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In the Context of diffusion of imperialist machinery into the Indian Communist movements PAATOM raises indignant resistance against the hell of ideology and praxis vitiated by the pseudo Marxist goons of imperium.

'PAATOM' is a resistance from the deepest of the racial sanctity of humanity nursed by the leftist political ethos. "PAATOM" is the voice of honest determination, that means to uncover the treacherous objects concealed beneath the mystery of hegemonic jargon.

We offer a laborious contribution to the truly humanist interventions that would enlarge the circumference and depth of emotional and intellectual perceptions.

Monday, June 29, 2009




He is not at all a CIA man but he dedicated the whole length of his life in a platter to the interests of the CIA dons and goons. He perceives the blunt touch of a visionary and prophet in the blinded sight of his soul. So he estimates himself as the SUPERIOR ADVISOR; but not even a single person that extracts his utility for political malice provides permissive sanction to the claim he makes for the title.It is the wish of a man confounded in the psychic deafness of despair.His dream of being or becoming a prophet is only the broken tail of a desire that floats in his evolutionary memory of errors. It is ambition disproportionate to his defunct intelligence . He is used , overused, misused and treacherously abused by his political dons.For a moment's mischievous applause and a pocketful promises he would hire his lip service to persons and sites invested with power irrespective of creed ,credibility and credentials of notoriety. Einstein is a visionary and prophet as he unveils the one and only infinity in the universe , that is human stupidity .There is no infinity in the universe except human stupidity that insists faith in the philosophy of the infinite.It is the physicist defence of the relativity thesis, but its application enlarges the range of Humanities. The SUPERIOR ADVISOR is an exemplary figure that substantiates Einstien's theory of stupidity.The theory is not not a satirical assault upon the mystic infinite. It is truth un mystified.

In certain disgusting situations humans have no other go but to get subjugated under the impelling pressure of stupidity. In the history of every race a crisis would emerge unsheathing a question: what is your choice? You want to die as a man of moral soil or to live the life of a clown?
In rotten times an existence morally alive is un affordable .So, as and when all the world is a stage, you make a choice between the role of a man of honour and that of a clown . The choice is that of a clown who compromises with the malignancy of situations .A festival of stupidity is the asylum of a race, morally intimidated.A clown is a condensed figure of mocking self penance.The self assumed dis figuration of the body and distorted cries of laughter contain immeasurable despondency repressed in the labyrinth of irony.It is the historical definition of clown.

The communist politics of of the neo colonial Kerala is a full fledged comedy where every dumb viewer as well as actor on stage, is a signature of infinite stupidity .The comic hero of the clown's auditorium is the archaeological figure of an intellectual ,Sukumar , who is the self-declared Lieutenant of the linguistic campaign of the CIA sponsored anti-communist liberation struggle of 1959.The anti communist litterateur who received favours from the CIA for the production of the idiotic anti communist abuses now makes an astounding declaration that he is the SUPERIOR ADVISOR and patron saint of the degenerate caricature of a communist party, the CPM , a diffident bundle of ideological contradictions.

Now Kerala is is a comedy of horror where the ghost of the obsolete litterateur of the CIA sponsored Liberation Struggle and the patron saint of the dilapidated CPM, comrade Sukumar casts aspersions upon comrade Achuthanandan, an old man with life long communist experiences of the right and wrong commitments of the movement.Comrade Sukumar,once the aggressive vocal activator of the 1959 CIA project and later the vociferous worshiper of of the 1975 Emergency, challenges the communist loyalty of comrade. Achuthanadan and designates him as a creature excreting where upon he sits.The CIA goons who made a strategic conquest of the skin beneath the CPM skull celebrated in full throat, the contagious vocal spell of comrade.Sukumar,the CIA ally who lead the propagandist wagon of the of the fifty year old liberation struggle. Patrick Moynihan and T.M.Thomas Issac-- one a US citizen and the other the husband of a US citizen-- who enjoy access with the conspiracy square of the CIA in USA, assert the involvement of CIA in 1959 liberation struggle, with vigorous authenticity. A host of opportunistic congress leaders in the magnitude of mr.A.K. Antony still confess the political obesity of the CIA sponsored liberation struggle which provided political food and water to comrade. Sukumar to grow into the monstrous dimensions of an intellectual fallacy. But com.Sukumar would never admit the illicit conspiracy that fuelled the 1959 anti communist project as he identifies the miserable truth that com.Sukumar minus liberation struggle is nothingness.The formative stuff of com.Sukumar as a platform artist is the ultra subhuman tongue deployed in the liberation struggle. As a platform artist, com.Sukumar is the historical link between Kathaprasangam mono drama and mimicry.He substantiates the blissful truth that the genius of an inflated orator is nothing but the glorified version of a mimicry artist.The mimicry artist confesses the social as well as personal absurd that is the destiny of the inhuman times. But the glorious platform orator who holds a very good opinion on himself fails to identify the idiotic excess of the absurd mono drama which he evaluates as sublime oratory .

Now as com.Sukumar displays fecal images to frame vocal abuse against com. Achuthanandan we understand that it is the semantic worm that he inherited from the CIA mission of 1959 that does the mischief.An acquired trait of character by constant interaction with the biology of an organism, gets transformed to a genetic trait of inheritance.It is theory of biological evolution. Anti-communism was a genial thirst that ruined the semantic discipline of com.Sukumar from the the very beginning of his public life .He with his tooth and tail ,throat and tongue was swept by the violence of anti-communist hysteria unleashed by the CIA dons and donors of the 1959 liberation struggle.The anti progressive political inclinations in the original self of com. Sukumar discovered a natal environment in the anti communist liberation struggle of 1959.He conceived himself as a roaring crusade against communism .It was irrepressible expression of a missionary spirit enraged by CIA finance. He was not a recruited agent of CIA but a self imposed CIA missionary who constructed and propagated an aggressive idiom of anticommunist aspersions.As per his joking of 1959 ,hunger was a criminal offence committed by the uncivilized destitute. It was not a noble cause for a meaningful battle.The communists who raised hunger as valid human issue were a race thinking with their bellies.In contrast, as witnessed by the faecal images deployed by com.Sukumar in 2009, he was all the while thinking with the posterior corner of his large intestine as he felt the absence of brain beneath his skull. It stinks when he opens his mouth. .. But it is not his fault. It is is the fault of his thinking apparatus hidden in the posterior area of his digestive track .

In the gospel according to com.Sukumar it is decried : Man degenerates and beast is the degenerate manifest of man. Beast degenerates and communist is the degenerate manifest of beast. The gospel 1959 0f com.Sukumar is a degenerate parody of George Orwell; Com . Sukumar estimates com. Azheekodan Raghavan, A.K.Gopalan or E.M.S.Namboodiripad, all committed communists, as creatures inferior to the beast. As per his gospel all the communist martyrs are creatures inferior to beasts, graciously slaughtered for the aesthetic well being of the superior humans.His estimate of Com.Achuthanandan is consistent with the poisonous gospel he produced in the frenzied moments of the CIA financed project of 1959. Cats,dogs and birds do not defecate where they live. But Achuthanandan does it. Com. Achuthanandan misunderstood the analogy and complained that the prophet of degeneration equated him with dog .No.As a communist com.Achuthanandan has been estimated as a creature inferior to dog which doesn't defecate in its living place. It is an ugly joke manufactured by the CIA pest that penetrated the thinking apparatus of com.Sukmar seated inside his visceral guts .Is com. Sukumar a communist? No.Then why does he intervene in the affairs of the communists?It is yet another route of unauthorised CIA intervention. He enacted the heroic role of political insanity, in the 1959 first liberation struggle . It was aggression conducted by aliens outside the communist party. He made his entry into the political battle as the propagandist- hero roaring for the blood of the communists.Yes . He was the uncrowned intellectual emperor and hero of the first liberation struggle-1959. Now the traditional ambassadors of the CIA claim that a second liberation struggle is nearing its victorious end .The first liberation struggle was an open battle directed against the communist party - a direct aggression by the enemies of the Marxist ideology. But the second liberation struggle is an intrusion and not an open invasion. The Trojan beasts of the CIA intruded into the sensory organs of the organized communist movement , expelled tortured and destroyed the humanist communist presence in the movement. It was a midnight treachery in which comrades with the historic calibre of com. Nripen Chakravarthy were persecuted.It was the midnight operation of the intruder in which almost all the communist bastions fell though some feeble ones like com. Achuthanandan still remain to breath the last drop of existence.The CIA goons mount aggression upon com. Achuthanandan with all their verbal might, for they believe that the fall of Achuthanandan would mark the demise of communism. With the first liberation struggle they could subvert the Communist governance. They thought that it was the end of communist governance. But it regenerated with added vigour as it was the persuasion of history . Now as they conquered the administrative space of the CPM by midnight Trojan killings they assume that it is the victorious end of a second liberation struggle and the end of genuine communist persuasions. A forgery of Marxist ideology is managed by the CIA goons and they hope to replace the genuine communist ideology of Marxism with the forged ideology manufactured by the forces of market economy. The Trojan war yields a a message on strategy of war . What is impossible by an invasion from outside is made possible by a stealthy intrusion. The disaster effected by the first liberation struggle of 1959 is negligibly low when compared to disaster down poured by the silent intrusion which reaches the end phase in 2009. It is a lesson to the communists, but it is neither the end of history nor the end of communism.There are certain laws governing history and the monetary imperialism itself is marching fast towards its death.This proves the futility of the second liberation struggle .Now it is imperial capitalism that parts with the history of humanity and not Marxism departing from its dynamic space in the history..

There is nothing surprising in the appearance of com.Sukumar at the head of the CIA army on a mission of intrusion within the communist movement.He is not at all a CIA recruit . It is neither skill or political craftsmanship that made him the chieftain of the verbal assault project against the genuine communists within the party.It is the congenital inclination and self defeating talent that makes him the envoy of political treachery and corruption . It is not intentional.It is blood and not brain that leads him to the repulsive fatal error. He joined the first liberation struggle as an open mouthed anti communist prepared to die a thousand deaths for the destruction of the communists.Then he was the celebrated intellectual hero of verbal assaults. Later due to some mysterious congenital persuasions he knocked at the doors of the communists . Then he missed the look of the intellectual hero . Not an intellectual hero but an intellectual destitute who demolished the memory of his past for the favour of the communists.Marx proposes a theory: the figures that entered the arena of history as valiant heroes in the past ,later departs history in the frame of clowns with a comic groan.Com. Sukumar after his notorious mission in the first liberation struggle flirted with dons of different ideological power sites and acquired the disposition of a clown dressed in motley. But his original self was rooted in strong anti progressive, inhuman temptations.Now he departs history as the miserable joker of verbal outfits , in the second liberation struggle.

A person incapable of political honesty . An insistent enemy of the communist values .Leader of the intellectual army that invaded the communist camp in 1959. Ladder of the intellectual army that intruded the communist camp in 2009. History of fifty years . History of suicidal self contradictions .Intellectual hero.Intellectual destitute.A phonetic existence with no guts for consistency of ideas . A metaphor rather than man . An illusion and not reality.

For the common man he is an actor attempting all the roles that come in the way . He is a theatre of poor jokes and curious self contradictions.A theatre unreal . He is fiction rather than reality. Experience of the unreal is a consolation to the people living in the disastrous stress of the times .People love him for the sensibility of the unreal. For the insensibility of self contradictions that made him least serious. Comic. In times of great grief people love comedy .People love com. Sukumar for his verbal violence that ridicules his utterances of the past.He is a comedy of verbal self combat. People love him for his ludicrous show of arrogance. Poor old man in his seventies still entertains mass with his semantic gimmicks . He never looks inwards. He is mortally afraid of the memory of of his past with furious anticommunist verbal gutters in it. He doesn't realise the fact that he cannot exhaust the void of the gutter with adulterated Marxism. Yet he demands sympathy from this world .Poor old man who entertains the world with an incessant quarrel against his memory.The great verbal comedy of fatal errors draws tragic affection. People love him .It is compassion.Reward for translating mad intellectual sterility into comic turbulence

2: The Portrait of A CIA Man As A Forged Communist

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