowledge of the leftist population, as com. Achuthanandan ignores with deliberate ease the US bondage of Lavalin and creates a wild misapprehension, that Pinarayi caught in the trap of Lavalin and not Lavalin, is the detestable criminal that digs the burial ditch for the party organization. The anti –communist, pro-colonial political content in these deals is camaflagoued by the sound and the fury of the personal feuds blown up to enormous dimensions by the tacticians deployed by Karat . By a subtle intervention in the Malappuram state conference Karat subverted the inner party democracy in Kerala ; the party thereafter became a station of contaminated democracy where majority was acquired by bargained defections, termination- threats and temptations of different shades .An operation Achuthanandan scheme, was the strategic entertainment program organized by Karat men in the Pinarayi camp; The Pinarayi camp overjoyed with the manipulated force of animal majority directed their might of aggression against Achuthanadan. This was done for the convenience of Karat who would never speak a word about or against the imperial terrorist agenda of CIDA or Lavalin while accusing Achutanandan for his void battle against Pinarayi-Lavalin contract. Karat a sure beneficiary of all such illicit deals with USAID,CIDA and Lavalin successfully personalized political issues for the benefit of his power.

The Lavalin issue, the minority community fixation that ended in disgusting alliance with Islamic fundamentalism and phantoms of terrorism, wresting seats from the LDF constituents for the goons of underworld financiers, surrender of secular political ideology and the acceptance of the necessity of subjugation to the Church and the Hindu communal organizations and all such crimes committed by the Kerala constituent of the party emerge from the reckless ideological malpractices forwarded by the central leadership of the CPM, contained by four or five persons loyal to the global imperialism. Kerala is the only state that raised a vehement resistance against this anti-Marxist infiltration that ruined the text and texture of the party..

The indiscipline, in fight, flow of defectors from one group to the other and all such miscellaneous political obscenities testify to the rotting of the party at the national level .This is not at all a Kerala feature , but as the only party organization that raised potential resistance against the self ruining ideological deterioration, the Kerala party was subjected to the back -handed aggression from the infiltrated monetary power of the USAID. A person by name Pharris Abubaker with some undesirable monetary background purchased a news paper for the specific purpose of assassinating the stress of ideological conviction within the CPM. It was a sample of filthy monetary aggression , which demoralized and blackmailed the fighting comrades within the party and as they fell, the USAID men purchased the hacked support of the comrades befallen and enslaved them offering sumptuous personal deals and thus ensured the animal majority within the party. The way the USAID-Karat nexus purchased the animal majority is exposed to the eyes of the public with its irrepressible ugliness. Com. Achuthanandan who initiated a battle against the ideological betrayal is cornered and he is now misguided by the disguised agents of financial colonialism, appointed from Karat’s caravan.


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  1. this is organic language as Gramsci fancied it. dynamism that transforms ideology into feeling .but a point of dispute. when the whole world ,communists and non communists know thomas issac and family maintain queer links with USAID , why you make prakash ,the chief target? he might have sinned , why can't he also be a victim living in the fear of being blackmailed by the cia wrecks?
    n.r rajmohan,delhi